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Communitas's Guide To Nationstates

The Communitas Guide to Nationstates
CNA | Welcome to Communitas

Basic Guide:
What is Nationstates?
Nationstates is an online multiplayer game about creating your very own nations.
Why are so many people telegramming me?
Telegrams are usually sent to new nations as a way to recruit nations into a region.
To block future recruitment telgrams, click this link. Under Filter, go to Recruitment and click Block All.

What are issues?
Issues are the "laws" of your nation, they change your nations statistics, you can answer the issue by choosing an option or simply dismissing it, this has no effect on your nation.
What do I do Nationstates?
There is not just one "way"to play Nationstates, you can:
Answer issues
Engage in regional roleplay
Chat with people
Create Factbooks/Dispatch
Create/join a region
Join the World Assembly**

*Wait, did you say raiding/defending?
Nationstates has a gameplay mechanic called R/D (raiding and defending) using the WA Delegate** system in frontier regions which gives them full control over the region. If enough people endorse a nation, they become the Delegate**
While Raiding sounds bad, and Defending sounds good, both have their ups and downs.
As a raider, you transfer a WA nation into a frontier region and endorse a nation who will take control of the region and can lock down the region. Depending on the region, you may get rewards for participating.
As a defender, you prevent these raids by endorsing a nation who will banject (ban and eject) the raiders, also as a defender, you raid (sounds counterintuitive) other raider regions to prevent future raids.
Liberating is going into an already raided region and freeing it from their control, by electing a delegate who will undo the damages the raiders have caused.
Any WA nations can be a Raider/Defender, and you can choose to be either one.

**What is the World Assembly(WA)?
The WA is a system that allows WA members to vote on proposals. The WA is split into 2 branches,

The 2 are:

General Assembly: The GA is for passing laws that affect all WA nations

Security Council: The SC is for recognizing nations and regions.

If you are in the WA, you get to endorse nations, endorsing nations allows that nation's influence to rise. In a frontier region, the nation with the most endorsements, is elected delegate and have full control over the region.