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Breaking News
  • 13 held hostage, 2 dead in hostage crisis
    in Downtown Kilanta attack

  • Prime Minister insistent on developing
    bilateral ties with surrounding nations

Other News
  • Azuki Telecommunications start up in Somstratzka

  • Akalabo outbreak dismissed as small outbreak
    in Rural Pasara

  • Akalabo outbreak in Somstratzka causes
    mass pesticide sprayings nationwide

  • Lee Peng Wei victorious in the final of the NBT

  • Swanstad Starx victors in close match
    against Pasara Roar

  • Team Solo Mid edge out Shylzk in close
    3-2 League of Legends victory


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  • Somstratzka is the only important nation here ^_^

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13 held hostage, 2 dead in hostage crisis in Downtown Kilanta attack- 09/04/2017

One of the hostage in the security of police
after managing to escape the shop

13 people were held hostage and 2 of the were killed at 12:46 pm today in a major attack at a local cafe in Downtown Kilanta, Pasara. The cafe, The Suci Cafe on Little Kilanta Road is a renowned cafe in Pasara, known as one of the city's finest cafes and is frequented by locals and tourists alike. A 40 year old man, identified as Anwar Janib Razak a worker at the oil fields in Pasara, entered the shop before threatening the customers and staff with a P250 pistol that was traced from a large cache of weapons that had been seized by the government. Officials believe that Anwar was part of the organization that had been hoarding weapons in the storehouse and had taken this pistol as a personal weapon some time before the original arms raid conducted by the SSF (Somstratzkan Security Force). Special operatives from the police arrived not more than 10 minutes after the first reports of the gunman were received. The hostages had been pushed against the windows and following the arrival of the police, Barbara Huntley, a woman in her late 70's and Permanent Resident of Somstratzka was shot dead. The gunman and the police were in a standoff for the following few hours as the police tried to somehow prevent further deaths. At 5:21 pm, a sniper had been able to strike a shot on the gunman, injuring his shoulder as he proceeded to kill Mark Huntley, a man in his early 80's, a permanent resident of Somstratzka and husband of Barbara Huntley. A second shot killed him as police stormed the building and hostages streamed out of the building.

Currently there are no suspected links to terror with the main theory behind the attack being the recent influx of expatriates introduced into the oil industry in Pasara. Anwar was a known nationalist who was described by relatives as "a man proud of being Somstratzkan." There are currently further investigation underway led by the SSF as they attempt to uncover more about the unprecedented attack.

The Prime Minister has urged citizens to be vigilant and has said that he sends his "deepest condolences to the families who have lost relatives as well as those directly involved in the terrible event."

-Al Jadi-Basha Saiful

Prime Minister insistent on developing bilateral ties with surrounding nations - 04/04/2017

Dominick Lim at a press conference earlier today

The Prime Minister has said in a press conference today that Somstratzka will continue it's plan of developing bilateral ties with surrounding nations. He has yet again reminded the public that "these bilateral ties will open up a wide variety of possibilities for the nation as well as keeping us (the public) safe from threats from other nations." The administration has said that the Prime Minister will be making many political visits to neighboring nations as to strengthen ties as well as opening up trade deals with nations in the north. Member of Parliament for Muara has said that, "this set of plans should be a good stepping stone for an overall stronger nation as well as help Somstratzka in the world of foreign affairs." A short transcript of Dominick Lim's speech is available below:

"Today I'm here to confirm several things about our foreign policy. Firstly, we will be continuing our developing of bilateral ties. These bilateral ties are integral to Somstratzka's well being as these bilateral ties will open up a wide variety of possibilities for the nation as well as keeping us safe from threats from other nations. Secondly, we will for the first time in history be willing to open up trade deals with nations that reside further up north. Be it of food, oil and such, we will be open to such trade and hope for great economic development from such interaction with northern World Powers."

