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by The Kingdom of Langkasoka. . 18 reads.

Statement on the ongoing Cuban-Florida Crisis | 10-6-2044

Langkasokan Office of the Bendahara
Statement on behalf of His Majesty the Maharaja and Pertuan Agong
concerning the ongoing Cuba-Florida Crisis

We believe that all nations of the world have the right to self-defense against an armed attack, so long this right is exercised reasonably to eliminate the threat a defending country faces. On the fifth of June, a ship flying the flag of the The Republic of Cuban Caribbean had been boarded and seized by Floridian security forces. The Cuban-Caribbean passengers aboard the ship had been taken captive and imprisoned inside Floridian territory. While the motivations behind this incident are still unclear and there had been no demands or statements made by Floridian authorities, the Cuban Caribbean Republic had the right to defend and safeguard its citizens. The right to self-defense, however, does not extend to launching a full-scale invasion of Florida and would constitute a disproportionate measure.

There is no doubt of the bond that Florida and Cuba have in terms of historical and cultural contexts. But if the Republic of Cuba-Caribbean wishes to 'unite with their Hispanic brothers' in Florida, then it must do so through means that do not endanger international safety. The Langkasokan Kingdom therefore deplores the June 5 invasion of Florida by Cuban Caribbean forces.

The Kingdom of Langkasoka supports the current cease-fire and a referendum- under international observation- held by the people of Florida to determine their nation's future. Once the will of the people has been voiced in a referendum, the results of such should assist in returning stability and peace to the region. Furthermore, Langkasoka expresses its disapproval of the threats made by the United Provinces of New Europe (The UPONE) to directly interfere with its international maritime trade by threatening to deploy naval ships to impede shipping to and from the Kingdom of Argentina-Chile-Bolivia (KoAC) and any Pacific nation. Such a hostile action would not only raise global tensions to a dangerous level, but Langkasoka also reserves the right to conduct trade with whatever nation it pleases in accordance with international law, and that right shall not be infringed upon through a unilateral action.