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The Introduction of the Bear Heavy MBT/Artillery Vehicle (2014-onwards)


The Turmenistan Prime Minister Executive Helicopter landed at the Fort Xu Air Force base on Xu Iisland, coming to a halt on one of the runways. Prime Minister Blake Rodrguez stepped off of the Sikorsky, Pulling on his expensive sunglasses. In front of him, Turmenistan Defense Force soldiers waited, standing in front of a Large Gray and Black HEXCAM Tank-like vehicle sitting idle In the distance, about 3 miles away in the desert, was an abandoned T-64 Salvaged from the Turmenistan Civil war, along with a hill a mile away from the T-64.

"What is this?" Blake asked, approaching. Immediately a man in a lab coat ran in front of him. "This is our new Bear Main Battle Tank, Sir!" The scientist said. "We've used the same Dynamic Treads system in the Badger to make an all terrain, Dual barreled Gun system!"

Blake looked at the tank. "Let's see this so-called All terrain system. Then I'll decide if we'll add it to our arsenal."

They watched from a bunker not far from the Tank, which was on the move at about 31 miles per hour. It's quadruple hydraulic treads would roll up and down to cope with the Terrain, allowing maximum speed. It stopped above a sand dune, Four locking pistons coming down from the sides of each tread and sticking into the sand.

"You'd might want to cover your ears, sirs." A soldier said, pulling on some headphones.

The Bear's Turret swiveled over to aim at the T-64. After what seemed like forever, A fiery explosion was seen on the T-64 as the two barrels of the Bear fired.

The T-64 Burned for a good 1 minute before Exploding.

"I like this." Blake said. "Let's greenlight this."