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Mobile Updating Guide

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This guide attempts to fill the gaps of the rare resources for military gameplay on mobile devices, and assumes basic knowledge of common R/D terminology, and how to update. This guide mainly focuses on the defender side of R/D gameplay, though there are general tips in the guide that may help with the raider side too. This guide also assumes you are updating on a browser (specifically Chrome on Android that I personally use), and there may be differences based on your device and browser.


Dossiering your Jump Point

Your puppets should have your jump point region (e.g. Artificial Solar System) dossier'd, since you cannot head to the region page with a simple keybind like you can with Breeze++.

Prepping the Next Puppet

If you have time after you admitted to the WA on a puppet (and have to switch to another puppet afterwards), you should head to your email app, locate the WA application email of your next puppet (assuming you have all puppets needed prepped), open the email and the link inside, so that you can easily click the “Confirm: Join World Assembly” button once you have resigned on your current puppet. Note that you do not have to logout and login puppets, admitting to the World Assembly logs in to the new puppet automatically for you. If you prefer using websites instead of email applications, you can have WA apps open on different tabs, or in a tab group.

Triggering on Mobile

You should time how long it takes you to switch and/or trigger (e.g. by screen recording yourself), and make triggers longer according to the time. Be sure to keep repeating this and also practise calling triggers to keep your times as low as possible.

Frequent Pages Storage

You can create a folder on your home page with the websites of frequently used pages (such as the Reports page) inside by adding them to your home screen to quickly access them. You can also do this by either adding the pages to bookmarks, or using the chrome shortcut widget.


Preparing for the Trigger

When waiting for the trigger, you should have your target region and the native (or the person you need to endorse after moving in the region) opened in a tab group, so that you can access both pages quickly. You should open the browser and Discord (or your communication method) in a split screen view. You should have scrolled to the move to region button and to the bottom of the native page. When the trigger comes, you should immediately move into the region, switch to the nation page, refresh the page so the endorse button comes up, and endorse the nation.

How to Cross-Endorse on Mobile

Mobile crossing can be hard (and painful)! Here's the fastest way I've found to do it (works better with more nations):

Open up and endorse the nation that you need to cross on. Get a look of everyone who endorsed it. Click a random one of them - when you're trying to speed through crossing, trying to do it one by one in order just isn't viable. Scroll to the bottom and endorse that new nation. In their endorsements, choose one that you haven't endorsed yet, endorse them, scroll down to choose another, and repeat. When you run out of nations to endorse, go back to the nation you need to cross on, and repeat. This may sound obvious at first, but it requires a lot of focusing and flash memory. You need to remember every single nation you have endorsed before, endorse a new nation, and to swiftly click another nation that you haven't endorsed before, all in a continuous motion. This sounds (and is!) difficult, but with practise, you can definitely achieve a rate of at least 1 endorse every 2 seconds.


Mobile Chasing Alternatives

Chasing is often done by dossiering raider nations and then spamming refresh on the reports page. I find this method to be the fastest and the easiest personally, but you may have other preferences.

Alternatively for slower operations/longer triggers, you can view the activity of the raider jump point region page and sort by move+member+endo, and any raider activity will be displayed automatically. This method is slower than using the reports page, but as a Mobile Updater you can save a few fingers from hurting.

Another way to chase on mobile is to have the raider nation opened and refresh with their region on the screen to look for any changes to it, which you can immediately move into their new region.


A browser-based auto login website, so that your nations won't cease to exist.

A number of web-based NationStates tools, all in 1 website!

The advantages of the stately app is that it is extremely easy to switch nations, but it is slower than using a browser for updating. I recommend using it for other non-updating tasks.

This is a beta test of a connection to NationStates that should make it load faster especially for people not located in North America. For updating, this can be useful, but I have not personally used it to update on mobile yet. Triggers tend to just use the links, and adding the subdomain manually on mobile would usually take too long.