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HYBRIS | Post Apocalypse RP Map

Welcome to the Valsora of Tomorrow. Is it everything you wanted?

A fate worse than death.

UPDATE 7: Belka is finally a warm, tropical nation... but at what cost?


On-Map Name

New Westmore

Broken Hill Republic

Floridian Australia


Greater Rostoria / NPC

New Rostorian Order

Ci Arovannea

Arovan splinter states (Arovan National Republic, New Solitanesia, Serkinia and Almatia)


New Cotefer Republic


Technocratic Myehn Empire






American Feudal States (Jefferson Trust, Liberty Defense, NTX - New Texas)

The City of Philadelphia

Civil Emergency Union


The Blobonu Flood

The Holy Rat

Caesar Lanius Legion (Lanus's Legion)

The New Las Vegas

New Vegas (N.V.)

Mahagura and Vajrastan

Zavistrian Black League

The Greater Chicago Enclave

The Enclave

Republic Of Texas And Chihuhua

New Belkan Republic

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LinkUse this map to make new claims.

A little note.
I highly encourage you to check out Valsora before joining; it'll give you a better idea of what this map is about and what Hybris was like in the past. Also, let it be known that this is not affiliated with the official map at all and is just a stupid little endeavour I have started for my own amusement.

One last thing: If you are joining Hybris, I highly recommend you join Valsora first before coming here. Hybris is kinda like an extension of that world, so its better to get a feel of the main map to understand what Hybris's setting and canon is (or was) like.

Welcome to Valsora, in the year 2234. A combination of deadly wars, lack of action on climate change and deadly pandemics as a result of society worldwide collapsing under its own weight (or was it the other way around? I can't remember, it's been over 200 years at this point) has led to Valsora becoming more of a sh*thole than it already was. Sounds lovely, right? Pure arrogance and idiocy has led to your cozy little home being ravaged by either the ocean, scavengers or god forbid, a nuclear warhead.

Hybris. Hubris. Bluster. Ignorance.

Now 200 years later, you have come out of hiding from wherever you may have been, be it bunker, irradiated town or commune, and because you are a sh*tbrained fool, you and your mates have decided to reform your fragmented societies into something far more respectable, like countries... you know, the things that destroyed the world as we knew it.

It is by no means an easy task. After all, wrangling the wasteland from people who are rather happy living life without pointless laws and rules can't possibly be something that could be done overnight. But someone has to do it, you know.

And at the end of the day, like a wise old man once said, all sapients were built to rule and be ruled.

Will you be our next wasteland king, president, or what have you?

Because of a funny thing called climate change, the seven continents of Valsora have undergone a few changes over the course of 200 years. While they are still there at heart, because of rising temperatures much of them have been claimed by either expansive deserts, gargantuan rainforests or god forbid, the ocean.

What used to be a temperate continent is now largely claimed by the gargantuan dryland known as the Altusian Desert, which spans from the deep south of it all the way up to the Pisciary Sea. What hasn't been claimed by the Desert is now mostly dedicated to plains and lush wildlife that otherwise wouldn't have been possible in places like Osia 200 years ago. Its cultural identity, while understandably shattered thanks to the end of the world, is still identifiably European.

Araseos got screwed over hard by climate change and warfare. Much of Harg and western Batavia has been claimed by irradiated drylands and is basically almost uninhabitable by most standards. As with the east, in what little remains of Prisonica, it is an irradiated nuclear wasteland full of weird and wacky mutated lifeforms thanks to a giant grey Empire that shall remain unnamed, who decided that it would be better to nuke itself off the face of the world than bear with what was to come. Its culture is still Germanic, though parts of Nonscio's broader European identity has settled in the north of the continent, around Batavia and the tiny islands that make up present-day Aikos.

If you think Araseos got it hard, Aislada has it worse. By the year 2234, Aislada has become a barren wasteland, devoid of any notable life outside of the poor suckers that were too late to leave it when they had the chance. The entire continent, or what's left of it, is covered by a giant red desert that bears no tangible plant life under the unforgiving sun and much of it lacks any good access to potable water (Mad Max, anybody?). Its culture is a mix of Oceanic and Arabic in the eastern half, Arabic because many Usnistani refugees tried to escape to the west through Aisladan nations in olden times.

Much of Solitas has sunken below the waves thanks to rising sea levels. It must be said though, rainforests have had it good on the continent, especially since the world has become so much more humid since human society decided to give itself the mother of all enemas. Much of Solitas's remaining islands are covered in dense rainforests that span the length of places like Serkin Island and the like. As a result of warfare on the continent, and to this day nobody really knows the details of what happened, there is a lot of nuclear radiation on Vikonna Island and its adjacent islands. Solitas's culture is mostly South American, with very minute remnants of Greek left behind, which is mostly centered in the south of Serkin Island.

Believe it or not, once upon a time it used to snow on Yaestrovakia. Yes, really, up in Serapis and Sanada there used to be snow-tipped mountains and boreal snow-covered forests of pine. Now, where did it all go? Why, it all melted away! Now all that's left is barren drylands and dead trees where those pines used to be. And it's like this all over the continent too. Especially in the south, around Mylos and Oured. Thanks to rising temperatures, much of the south of Yaestrovakia is now unpleasantly hot, and much of the ground there has been baked to a fine dust that may well constitute a sandy desert at this point. Yaestrovakia's culture is Slavic, with heavy Arabic influence in the south.

