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MCFA: More Citizens for Asia | Campaign by the SA Government

Konnichiwa, Second Asia! :D

So, the government of The Second Asia has started a new campaign in order to increase the citizens of the region, called the MCFA Campaign ( More Citizens for Asia )! So, to participate copy the code given below, the one in the Courier font. After you've copied that, go to page=telegrams. Click on the New Telegram button. After that, in the To: box, put the text tag:template. You see that down arrow near the To: box? Click it. You'll see the text, this is a recruitment telegram with a box next to it. Click on that box. Once it's ticked, paste the text below into the message box. After that, click send.

You'll see a box appearing with this thing: %TEMPLATE-RANDOM NUMBER HERE%. Copy that %TEMPLATE% thing. Go to The World section on the side of your screen. Scroll down to World Activity. Once you see it, click More... You'll see some boxes after you click it. From the boxes, click Foundings. Once you click it, you'll see nations getting found all over the world, and from them, send a telegram to some of them with the %TEMPLATE% code. Done, you have done atleast something to help us increase with our numbers.

Oh, and hey: If you're smart enough, you could pull off an API Recruitment telegram! Look at here. Who knows, maybe YOU could be the reason one day we have so many people!

Recruitment Guide, by the Ambis

Text for the Telegram below:

[b][u]Hello, from Second Asia! :D[/u][/b]

[b]So, %NATION%, we found out that you're a new nation around here, and we've decided to specially invite you to our region, [region]The Second Asia[/region]! We, at Second Asia, accept everyone! New or old, cat or dog, everyone! Oh, and we have a discord aswell! We are currently under the Covelandian Government, the 3rd and most welcoming government in our history! At the time you're getting this telegram, Second Asia is currently celebrating it's 1 Year Anniversary, or has already celebrated it. You would be a great edition to our region! Who knows, maybe you could become governor some day!

We will be pleased to meet you soon![/b]


[i]Your ally, forever, [nation=noflag]YOUR NAME HERE[/nation] / YOUR NICKNAME HERE
Your ally, forever, [nation=noflag]The Republic of Covelandia[/nation] / Cove[/i]