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The Court Street Journal - New Premier

The Court Street Journal

De la Soberana names new Premier

The newly-elected President Isabel de la Soberana has decided on the country's new Premier.

In a statement released 9:00 AM today, the president informed the country as to her plans for her six years in office.

These included greater international cooperation, especially with other Oriental nations, as well as expansions to existing social welfare programs.

Most notable, however, was her announcement of her choice for San Severino's next head of government, which was announced near the end of her speech.

It is, thus, imminent that the country's next President of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, will be Santiago Primo de Rivera of the Conservative Party.

Primo de Rivera is known as the "Gran Conciliador" (Great Compromiser) for his role as one of the principal proposers for the current coalition between the Liberal and Conservative parties.

It is likely that the incoming President's choice was driven by a need to reconcile the increasingly-growing divide between the coalition government and the opposition that started in 2004, which is where Primo de Rivera's diplomatic skills would come in useful.

Others, however, speculate that choosing Primo de Rivera was a 'snub' towards the social liberals of the Liberal Party for not endorsing the Progressive Party during the campaign season.

"The President-elect could have taken a mere glance at the Liberal Party and immediately see Rosario Peraza, the very model of the Liberal Party's progressive wing", said Carlo Luis Hidalgo, a law professor and political commentator from the National University of San Severino.

One may remember that the Liberal Party, including the social liberals, controversially supported Prospero Villahermosa of the Conservative Party, a known social conservative and the top pick to win the elections.

Still, De la Soberana's pick is not final until she is formally inaugurated as President this 1 July and can still change as the political climate shifts once more in San Severino.

By: Ines Santa Ana