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Venusian Soviets For Secretary June 2024!

Venusian Soviets For Secretary!
Changing TLA for the better!

Who I Am
I am Venusian Soviets, aka Venera or Ven. I have been in TLA since I joined NationStates, in July 2022. I have been a member of the General Assemblies, Speaker, Minister of Information, Vice Secretary, and Co-Minister of Community Affairs. TG me, mention me on the RMB, or contact me on Discord (My official username is trurl, my server nickname is "Ven by popular demand") if you have any questions about me or my policies.

A Better Community
TLA has already expanded the Ministry of Community Affairs, but that hasn't been enough. For this reason, I plan to encourage non-government community events, and continue the use of the Ministry of Community Affairs to improve the community outside of events. This will include making strengthened moderation. Most importantly, I will encourage more nations to become more involved in our community, by creating a program to help nations get involved by pairing them up with more experienced nations.

A Better NSLeft and World
I will, if elected, continue TLA's focus on NSLeft, strengthening our ties with other leftist regions. This means interregional community events (potentially for Pride, as this has already happened), and making sure all our ambassador positions are filled. This also means supporting the interregional leftist cause by creating a TLA interregional newsletter, to be distributed to NSLeft and other friendly regions. Importantly, I will have TLA coordinate more with The Red Fleet and other leftist/anti-fascist militaries, in order to defend interregional leftism and fight fascism and rightism!

Vote For Venusian Soviets!