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Antifa Policy


Voluntary protectors of democracy, equality, liberty and freedom, delivers of justice, we are Antifa and we are everywhere.

United as a diverse Anti-Fascist force, we stand in resistance to hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression promoted by the forces of fascism.


Deny fascism a platform to spread hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression on NationStates.

Protect innocent regions against fascist invasion and oppression.

Membership (conditions):

Antifa is welcoming and encouraging of ANY region or nation of who wish to stand up and fight the good fight. There will be NO ideological barriers with the obvious exception of Fascists and Dictators.

However the following policies must be adhered to by voluntary member regions:

- Must not have Fascist, Totalitarian tags on their own region.

- Must not have embassies with Fascist, Totalitarian tagged regions.

- Willing to provide WA endorsement support for Anitfa operations (Liberations, invasions and defences).

- There will be no infighting when it comes to Antifa operations or regions with regard to ideological or personal differences. You cannot win a war fighting with your brothers and sisters. What you debate in your own regions/telegrams is of no concern to the collective or its mission.

- Your region sends a representative to reside in Antifa, for reportive and conversational purposes.

- Your region allows Antifa to post recruitment messages for active operations within your regions Regional Message Board.