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In Memory of Melody "New Azura" MacPherson, 1986 - 2023

Melody MacPherson, the player behind the account New Azura, passed away at Atrium Main hospital several months ago. This dispatch is a memorial to my sister Mel and the impact she had on the NationStates roleplaying community as a whole.

She loved her Nationstates friends immensely, and spent the last few years of her life talking about how much she enjoyed the community, its camaraderie and fellowship. Her last years were not easy for her after an accident she suffered in early 2019, which left her attached to a ventilator and bedbound for the most part. She is survived by her two younger brothers, nieces and nephews and her valued friends, both in her community and in the larger Nationstates community.

Mel was an avid animal lover and was never far away from her Pomeranian-Shih Tzu mix Buddy or her French Bulldog Sassy. She was a supporter of Brother Guy's Haitian orphanage and also regularly donated to the American Cancer Society in memory of our father and grandfather. She was a loving, giving person that had a big heart and wore it on her sleeve; she was also an avid reader and writer and took great pleasure in getting to write with her friends from around the world.

She roleplayed as the nation New Azura in Nationstates and made many acquaintances and friends during her time here. She never had a cross or ill word to say about anyone she encountered here, and genuninely loved participating with the community. Having come to experience the community myself over the past month, I understand now what she spent so many years cultivating: the connections that define Nationstates writing. She loved this site and devoted so much passion and energy to it, and it warms my heart to know that she had an outsized impact on so many people.

Melody was a brilliant, beautiful soul that is deeply missed by her family and friends. It is my hope that this dispatch does her justice, and that her memory can live on through the friends that she made here and had an impact on. We love you Mel, and we miss you.

The Republic of Kusatsu