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Peacezone Theory

Libertarian Socialist Peacezone Theory

Eastern Europe is also a social experiment to implement Libertarian Socialism in a region, adopted in this game as "Peacezones".

What's a Peacezone? A place where you can do whatever you want. And others can do whatever they want. Other regions have fights to be delegate, seek thrills to kick and ban people, suppress your posts, or force you to join their governments and way of life, but all that is eliminated here. Eastern Europe is an social experiment, where everyone is allowed to make this region how ever they like, the success dependent *only* on your wit and charm.

Peacezone Theory seeks the elimination of all forms of institutional authority, enabling individual nations/players to exercise their free will on equal ground without undue influence.

Central to this idea is the elimination of all institutional authority that is tied to position of delegate. The delegate will never suppress, eject or ban, except in defence of the Peacezone system, and the World Factbook Entry will always stay the same, to avoid the delegate imposing his opinions on others.

Our goal is to show cooperation and leadership is possible in a completely free environment where every nation has equal opportunity to participate (or not participate) with coercion. In practice, most people look past such ideological debates and we focus on having fun, making funny posts, roleplaying or just answering issues. We hope you'll enjoy the ride.

Four Principles of Peacezone Theory

Peacezones are identified by the following features.

  • Delegates do not exercise any of their executive powers. No kicks, bans or suppression. A concession is made for defending the Peacezone system in the case of founderless regions, though the best option is to have a founder and an non-executive delegate to restrict all these options.

  • The WFE is to be either empty and unchanged, or to promote all options equally. Central to Peacezone Theory is that all nations are given a level playing ground. Nothing is deemed default and everything must continually work to earn the respect and acceptance from other nations. This especially applies to offsite forum (governments) and the delegate must either participate in all of them, or none at all. Individual nations decide for themselves which forum to associate themselves them, or both, or none, without any authority implying any official opinion.

  • The WA voting policy of the Delegate is to encourage solidarity in the region. The ideal outcome is to have all nations voting the same way.

    Old/Alternative interpretations: Delegates either not vote at all, or vote to support the worldwide majority vote among individual nations. Both options are interpretations to the idea of eliminating institutional delegate authority. The first option is the passive approach, the delegate simply acting as if they don't exist by not voting. The second option is an activist approach, where the delegate uses their institutional authority of bonus votes to neutralise other delegates, so the outcome follows one as if the entire game has no delegates.

  • The main point of contention is whether and how much delegates are allowed to be active in their regions. Founders should be silent and on a neutral account only for administrative purposes, while the player participates through another nations. Delegates are harder because unlike founders as there is no easily avoidable option. A certain amount of activity is required for someone to ever be elected delegate, and it needs to someone who would follow other Peacezone principles. The main problem is that any opinion one makes holds more more weight when made as the delegate, even when the player does not intend to. The delegate must constantly emphasise their views are equal to any other nations.

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