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by The Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture. . 193 reads.

Dagora Doctrine

[font=times new roman][center][img][/img]

[b][size=200]Protocol on Territorial Sovereignty and Independent Self Governance (hereby the "Dagora Doctrine")[/size][/b][/center]

[size=120]The Governments signatory hereto, being Members of the Nova region and its sub-regions,

RECOGNISING that Nova, as an independent and technologically advanced region, has the right towards its own self-governance;

CONSCIOUS of the fact that the presence of foreign military bases in any part of Nova, its sub-regions, and the protectorates and dependencies of Novan nations, may constitute a threat to the peace and security of the region as a whole;

DETERMINED that Nova, as a region, has declared an end to foreign imperialism towards the nations of Nova or the lands within Nova itself, an end to foreign exploitation of Novan citizens, and an end to foreign military expansion within Nova itself;

COMMITTED to a common vision of a united and strong Nova, based on the scrupulous respect for the principles of pacific coexistence, non-aggression, non-interference in the internal affairs of Member States, mutual respect for individual sovereignty and territorial integrity of each State;

GUIDED by the beginning of a new collaboration between the nations and citizens of Nova as a whole;

DETERMINED to promote good neighborliness and friendly relations with each other in order to achieve our common objectives;

Have agreed to the following:

[center][b][u][i]ARTICLE I[/i][/u][/b][/center]

All foreign external powers must end military expansion within Nova, or face the combined political, economic and military might of the region as a whole, [i]inter alia:[/i]

[list=a][*]The High Parties agree to recognise and enforce an air, sea (surface and subsurface) exclusive zone around Nova, otherwise known as the Nova Regional Exclusive Zone (hereby the "NREZ"). 

[*]The NREZ shall extend from 10,000 km (5,399.5 nautical miles) measured from the outermost boundary of the territorial waters and national air space of all States, territories and dependencies within Nova, and shall encompass the seabed, high seas and the airspace above to the limit of the upper atmosphere (defined as an altitude of 1,000 km).

[*]The High Parties agree that civilian and merchant vessels and aircraft of all States within and without Nova shall enjoy the right of innocent and unmolested passage through the NREZ at times of peace.

[*]All foreign military forces large enough to pose a threat towards any nation-state, city, protectorate or dependency within Nova, are hereby banned from entering the NREZ or being based in the region.

[*]Under circumstances where foreign forces may seek to enter the NREZ or become based on territory within Nova, permission must be sought from one or more Member States of the region. Moreover, any Member State has the right to challenge said entrance on behalf of its own national security.

[*]Foreign military invasions are no longer accepted. Any foreign military forces who come upon land and claim, conquer, annex, or settle it in the name of any foreign sovereign, parliament, or national executive body will be met by appropriate force from joint Novan forces.

[*]Any land claimed by a non-Novan power will require these claims to be approved by nearby Member States of the Nova region. Moreover, any other Member State has the right to challenge said claim on behalf of its own national security.

[*]Violation of Article I, [i]inter alia[/i] clauses A through G, by any State Party domiciled outside Nova will be met by appropriate force from one or more Member States domiciled within Nova as per any pre-agreed mutual defence agreements.[/list]

[center][b][u][i]ARTICLE II[/i][/u][/b][/center]

All foreign attacks on Member States of the Nova region, their protectorates, dependencies, cities, or nationals will be met by appropriate force by one or more Member States in Nova.

[list=a][*]In the event that a foreign power uses military force against a Member State, that Novan nation has the right to use every possible method at its disposal in response to this threat.

[*]In the event that a foreign power uses military force against a Member State, that Novan nation has the right to not only ask fellow Member States for aid, but also for other Novan nations to rightfully respond.

[*]In the event that a foreign power launches an invasion of Nova as a whole, enters Novan territorial waters uninvited, or poses a threat to one or more Member States, they will be met by appropriate force merited by their actions by one or more Member States per any pre-agreed mutual defence agreements.

[*]In the event that this attack is not military in nature, but still bears a malicious intent towards a national government in Nova, one or more Member States are merited in a military-based response.[/list]

[center][b][u][i]ARTICLE III[/i][/u][/b][/center]

All foreign military forces attempted to enter Nova by peaceful means may find their paths blocked.

[list=a][*]Foreign military bases are permitted within Nova, but in the event that one or more Member States finds said military bases a threat to their national security or regional stability, then these bases must be removed.

[*]Foreign alliances are permitted to hold military bases within Nova, but in the event that one or more Member States finds said military bases a threat to their national security or regional stability, then these bases must be removed.

[*]Internal Novan training exercises or wargames are permitted.

