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RMB Guidelines

RMB Guidelines

Welcome to the Regional Message Board (RMB) of The North Pacific. We want to ensure everyone has a positive experience, so please familiarise yourself with the following guidelines. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Lead Gameside Advocate, 9003, or the Gameside Advocates, or ask on the RMB. And remember, the most important rule is to think before you post. You're interacting with other people, so let's keep it a respectful and pleasant environment.

The Regional Officers and Gameside Advocates have the authority to warn or suppress users who are found to be violating these guidelines. It is important to note, that even if a post does not explicitly infringe on the rules mentioned in this dispatch, it may still be considered a violation. You don't have to stress memorising every rule in this dispatch word for word. Common sense will get you pretty far!

The Regional Message Board Guidelines
1. NationStates Site Etiquette
The North Pacific community follows a set of guidelines put in place by the NationStates Moderators to maintain a respectful and safe online environment. Any user-generated content that violates these guidelines can, and will, be reported to the Site Moderation team. If you would like to learn more about the rules, you can refer to the One Stop Rule Shop.
2. Spam
Spam occurs and is abused in a wide variety of forms, so we reserve the right to suppress the following scenarios of a post. The most important rule to remember is "Don't spam!" Disregarding the examples listed, it is also a matter of interpretation by the ROs. With justification, other messages can be classified as spam and suppressed.

The general definition of spam is: "irrelevant or unsolicited messages", often with malicious intents and disruptive consequences to the RMB.

Don't double-post, unless the last post was 10 minutes ago.

The consecutive posting of two messages one after the other is defined as double posting. It is allowed to post a second message 10 minutes after your last one. Triple posts, quadruple posts or others are still prohibited.

Lionsroar wrote:🦁

An emoji without any further text in a post counts as spam. The same applies to the excessive use of emojis in a message.


This also includes posts with even a few lowercase letters. The percentage is key, and everything more than 50% will be suppressed.

Long Posts
Long posts are spammy and too big for the RMB. It's especially annoying for Mobile Users. When writing long paragraphs, please use spoilers.

Short Posts
Also, remember to not only post one letter or word but also write these words out. Not everyone understands every abbreviation, and it's not helpful in a conversation.

Please translate any language to English.
The language of the RMB is UK/US English - it's not the readers task to translate.

Your posts must attempt to carry a conversation.

Sil Dorsett wrote:I have skibidi rizz level 3 gyatt Kal Cenat gyatt ice spice fanum tax level 3 sigma chat baby gronk grimace shake qjdhuqwhuweqhuo13

Don't do the above.

3. ROs and GAs
Regional Officers and Gameside Advocates always have the last word. If they say to cut it out, then you will follow it. Regional Officers also reserve the right to suppress rule-breaking posts and even keep a ban possible.
4. Behave appropriately!
Use your common sense, you are interacting with other human beings! Keep it PG-13. Don't flame or harass.
5. Recruitment/Advertisement Rules
Any posts recruiting for other regions is strictly prohibited! Personal advertisement should be limited as much as possible, as it should not serve in a disruptive matter to the RMB. This includes the advertisement for upvotes, endorsements, events, polls, etc. If you want to advertise certain content on the RMB, talk to the current Lead Gameside Advocate for their approval.
6. RolePlay
One-liner or other low-effort RP is strictly prohibited. Instead, join one of our official RolePlay settings or provide a similar level of quality in your RP.
7. Additional
- Do not speak on behalf of the community unless it is your duty to do so.
- Do not quote rule-breaking posts. Instead, edit -snip- into the quote if necessary. The best way is to not interact and let the ROs and GAs deal with the matter.
- Please remove pings, when quoting another user's message. Also, limit your usage of pings. Excessive pinging and liking of other nations and their posts need approval.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the suppression of posts without warning. Just because some cases are not specified in the examples does not legitimize them. The RO always has the last word!