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Master RP Dispatch

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Main RP

    ⚜ Rκves Franηais ⚜
    The Napoleonic wars have ended in... a stalemate? 1815 starts off with the several key events leading up to that point going differently from the French Victory of Trafalgar to Napoleon's acceptance of Russian Independence from the Continental system. Now Europe must survive French hegemony, or at least until a greater power comes marching to Paris.

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Roleplaying Dispatches

Basic Roleplay Regulations of Callista


  • This factbook contains the Basic Roleplay Regulations of Callista, which should provide a basis when making decisions if you are on the Roleplay Moderation team. These guidelines are universal, look at the Main Roleplay Dispatch for further information on the current Roleplay. Some material may be left vague to leave open to interpretation. This dispatch was written by Royal Cormoe

Section I - Distinction

  • IC or In Character refers to any action done within the character of roleplay, including within the nation of roleplay. These are official actions.

  • OOC or Out of Character refers to any action done OUT of the character of the roleplay, including the nation as well. These are not official actions.

  • RP Actions should remain in accordance with the Site Rules, illegal posts may be voided and suppressed if in violation of Site Rules. (this includes any graphic roleplay or inappropriate roleplay)

Section II - General Roleplay

  • Roleplay Actions should be at least 2 sentences long, otherwise it could be deemed as simple roleplay. Depending on the action it may be exempt from this rule, such as any government action (election of a leader, cabinet changes, etc, etc).

  • War Roleplay must be at least 2 sentences as well as containing detail. Detail may refer to Unit Counts, Terrain, Attrition, Defenses, if Naval Invasion should include how they are landing what they are using to land. May depend on the era of the RP.

  • Roleplay Actions that contain research, general tech advancement, or development of infrastructure or industry may depend on the Era of RP and the nation that is being roleplayed. Moderation Action must take into account of realism, in 1533 AD England should not have factories, same as how Saudi Arabia should not have nuclear weapons in 1945.

  • Artificial Intelligence or AI is banned for use of roleplay posts, you may only use AI to assist in research or developing concepts, you may NOT use it to make roleplay posts.

Section III - Infractions

  • As stated before, simple roleplay is one type of roleplay deemable for moderation action, but what is simple roleplay? Simple Roleplay is roleplay done in simple terms, f.e. "With war declared against Britain, we use 1k paratroopers to land on the coast" - this is simple roleplay, it has no detail.

  • Godmodding is roleplaying without the realization of limits of technology or military power. Above could be considered godmodding since this roleplayer did not take into account of air support, assuming that this would take place in WW2, if it is any earlier than that, it could be considered godmod on accounts that paratroopers were not used until 1940 when the Germans used them. Or if it's in 1855 where planes have not been invented yet. Research may be taken into account on how developed this use of warfare may be for the nation.

  • Unrealism is another infraction that can be issued for both political and warfare roleplay. Political may be considered of government change or the rise of a political ideology, such as fascism in 1840. Depending on the Main Roleplay, these regulations may differ on what events are going on in the roleplay, if there's political revolutions going on, there could be evidence of backing for this to happen, depending on what nation is roleplaying it. In warfare, unrealism can be considered for use of units to push against others, how this could be considered unrealistic? Well, the particular units being used for the offensive are tanks against mountaineers, in the mountains. Tanks cannot push in the mountains, so it'd be unrealistic for units to push.

Section IV - War

  • Jusifications for war are called "casus bellis", they give you the reason as to why you should go to war. There are various ways you can justify warfare, but these can lead to various consequences. If you are attacked, you have the right to defend yourself against the attacker, but said attacker needs a reason to go to war with you.

  • Casus Bellis may vary depending on the era, anything post-ww2 may result in UN action if it's historical. You must have a reason to go to war. Reasons can be the following; Retaking of territory (if had previous claim to or owned it before), Staged or False Flag Operation that would give you an excuse, violation of a treaty or agreement, blockade, and violation of territorial borders or waters.

  • Joining in wars without a casus belli can be done in numerous ways. Joining in if an ally is attacked is acceptable, a Preemptive attack against another may result in them gaining a casus belli to go to war with you, however they must declare war before you can begin your strike.

  • Expansion must have a reason behind it, this reason can be forged, such as through an ultimatum. Taking an example from a historical event such as the Anschluss of Austria can be considered the use of Retaking of Territory, however this may be determined by RP Moderation on the basis of the claim.

Section V - Technology

  • Technology purely revolves around what era the RP is in. However there are some reasons to list regulation behind technology in general, however this may result in a lot of things being vague.

  • Technological Advancement may be determined on how advanced your nation is and how much speed depends on your capacity for you to advance in technological levels. If you are Russia during the early stages of WW1 and want to build tanks, due to the lack of westernization, you wont have the capacity to build them and may have to buy them. Buying certain technology is legal, however you must take into account of the traditionalist stance of your government to new technology and how it may impact your nation. If you are the nation of France post-ww1, you may be more reluctant to advance your nation.

