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Vote FOR Repeal: “Rights of Sapient Species”

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote FOR Repeal: “Rights of Sapient Species” - Here

Category: RepealTarget: GAR #355, Rights of Sapient SpeciesAuthor: Simone Republic

Rationale & Analysis

Rights of Sapient Species was a landmark resolution in the history of the WA, with its passage, and the debate leading up to it, shaping the standards and roleplaying of the GA to this day. Unfortunately, it is not free from flaws, and, for much the same reasons stated in the repeal, it stands now opposed to the goals for which it was written. A repeal simply means we can replace it with something better.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote FOR Repeal: “Rights of Sapient Species”, and urges the Bloc's World Assembly nations to do the same.

Analysis By: Second Sovereignty
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