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Parliament has been dissolved: new elections

On Thursday, June the 6th 2024, president Max Chaos dissolved the New Thaitiucan Parliament, claiming that he couldn't work any more with this kind of parliamentary representation. New elections are thus being held until the 8th of June in the afternoon, to elect a new Parliament.
Max Chaos is gambling and hoping that the favorable economic situation and good opinion of him will grant him a new majority. Parliament was indeed mostly governed by the coalition formed by Unity for Progress, the Regional Empowerment Alliance and the Heritage for Stability Party. Our president often had difficulties passing legislation.

This is the current situation (Parliament has 400 seats):
- Unity for Progress: 122 seats
- People's Freedom Collective: 89 seats
- Regional Empowerment Alliance: 67 seats
- Communist Party: 67 seats
- Visionary Dominion Party: 22 seats
- Heritage and Stability Party: 22 seats
- National Defense Coalition: 11 seats

Here is the list of the parties seeking to conquer seats in Parliament:

The current president's party is seeking to conquer a larger majority, to be able to pass their own legislation. Before the last elections, Max Chaos was seen as a rather radical candidate, but his term as president seems to have softened him. He does still believe in giving greater authority to Parliament, as a milestone on the way to direct democracy. At the core of their platform is a commitment to transparency and inclusivity, as well as a fight against corruption. Civil rights are also very important. Max Chaos is making it quite clear that the economy has bloomed under his term, and the nation of New Thaitiuca is more developed and happy than ever.

This party led the governing coalition over the last six months, and is a liberal, dynamic and progressive party. Their program for the parliamentary elections emphasizes liberal values, focusing on individual freedoms, economic innovation, and social equality. Unity for Progress advocates for robust legal frameworks to safeguard freedom of speech, privacy, and individual autonomy. James Foster, a former president, declared that he hopes to show the New Thaitiucan people that they are reliable and will continue to serve them in Parliament. According to him, the governing coalition is ready to stay together to ensure a majority in Parliament.

Isabella Rivers and the Regional Empowerment Alliance are entering the parliamentary elections of New Thaitiuca with a visionary agenda centered on decentralization, local governance, and community empowerment. Their role in the governing coalition was to help pass a devolution law.

A slightly conservative party that is firmly rooted in preserving the nationís rich traditions while promoting stability and pragmatic governance. Their program includes measures to uphold their cultural heritage, support family values, and ensure a gradual approach to social change. They aim to strike a balance between progress and tradition, advocating for a steady and cautious approach to policy-making. New Thaitiuca should also open up to its close neighbours for trade agreements, instead of working with the broader international community.

This former military general is back for his second parliamentary campaign, leading a coalition of small, rightwing parties with a focus on national security and defense. They advocate for higher military spending, a robust, self-reliant economy and more patriotism.

This is the first time this party is running in a national election. Although it is considered as a rightwing party, its leader Jordan James, has shown clear disdain of the National Defense Coalition. They consider that national security can only be achieved by making border control stricter and make citizenship harder to acquire for immigrants.

The communist party of New Thaitiuca seeks to create a classless society, by redistributing wealth and redefining the economy. In practical terms, they would want to nationalize key industries and ressources, focus on agriculture and provide universal access to essential services.

As citizens of New Thaitiuca, you may vote in these elections at the following link: Link Vote here!. It only takes a few seconds. You have two days to get your vote in.

Monday, June the 10th, 2024
Election results have come through (Parliament has 400 seats):
- Unity for Progress: 25% --> 100 seats (- 22 seats *)
- People's Freedom Collective: 22.73% --> 91 seats (+ 2 seats)
- Regional Empowerment Alliance: 22.73% --> 91 seats (+24)
- Communist Party: 18.18% --> 67 seats (+ 6)
- National Reunion: 4.55% --> 18 seats
- Heritage and Stability Party: 2.27% --> 9 seats (- 13)
- National Defense Coalition: 2.27% --> 9 seats (- 2)
- Others: 2.27% --> 9 seats
* compared to the previous legislature

This seems to be a complicated situation, since the previous governing coalition (Unity for Progress + Regional Empowerment Alliance + Heritage and Stability) only holds 200 seats in the new Parliament, falling just short of an absolute majority. Unity for Progress suffered quite a lot, losing more than 5% of all votes, and Heritage and Stability also lost several seats. Thankfully for them, the Regional Empowerment Alliance gained 24 seats, preventing an absolute disaster. A four-party coalition seems unlikely even in normal times, and no other small party shares their ideals. A two-party coalition is equally impossible, the most seats it could muster would be 191.
The most probable solution seems to be a three-party coalition in between the top three parties, enabling them to hold 281 seats. However, they disagree on many key issues, so who knows what the future holds for us?