  • Roleplaying your technological advances does not always happen in one singular post, your nation may take some time to research and develop it. If you are the United States during ww2 and it is 1941, upon Pearl Harbor you could begin the Manhattan Project and develop the bomb by 1943. This is about 1.9 years of development, if you start directly after pearl harbor.

  • You must utilize the use of resources to develop technology, without resources, technology cannot be made. You must take into account what resources you have and what resources you will need, which gives the prospect of trade in ideal.

Section VI - Resources and Trade

  • Resources in Roleplay are what your land has. Some nations however do not have natural resources and are dependent on trade with other nations.

  • Trading resources is crucial to making money, allowing for your economy to expand, however it may depend on the era of how much of an impact trade can have on your economy.

  • Nations can use trading to their advantage to get their way in Roleplay, such as influencing actions, this also prompts these nations to be threats to other nation's influence. Modern-day OPEC is an example of this in a way.

  • You must understand that resources do not come from nowhere and you'll need to trade for some. As well as understanding that it takes tool to get these resources that you'll need.

Section VII - Conclusion

  • These are the basics for getting introduced to the works of Roleplay. These rules could vary depending on the RP Era, which is why you should consult the main RP dispatch to get the needed information.

  • If you're new to roleplay and are still puzzled, consider joining the RP Mentorship program as a candidate, that way you'll be able to get knowledge on roleplay and how you can improve yourself.

  • Any suggestions to the Basic Roleplay Regulations should be forwarded to the Minister of Roleplay for needed amendments or clarification. That way transparency is key.

  • Any questions or concerns on certain subjects of Roleplay can be directed to the RP Moderation Team for further inquiry.

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Callista RP Moderator Form

• Want to be a RP Moderator? Fill out this form and send it to the current MoRP - Rhenzern •

• Is your main in Callista? If so how active are you in Callista?

• Do you have any previous experience when it comes to moderating?

• Do you have any prior knowledge about some basic History, ranging from just simple facts to detailed events from varying parts of the world at multiple time periods?

• Please write a in RP response to the scenario below. For context you re the German Empire in the year 1914. Austria-Hungary has just kicked off the first world war.

    Rizzler nation wrote:| Austrian-Hungarian Empire | 1914 | Main Callista RP |
    -------------- The Rejection --------------

    | News of the Serbian Governments rejection to the simple demands of the duel monarchy would shock the world. After several great powers warning the small kingdom to accept such a fair offer from the Austrians, the peace talks would fall apart. Even with the British and Russians attempting to cool down the situation, it would seam that the only way in the eyes of the Empire to insure stability and safety for its people would be to mobilize against the Serbian Kingdom.

    At 11:00 a.m. on 28 July, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, following the failed peace talks and the death of the heir to the throne: Franz Ferdinand.

    Kingdom of serbia - You asked for it, prepare for my full might!!1!!
    German empire - send support if Russia invades me pls pls pls

RP Moderator Info

• What it would mean to be a moderator for the Callistan RP •

Being a moderator means that you are to enforce the rules of the RP, while allowing yourself to help the Callistan RP experience run smoothly for all players. It would allow you to not only call out unrealistic posts by either inexperience infants or overambitious veterans, but also to outright kick people from the RP at any time for the soon to be named reasons. While its not encouraged, one must be able to kick out a RPer if they show no sign of truly being able to correctly RP with fellow Callistans.

• How to moderate properly •

Moderating is a job that not many have the time for. Thats why Callista tries to have enough Moderators to help out during the 24 hours of a day. While moderating, what you are trying to look for are posts that are not RP worthy, lack effort, or straight up godmodding. If you find a RMB post that fitted the description, you are obliged to Void the post and attempt to correct the poster. It is important that when correcting to not just say what the poster did wrong, but to give advice on how they could improve. The RP experience is supposed to be for everyone no matter how bad they are at RPing, so you must not lose your temper too fast

• When to kick a RPer •

Kicking people from the RP should not be a common task. There are only 3 ways that are acceptable to have anybody remove from posting on the RMB about Callistas Activity:

• If a player refuses to comply with another RP moderator. If said player had beaned warned about poor quality posts, Flaimbaiting other members of the RP, alting, not spoiling long RP post, or just trolling in the RP, then it's acceptable to kick the problem causer.

• If the player has been inactive for more than 10 days. Many people telegram the MoRP to ask for popular countries to RP as. If said countries are being filled up by inactive users, then it's appropriate to kick one out of the RP.

• If a player is banned from Callista. If a player gets banned from the region, then by assumption all of their work on RP would halt and the moderators can have permission to kick.

Other Dispatches

• Regarding other rules and etiquettes for the Roleplay and Callista •


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