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Do NOT open until the 4th of June 2024

A year? A year! Wow, it's already been a year! Exactly one year ago, I started this rinky-dink little nation, with a flag sloppily made in PowerPoint and some terribly written AI factbooks. It fells like yesterday that I wrote some cringeworthy RMB messages. It felt like just yesterday, that my friends got NationStates blocked by the state education department (cough cough The crescenia cough). So, uh sorry to any other NS players in Queensland, blame it on him! So, to celebrate this milestone, here are some meaningless awards!

Most Hardworking Kodiaker(s)

Most Batshit Insane Mock-Gov Character

Most Likely to be a Commune Psyop Who Wants to Overthrow Democracy in The Kodiak Republic

Best Poll Creator

Best Factbooks

Kodiaker With the Best Theme

Kodiaker Most Likely to have a Regime Change in the Next 15 Minutes

Kodiaker Most Likely to be Despised

Kodiaker With the Best Flag

Best Nation?
Me, obviously

Let's hope that I can survive another year of this game...