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Thaecia - Nations not in the World Assembly (June 2024)

Join the World Assembly!

Why was I mentionned?

You were mentionned in this dispatch for you are not a World Assembly nation! We seriously hope that if you do not have a nation part of this interregional body in the region, you will join it! It helps us a lot (and makes you become a citizen!) as I will try to explain you below while aiming to stay concise about it.


What is the World Assembly?

The World Assembly is, as its page says, "the world's governing body" made as the in-game version of United Nations. It is is split into two bodies, General Assembly, which focuses on regulating various stuff, such as tourism, economy or citizen rights and Security Council, which focuses on commending and condemning regions / nations and liberating regions.


Why should I join the World Assembly?

The main three goals of joining the World Assembly are simple: firstly to to become a citizen of Thaecia, secondly to build our voice in the World Assembly and thirdly to help the region become more secure.


How do I join the World Assembly?

In order to join the World Assembly, you can give a look at this dispatch (click!) which shows you all the necessary steps!


There is more to do!

The main two addtional goals of joining the World Assembly past citizenship are as explained above to build our voice in the World Assembly and to help the region become more secure/being able to project power in other regions due to such safety.

The former can be done by endorsing our World Assembly Delegate Rayekka, which you can do by visiting his nation's page and scrolling to the bottom to click on the "endorse Rayekka" button. The latter can be done in two different ways: joining the Thaempirial Army which you can do by telegraming Brototh, or alternatively by endorsing all nations in the region just like you've endorsed Rayekka.

Finally, if you are new to Thaecia and want to know more about what you can do in the region, check this dispatch!

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