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Activity Report | Week 2 | 10th June 2024

Gameside Regional News

Ministries of Gameside and Culture Host Dispatch Contest for Le Libertia's Ovation
Written by Grea Kriopia

The Ministries of Gameside and Culture launched a Dispatch Contest last Tuesday prompting participants to write a dispatch about what they would do as the first Delegate of Europeia as a Frontier. Le Libertia (LL) was the first Delegate of Europeia when the region transitioned to a Frontier, gaining new nation spawns, after the advent of the Frontier/Stronghold update over a year ago now. LL was nominated for an Ovation by President UPC before the end of last term during Europeia's first Frontier Day holiday celebrations and the ongoing festival celebrates LL's work in the region. Read all about how to participate here - Submissions run through Wednesday, June 12!

Daily Questions of the Day Up and Running!
Written by Europeiandusre

Since the 6th of this month, the Ministry of Gameside has begun operating its daily questions of the day on the regional message board. With broad and open-ended questions, which absolutely were not sourced from a google search revealing a slew of websites advising anxious teens on what to ask first dates, the RMB has been engaging well with the scheme. The ministry strongly encourages all residents - regardless of which platform they primarily interact with the Europeian on - to take part in the initiative! The links to the questions are being kept a record of in Linkthis forum thread!

Forum and Discord News

Forum Embassy Established With The Region That Has No Big Banks
Written by Grea Kriopia

President UPC and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maowi opened diplomatic channels with The Region That Has No Big Banks (TRTHNBB) as a rebounding user-created region with a growing gameplay presence and newly created Defender military. TRTHNBB has existed for some time in and out of cycles of activity but has hit a peak in recent months as their region continues to gain popularity. Diplomat New United Common-lands swung by to deliver their first Embassy Update with a copy of LinkThe Social Reformer, TRTHNBB's monthly publication.

Second Senate By-Election Concludes
Written by Grea Kriopia

Forced to a run-off, Azell (Ellenburg) defeated Constie (John Laurens) in the second Senate By-Election in recent weeks 57.1% of the vote (24 votes to 18). The two faced off after already clearing a crowded field of competitors, as mentioned in last week's news, with Empire of Caldrasa and Industhan defeated in the first round of voting and Grandfather Clock withdrawing candidacy after being involuntarily nominated. John Laurens conceded defeat gracefully at the end of voting and promised to launch another campaign in the coming Senate General Election later this month.

Reports Indicate a Strong ERN Presence in Recent Operations
Written by UPC

The ERN has put out a slew of operation reports this week, accounting for a total of 52 defensive operations against raider aggressors. This increased Libcord activity is a reaction to more frequent raider activity in recent days. Our brave sailors and Libcord partners have handily kept the raiders at bay, though, and they appear largely unable to compete with the superior defender stacks. The ERN's op reports may be viewed in the Octagon Linkhere, Linkhere, and Linkhere.

A Storm Brews in the People's Assembly
Written by Europeiandusre
Following a petition called by Senator Decacon (Rand) achieving adequate signatures, an election has been called for the position of the Chair of the People's Assembly. Two candidates thus far have stood: Prov and Othinia (August). The People's Assembly in many respects mirrors that of the Arnhelm, a legislature which produced non-binding roleplay legislation which was abolished years ago. Indeed, it seems the abolition of the People's Assembly will be the focal point of this election, with Prov taking a pro-abolitionist stance in contrast to August's more reformist view on what ought to be changed about the institution. Find out more about the election Linkhere!

Europeian Media Highlights

Recordings of Radio Shows

LinkThe Morvo Show: MorWAA Edition - Istillian and Europeia (SkyGreen) discuss the latest World Assembly proposals, upcoming WA legislation, and SkyGreens return to Cabinet as MoWAA.

LinkEBC Radio: Le Libertie Ovation Special - Minister of Radio Xecrio and guest Vor discuss the Europeian career of Le Libertie, as the region prepares to host his ovation ceremony.

News from Europeian Roleplay

Establishment of an Alliance
Written by Atlas-Preussen

On June 8th, 2024 the nations of The lions England, Kasdados and Haunover came together and created the Community of Free Nations, or CFN for short, after Haunover joined the already existing alliance between The lions England and Kasdados.
Gaining some popularity after its establishment, the CFN grew from three to five, with Aleutria and Serturasi joining.
The alliance has bases in London, Farétan, Iskyos, Surtania and Narvik, with the largest military base that the CFN privately uses just 3 hours outside of Schnabelburg, Haunover.
The flag of the CFN, created by The lions England and Haunover, features counterparts of the flags of the original 3 members with a globe in the center, symbolizing the Alliance’s openness to all nations from across the globe.
After the second group of nations joined, the alliance also gained its Coat of Arms, which features the same globe as the flag inside a ring of leaves, and the banner at the bottom says “Freedom” in 4 languages.

Europeia watches with excitement as this alliance continues to grow and prosper, with more aspects of it being discussed by its members.

Killer robots on Otto IV
Written by Atlas-Preussen

It all started with an intercepted transmission to the Kaiser of Mechareich, who was on the planet Kaiser III during that time.
Upon intercepting the transmission, the High Command of Kharnus, an extraterrestrial planet with a bloody past with humanity, found out the planned “Imperial demonstration of a small nuclear weapon”, a weapon with high destructive potential.
Despite being classified as “Outdated Technology” by Kharnus, the dangers were taken into account and, in secrecy, a squad consisting of four Sharak-Type Combat Robots was send to the planet Otto IV to infiltrate the local compound and sabotage the project and gather intel.
Despite facing problems, the infiltration was successful at first, however, everything went wrong when a young, unknown guard saw the robots hacking into the systems and busted the whole operation.
After an Electromagnetic-pulse (EMP), three of the four robots were taken down, the fourth, who chased the guard, avoided it, and after hearing the guard’s call for backup, managed to contact the planet Kharnus, which sent a Glacies-Class Dreadnought for an extraction-


This transmission has been interrupted by the Kharnian Network of Intelligence.
Good day, residents.

More next week, probably.