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Welcome to the TNP Album Contest!


The Ministry of Culture has decided to change things up when it comes to our weekly Music Monday event, starting with the new TNP Album Contest! What is this event, I hear you ask? Well, for the next seven days the Ministry of Culture will be taking submissions for what you think is the “Best Album of All Time”, and the community will be voting for the ultimate winner! Each person only has one submission, so choose wisely… Then, once we have enough nominations, voting will begin via regional polls to determine what The North Pacific believes is the greatest album of all time.

How Do I Enter?

All you need to do is telegram either Kaschovia, Deputy Minister of Culture and organiser of the event, or Prydania, Minister of Culture, with your nomination and it will be added to the competition! Alternatively, you can let us know what your nomination is via the #tnp-events channel in our LinkDiscord.

What Can I Win?

The nation who nominates the album voted as the winner by the rest of the region will be awarded a high-value mystery legendary card and will also be mentioned on the World Factbook Entry! The album that wins, as well as others at the leisure of our Music Monday hosts, will also be listened to live on the regional Discord every Monday in line with the event.

How Will Voting Work?

By next Monday, we'll hopefully have received plenty of album nominations. How many we get will determine the size of the groups used in voting each week, so if we get sixteen nominations for example, there will be four group voting rounds, a semi-final, and a final over the course of six weeks.

Is That All?

No! You can track the progress of the event once nominations are confirmed, at which point this dispatch will be updated with a graph of how far each album has come in the event. In the future, we plan to cover a variety of other musical categories.

Let's get to listening!

Round 1 - Vote here!

Abbey Road (The Beatles)

Innuendo (Queen)

Electra Heart (Marina)

Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)

Organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture.

The Onward Light of Kaschovia