- Mei Ling Zhou


Akalabo outbreak in Somstratzka causes mass pesticide sprayings nationwide - 02/04/2017

A pesticide plane flying over Tutongan in Rural Pasara

A new strain of the deadly Akalabo virus has been found in Rural Pasara today as the government begins an immediate defense against the virus. Akalabo is a mosquito-borne virus that in the most serious of cases can cause brain tumors. The general symptoms include mild fevers, excessive sneezing, weariness and light or heavy headed feelings. The government has begun immediate pesticide spraying nationwide and are advising citizens to prevent leaving stagnant water as well as wearing mosquito repellent to prevent acquiring the virus. 7 individuals from the outskirts of Pasara have been taken in for treatment, however there is no cure yet for the Akalabo virus. Currently it is known that pharmaceutical companies in Nyonji are working towards a cure and hope to find a cure in the near future.

UPDATE- 08/04/2017: It has been confirmed by the government that this outbreak was a minor outbreak that has been overall contained with the total amount of people having been infected being 12. All of the infected had lived in Rapas where an old Palatenan pipe had collected rain water and kept it stagnant, leaving the door open for mass mosquito breeding. It was also found that the 12 victims were solely carrying weak strains of the virus and scientists in Nyonji have taken samples for use in the lab in hopes of finding a cure or immunization in the event a major outbreak occurs.

-Al Jadi-Basha Saiful


Lee Peng Wei victorious in the final of the NBT -09/04/2017

Tears of joy from the champion Lee Peng Wei

It was a match not to forget, the match being one the closest final to have graced the NBT (National Badminton Tournament), with Lee Peng Wei finally beating two-time champion and rival Faik Shamsul. Lee had lost the last two finals to Faik Shamsul and was described post-match as 'ecstatic' after the narrow victory. The match was drawn out to 5 sets with Lee Peng Wei doing a reverse sweep to win his first ever National Badminton Tournament title at the age of 25. With a scoreline of 21-15, 22-20, 20-22, 18-21, 26-28, many have dubbed this a series for the ages due to the sheer excitement that was brought when it can down to the line in set 5, where Lee Peng Wei was down by 5 points at one point. Lee Peng Wei had what was possibly the hardest set of matches on route to the finals with matches against some of the better highly seeded players in the quarter finals and semi finals.

Faik Shamsul was quick to admit following the conclusion of the match that Lee Peng Wei was nearing his peak and that he believed that "He (Lee Peng Wei) has the potential to take Somstratzka much further in international badminton that anyone else or I ever could." The SBF (Somstratzkan Badminton Federation) has stated following the win, Lee Peng Wei will be the 1st seed for international badminton tournaments that Somstratzka will take place in during the year until the start of next year's NBT.

-Anne Summerton

Swanstad Starx victors in close match against Pasara Roar - 03/04/2017

Hathi Othman celebrating his goal over Pasara Roar

Abu Bakar Al Sad said he had never seen a side so transformed as Swanstad Starx since the appointment of Brandon Tang. His opponent could make a similar remark about Pasara since the turn of the year.

After a tremendous season title last season, Pasara got their defense of the trophy off to a bad start as they were beaten 3-2 in an astonishing, yet often ridiculous, game, all the goals coming in the second half. The Starx have a right to be jubilant after beating the title holders after being a very mediocre team last season.

Al Sad is not one to ever disguise pain. He said in a post game interview, "the boys will be worked hard at training this week. The fact that we could have lost a match to a team that weren't in the best position last season is embarassing and purely is a measure of the competition this year." Brandon Tang, the new manager, should also be complimented for the win after leading a massive overhaul of the team over the break, bringing in a bunch of youngsters from the youth program while not being afraid to transfer players he felt didn't have a place with the Starx. Swanstad Starx will face off against Geylor in the port derby at New Starx Stadium next week whilst Pasara Roar will play Nyonji City at the TelStratzka Stadium next week in what is set to be a match not to miss.

-Anne Summerton

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