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Vice Delegate's Weekly Report: May 20th, 2024

May 20th, 2024
Vice Delegate Report

Hello, TNP! This is your Vice Delegate speaking for the first time this term. I want to thank the region for giving me four more months in the role of Vice Delegate, and I am grateful to you all for having faith in me. I deliberately waited until the conclusion of the first week of the term, to allow myself to reflect upon its progress. It's going relatively well in the Security Council, as we've had a calm and smooth first week as we look to get Delegate Simone Republic into the in-game Delegacy. Let's start by reviewing our progress on that front.


Simone started the term with 589 endorsements, which put him in 13th position. For comparison, outgoing Delegate Kaschovia had 811 endorsements. This means that the gap between the two nations was 222 endorsements - the amount of endorsements Simone needed to gain to get the in-game Delegacy. By the 14th of May, Simone had already gotten well over 600 endorsements, all the way up to 623. Concurrently, Kasch's endorsement count gradually decreased, eventually falling below 800. Simone continued to make steady progress and began climbing the charts, reaching 653 endorsements on May 18th, which was good enough to place him in 7th, ahead of Security Councilors Fregerson (PotatoFarmers), Sil Dorsett, Rocketdog (Xagill), and TlomzKrano (Kranostav). Kasch had declined to around 787 endorsements by this point. Somewhere around this point, the North Pacific Army was deployed, causing both the Delegate and the former Delegate to lose around 8 and 12 endorsements respectively. Currently, Simone has now made up for the withdrawal of our armed forces and sits at his highest figure yet, 658 endorsements. Kaschovia, in contrast, has leveled out in the high 770s, and currently has 776 endorsements, to be exact. That is a gap of 118 endorsements. This means that it has decreased by 104 endorsements over the course of the week, or 47%.

Weekly WA Endorsement Event

Every week, in my capacity as the Vice Delegate, I will set an endorsement goal for both the Delegate and the Vice Delegate. These goals are intended to encourage our residents to join the World Assembly and endorse the Delegate and Vice Delegate in exchange for the possibility of receiving rewards while protecting the region by strengthening our regional security! This week, with the transition in mind, I am especially looking to increase the Delegate's endorsement count.

Delegate Simone: Simone has been making some very nice progress with the transition, and I would like it to continue. This one will be a big goal, but a big reward. This week's endorsement goal for Simone is 680 endorsements. As a reward, I will give two random individuals a copy of S3 Greater Cesnica each. To be eligible for the reward, you must be endorsing Simone!

Vice Delegate Chipoli: In such a time like this, the Vice Delegate's endorsement count needs to be as high as possible to prevent outside invasions, or in case the WA Delegacy needs to be taken in the interim. I will be setting a high goal for myself as well, which will be 770 endorsements. If this goal is achieved, I will allow the community to choose my nation's primary banner for a week by popular demand.

The Future

For now, the Security Council's top priority is a swift completion of the delegacy transition. Although we anticipate it to be a lengthy one similar to Kaschovia's eight months ago, we are confident that we can complete it in a timely manner, and hopefully quicker than last time. Things have been going relatively well, and the transition has been making progress. Hopefully, the momentum can keep going into next week. Also on the to-do list is wrapping up forum declassification from the January-May 2023 term and the Security Council survey release, which I promised would come at the beginning of the term. I will update you all on these initiatives in next week's report.

Until next time,
Vice Delegate of The North Pacific