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How to not have you're region be killed by raider

How to not have you're region be killed by raider

ah yes raider that absolutely massacre hundred region. Hate or love them. You might be here to protect you're region or just read for fun. Anyways skip this.

How to deal with it?
is to remove WA delegate All of it authority. Yes that's it.
Some of you don't know how to do it but don't worry i get that covered!

How to remove WA delegate authority.
Step 1:

Go to you're region and go to top an click admin picture.
Step 2:
Now scroll until you see WA delegate role and click modify
Step 3:
remove all of the authority (except successor and world Assembly because not possible)and click enact change. Congratulations now you're region is safe from raid-

What if my region is an small frontier.
Well if you have an authority on border control or have WA delegate that control region, Then you're region can be safe.
If not you're basically waiting to be killed by an shark.

How to protect you're small frontier region.
Step 1:

Make sure you have an role that have authority on border control (like WA delegate) or have WA delegate.
Step 2:
Change you're border control to make that nation need password to enter the region. If you can't change it. Telegram WA delegate to change it.

bro what so the nation need an password to join it? Oh cmon!
Yes shut up!! This is like trying to make the children eat an medicine for their own good!

How can i contribute this to help opposition party against raider
by pinning this dispatch, upvoting this, spreading it.

Thank you for epic support
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Thu, jun 13 2024. 25 upvote and 454 read? How did my dispatch become successful.
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Sun, jun 16 1,1k read and 41 upvote 😧😧
mon jun 17 2024. 1.2k read and 51 upvote.

Thanks for pinning this dispatch.
for the nation that pinned this dispatch to their region thanks!

The nation that pinned:
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