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The Archonate - Statement on Regional Affairs


At its best, Atlanticana is active, open-minded, dynamic, courageous, and cemented on the firm ground of rights and justice. At its worst, Atlanticana is moribund, uncertain and in decay, wherever one looks.

Having come under attack several months ago, the people of Atlanticana voted to transition Atlanticana into a Stronghold. That vote created the position of Aeon, the governor of Atlanticana, whose mission it is to ensure that the region is kept as safe and as strong as possible. They swiftly voted to confirm the Xinxin system (formerly the Enna system) as Aeon; their current members are Ei, Hailey, Harmony, Iris, Kexin and Luna.

Not even eight weeks ago, Xinxin left NationStates out of general dissatisfaction; their position as Aeon reverted to Sakura in short order. Shortly thereafter, they took a hiatus from Atlanticana at large, although many of us feared that this would be permanent. Regardless, the consequences of the system's absence have been monumental: without them, Atlanticana did little and achieved even less. It would be no understatement to say that, in those days, Atlanticana had fallen to its worst.

Everybody was therefore pleasantly surprised to hear, at the start of the Pride Month holiday, that the Xinxin system had sought a full return to Atlanticana. We are pleased to count them as one of our Archons and one of our hardest-working citizens, and we expect that the region will remain confident as much as it is resilient for the foreseeable future.

Xinxin's status as one of Atlanticana's three constitutionally-defined permanent Archons had actually been in some dispute for a time, before it was learned that they never wished to totally abandon Atlanticana. Nevertheless, this did not mean that there was no work to do in the leadership department.

By law, the Oneiric Council discharges the duties of Atlanticana's head of state and government; it is made of five Archons. Enlais, Sakura, and Xinxin were its permanent members; there are also two elected Archons. After March's round of elections, Senpo was elected for a full 120-day term; Anya for a 60-day interim term in the build-up to May's scheduled election.

Shortly before Xinxin's return, Enlais announced her intention to stand down as one of the permanent Archons. This, together with the lapsing of Anya's term, led to two new Archons being elected. Anya was re-elected, with Nam becoming an Archon for the first time. Pursuant to Anya's wish to remain as one of the two elected Archons, we intend to appoint Nam as the new permanent Archon, replacing Enlais; however, this will require a constitutional amendment to confirm once and for all.

Simultaneously to the dual Archonal election, elections to the Lunar Council were held. There are five Lunar Councillors, who have sole power to make and debate laws. Conveniently, five candidates stood in the election, and were each elected to 60-day terms. We congratulate Anya and Sakura on winning re-election, as well as Gauche, Lloyd, and Nam on winning their first terms; they are currently preparing a legislative agenda.

The Stellar Chamber, made of all the citizens of Atlanticana, has the power to confirm Arbiters, try and impeach officials, and approve or reject laws passed by the Lunar Council. Approval votes have not been accompanied by debate since most lawmaking powers were transferred to the Lunar Council by Constitution IV in February; this did not change upon the passage of Constitution V, our current basic law, in March. The discussion there has therefore been limited but meaningful.

The Interstellar Tribunal, the court of Atlanticana, is staffed by as many Arbiters as the Oneiric Council believes (and the Stellar Chamber accepts) would be sensible. Aster - who you may have previously known as Nagisa - has retired from all of their posts in Atlanticana. This leaves Nam as the sole Arbiter. We wish him the best of luck in ensuring that Atlanticana's laws are enforced fairly and justly, and are currently considering the feasibility of appointing one or more new Arbiters.

Since its return to full strength, the Oneiric Council has been hard at work trying to make Atlanticana better and more active, above and beyond simply holding elections. New ambassadors to our partner regions are being appointed. API telegram recruitment has returned, and we are currently studying how best to go about manual recruitment.

The aptly-named Renewed Blossoms Art Contest is currently underway, and we expect to announce the winning entry in the middle of June; other cultural activities, including the return of the regional Neko Spotlight newspaper, are being planned. In the coming weeks, you will also notice that Atlanticana will present itself in a sleeker, perhaps even more iconic, way. This will not be by accident.

Slowly, but surely, Atlanticana is returning to its best. The Lunar Council has coalesced around Gauche as its new speaker; it is currently looking at the Constitution, and how it should be adapted to deal with the challenges of today's world. The Stellar Council - the people of Atlanticana - is on standby, ready to look at whatever the upper chamber sends its way. Sakura remains the Aeon today, and she is trying her best to ensure that Atlanticana does not collapse once more.

And we, the Archons, are currently setting out a multi-faceted plan to ensure that Atlanticana returns from its recent breakdown as a stronger, fairer, more capable, and more diverse region than ever. It will require all of us to achieve. It will require all of the people of Atlanticana to achieve. And it will require the goodwill of the people of the world to achieve.

Signed by the Oneiric Council:

Ei, fronting for the Xinxin system (Londoniopol)
Sakura (San Pera)
Senpo (Senpo)
Anya (Mondheim)
Nam (Moduland)