[*]Training exercises or wargames containing one or more foreign powers and one or more Member States are permitted, but in the event that one or more Member States finds said training exercises or wargames a threat to their national security or regional stability, then these training exercises or wargames must either end or be relocated outside of Nova.

[*]Foreign powers may not hold training exercises or wargames within Nova without special permission of Member States to hold such exercise in or close to their territory.[/list]

[center][b][u][i]ARTICLE IV[/i][/u][/b][/center]

Member States have no obligation to act in the defence of other Member States if they cannot show just cause to do so, and may refuse to render assistance when they judge that a Member State through its own actions has brought itself and the entire region into disrepute.

[list=a][*]If the Member Nation has provoked or initiated hostilities without proper [i]causis belli[/i].

[*]Has entered into a conflict in defence of an ally outside Nova without proper [i]casus foederis[/i].

[*]Has resorted to war against another state under a manufactured pretext.

[*]Has launched an unprovoked attack against a peaceful state.

[*]Has undertaken military operations to resolve a minor diplomatic disagreement with another state.

[*]Has threatened to or used force for the purpose of conquering or acquiring extra-regional territory through annexation.[/list]

[center][b][u][i]ARTICLE V[/i][/u][/b][/center]

This Protocol shall enter into force three (3) days after the deposit of the instruments of ratification by one-thirds of the Member States of Nova. If any party considers it necessary to terminate this agreement, it may do so by notifying all Member States three (3) days in advance of the effective date of termination.[/size]

[size=120][center][b]IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WE, the undersigned, being the Heads of State or Government, or duly authorised representatives thereto, have signed this Protocol.[/b][/center][/size][/font]

[hr][i]Elected Duchess Eliana Dagora (The Grand Democratic Duchy of Yafor 2)

Secretary-General of the General Secretariat Dr. Soledad Martin (The Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture)

President Liviu Librescu, Honorary Prince of the Five Cities (The Principality of Damirez)

Molly DeLéan (The Fortress State of Animarnia)

Her Majesty Czarina Deeane I (The Kingdom of Krommindy)

Her Excellency Christine L. Friedrich Stewardess of the Revolution, Commander-in-Chief and Secretary of the General Welfare (The Revolutionary Commonwealth of Wagdog and its' Dominions)

Her Royal Highness Mei Mian, Empress of Mephras (The Empire of Mephras) 

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Taunja I Lockeheart (The Imperial Federated States of Romandeos)

Benard Dalataire, Monarch of Goldaron (The Constitutional State of SaintB)

[strike]By Grace on behalf of His Holiness, Rashkta Nirandu, from Karakorun Menerauk, Patriarch of the Amalgamate (The Amalgamate of Jenrak)[/strike]

The Lord Protector of the Revolution in Weccanfeld in particular and Rofhada and Egyenyes in general Joahnathon Mildmund Cromtun, Veteran of the Great War and former Administrator of the The Tīennæsssaerima Penisular Authority, on behalf of the said nation-states, their administration(s) and peoples signs this decree for the furtherment of the Revolution Region-wide and indeed World-wide. (The Woken Heptarchy of Weccanfeld)

President Al'iro Da'rel of the People's Nation of Alfegos and the Los'vi island archipelago, Governor of New Alfegos, Neo'los and Neo'delgi, Protector of Tho'lara, Lead Councillor of the Ge'fegos city state, Joint Governor of the Neo'Ilos joint territory and Head of the Alfegan movement of the Fegosian Union, Honorary High Marshall of the Alfegan Uniformed Services, Defender of the Constitution and Preserver of Fegosian Heritage, representing all said overseas territories and the Alfegan people of Neo'Ilos, alongside the people of Metropolitan Alfegos and the Los'vi Archipelago (The People's Nation of Alfegos)

President William Phillips (The Armed Republic of Salzland) 

Acting President Elias Kavadias (The Greater Economic Union of New Manth)

Direktor Boris Berenovski, Protector of the Nation, High Admiral of the Combined Fleets, Grand Marshal of the Army (The Thalassocratic Oligarchy of Prevania) 

ReichsFuhrer Drieden Listehoffe, On behalf of the Totalitarian Socialist State of Tigerlan, and its Dominions and Territories Abroad (The Totalitarian Socialist State of Tigerlan) 

King Rand en Karluth (The United Kingdom of Korrodos)

Empress Regent of the Dual Dynasty, Bearer of the Crown of Atrea (The Atrean Imperium)

[strike]Prime Minister David Blechant, Head of The Federal Government of Alexiandra, Duke of Harvia, Sovereign of the Drai Constituencies (The United Federation of Alexiandra)[/strike]

President Andrew Stinson (The Free Republic of Lamoni)[/i]