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Announcement from The Region That Has No Big Banks - Departure from the InterLeft

Announcement from The Region That Has No Big Banks - Departure from the InterLeft

Following the results of a recent referendum, The Region That Has No Big Banks has decided to leave the InterLeft organization.

When we joined the InterLeft two years ago, we felt hopeful that the organization would aid our region in developing strong cultural ties with fellow leftist regions. Following two years of cooperation, this goal has been thoroughly achieved.

However, our aspirations were more extensive than that: our region sought to build the InterLeft into a large, welcoming community with many members, acting as a wide-ranging alliance. In this regard, we feel the InterLeft has been unsuccessful.

While we would like to express our deep appreciation for the effort put into the organization by our fellow member regions, we must also acknowledge that the InterLeft has stagnated in recent times. Simultaneously, our region has only grown, expanding to new horizons and developing in a promising direction.

We feel it is time to part ways with the InterLeft, an organization which once represented the greatest hopes of our region's foreign affairs, as TRTHNBB moves forward into a new era. Further, we would like to express our steadfast commitment to maintaining our friendship with each of the remaining member regions of the InterLeft. We are not breaking our ties with any of these regions; rather, we are simply expanding our horizons to accommodate a new outlook on our region's affairs.

With that, our government would like to say a fond farewell to the InterLeft organization, and wish them all the best in their endeavors.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- America the Greater

The Gaypublic of Ardeyn