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Interview with Independent Presidential Candidate Magdalena McCreery on 'Tamocordia Today'

Interviewer: Good evening, Ms. McCreery. Thank you for joining us. Let’s start with a topic on everyone’s mind: the World Assembly. What are your views on Tamocordia’s membership?

Magdalena McCreery: Thank you for having me. I have no fixed idea about the World Assembly. I prefer to evaluate its benefits and negative effects openly. However, based on the current situation, I believe Tamocordia should leave the World Assembly. The costs and restrictions imposed by membership currently outweigh the advantages we receive. However, this does not mean we should isolate ourself from the international community nor does it mean it is a decision carved in stone for all eternity to come. Like I said, I am a big fan of deciding based on the current state of things rather than following a strict dogma.

Interviewer: Interesting. Moving on to your economic plans, you’ve mentioned a campaign to attract highly qualified workers in fields like IT and AI to Tamocordia. Can you elaborate on that?

Magdalena McCreery: Absolutely. To stay competitive, Tamocordia needs to attract top talent from around the world. I propose a campaign to bring skilled workers in critical sectors to our country. Additionally, we should implement a tax model which emphasizes a flat tax rate. This approach could stimulate economic growth by simplifying the tax system and making it more predictable. It would also create a more attractive environment for businesses and individuals looking to invest in Tamocordia.

Interviewer: How do you plan to support these start-ups?

Magdalena McCreery: We need to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and provide financial incentives for innovation. Start-ups should have access to funding, mentorship, and a streamlined regulatory environment. By doing this, we can foster an ecosystem where new businesses can thrive and contribute significantly to our economy.

Interviewer: Many people are concerned about the high prices and taxes in Tamocordia, which have sparked public protests. What is your take on this issue?

Magdalena McCreery: I understand the frustration. High prices and taxes are a significant burden for many Tamocordians. A flat tax rate could be the solution. This would not only simplify the tax system but also ensure fairness and transparency. Lowering and flattening taxes can stimulate economic activity, leaving more money in the hands of consumers and businesses. This approach can help reduce the overall cost of living and make the economy more dynamic.

Interviewer: Can you explain more about your idea for a flat tax system?

Magdalena McCreery: Certainly. A flat tax system applies the same tax rate to all levels of income, simplifying the process and eliminating many loopholes and deductions that complicate our current tax code. This system is fairer and more efficient, as it treats everyone equally and encourages economic growth. By having a predictable and lower tax rate, we can attract investment and spur innovation, ultimately benefiting all Tamocordians.

Interviewer: Let’s shift back to international politics. How do you view President Otto’s foreign policies?

Magdalena McCreery: I find President Otto’s foreign policies somewhat sluggish. Take the negotiations with Bilancorn, for example. The security pact and military cooperation discussions have dragged on for far too long. The delays are largely due to the Otto administration's inefficiency and lack of concept. Spoken frankly. Another example is the failed trade and cultural agreement with Hussija. While it’s not entirely Tamocordia’s fault, a more effective and purposeful approach to negotiations could have yielded better results.

Interviewer: You’ve painted a vivid picture of your international vision. To end on a lighter note, we heard that you are a member of a solidarity agriculture project in Anais? Can you tell us about the project near Roseburg, Anais?

Magdalena McCreery: Certainly! Near Roseburg, a group of people (including myself *laughs*) set up a collective for organic wine farming under a solidarity agriculture system. Our partner farmers produced some amazing wine, which truly represents my vision for Tamocordia: people being free to pursue their passions and, in the best-case scenario, achieving great results. This project exemplifies the potential we have when individuals are empowered to create and innovate.

Interviewer: Thank you for your insights, Ms. McCreery. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Magdalena McCreery: Thank you. It was great to be here.