Why did so many Usnistanis try to leave their homeland? Why, you're about to find out.

Usnistan was a hotbed of conflict in olden times. It is said that by 2070, almost every nation in Usnistan had been nuked at least twice over, either by foreign powers or by their own neighbours. Layer that with a nice heaping of Humanism, Islamic extremism and constant infighting in regions like the Lafari, and you had a powder keg for disaster waiting to blow up. Of course, nobody was going to have that, so while people could, they tried to leave, creating the great Usnistani Exodus of the 2080s. In the modern day, Usnistan is largely covered by desert, with most of its forests having either died thanks to the sun or engulfed by the oceans around it. Much of it, especially around Theomes and Aradesh, is heavily irradiated thanks to nuclear bombings from God knows when. Usnistan's culture is Arabic and African, though it is incredibly weak thanks to the Exodus.

Much of Central Orientalis, from Formosa to Chi-Mun, has been claimed by the gargantuan and possibly irradiated Kianese Desert (look, I don't know, my Geiger counter keeps clicking intermittently for no reason at all...) What hasn't been touched by the Desert is now dedicated to dead and arid drylands all across the land, where taigas, savannahs and rainforests used to stand. For one reason or another, though nobody knows in the modern day, much of the east and southwest is irradiated, and of course has a whole load of screwed up cows and other unfortunate animals roaming the wastelands in this region. Orientalis is predominantly Asian, with influences of different cultures like Filipino, Indian and Japanese all throughout the land.

Oh, the irony. Even the lawless wasteland has rules. Well, consider it less a rule, more uh... hmm... unwritten courtesy? Anyway, to make sure Hybris is fair enough that everyone can have fun, the map has a few rules and guidelines I expect people to follow while on the map.

Anything available on Valsora (or in other terms, anything that could realistically exist in about 10-15 years from the year of now) is available on Hybris. This is more out of gameplay than out of the fact that I'm too lazy to come up with a rationale for what tech would have looked like in 2100 (which I will act like is the general start of the end of the world.) However, because of the post-apocalyptic setting of Hybris, technology, lest working artifacts of them, is extremely hard to find in a functioning or pristine condition. Does that mean you can't have cars? No! You can absolutely have them! What it does mean though, is that the car you have won't be as fresh as a newly-made Bugatti.

For a better idea of the availability of tech on Hybris, use this as a rule of thumb: If you are closer to the Equator, tech will be likely harder to find and in a far worse condition than it originally was. If you are closer to the poles, tech may be easier to find and could be in better condition. And if you are in the ocean, the only tech that would realistically be available to you would be maritime equipment, like boats and desolate oil rigs.

Hybris's rules on fantasy and magic is generally the same as Valsora's. Don't use it to godmod, don't use magic as a means to outright defy the rules, simple stuff. As with nonites, any species of them available on Valsora can be used on Hybris as well, since this map is basically just a continuation of Val 200 years on.

To register a fantasy element... nah, just joshing with you. I prefer to let the story drive itself instead of having overbearing regulation. If you want to use a fantasy element that doesn't exist on Valsora, such as a mutated hybrid of two existing nonite species, then go ahead and use them - it is entirely optional to alert me of it, but if you are going to use that element I expect you to at least alert other users you may be interacting with about that element's existence. At the very least, I expect that element to be reasonable, so if I find out it isn't, then I'll simply intervene and say no. And I hate saying no.

If you are joining Hybris for the first time, you claim should be small-ish (there is no official limit because I can't be bothered doing math, and either way I'll judge it on a case-by-case decision) and be mostly contiguous. Your population can be as high as 15 million, but it can go no more higher than this unless you naturally expand.

Hybris has the same cultural restrictions as Valsora. That means no things like Japanese nations on Araseos, or Germanic nations on Aislada. If you can write a logical reason for how they got there in the first place though, there is a tiny chance I may let it pass.

I don't exactly care much for economy (why would I? Global markets on Valsora have collapsed anyway), so the only thing you need to determine in that regard is what your nation's currency is.

You can expand your borders every month by writing an 800-word minimum post for that expansion. To alert me of the expansion, shoot me a TG with an image of the claim and the population alteration it carries. Land transfers have to be small-ish (again, I'll judge this on a case-by-case analysis) and have to be RPed out by a 450-word minimum post. Land transfers will count as a natural expansion as to prevent abuse of the system. It is the same procedure as well to alert me of land transfers.

You can claim the ocean as territory. Yes, you absolutely can. With much of the world getting flooded, it would be entirely plausible some people set out to sea to start a new life on the waves. However, the rules around this are even more tighter to make sure it can't be abused. If you are claiming on the ocean, your max. population will be 50,000 and your ocean borders can only be straight until you claim solid land. On top of this, it will be assumed that somewhere in your area, a structure like a boat or oil rig exists in your territory - this structure will be treated as your equivalent of a capital city.

Don't be a dick and don't write stuff that violates the NS TOS. Simple as that. On top of this, most of Hybris's rules outside of the ones I specified here are just Valsora's as well, so if you are unsure of something be sure to check out their Rules Dispatch to get a better idea of what would go and what wouldn't on the map.

Nations will be removed from the map after a month of inactivity.

If you are, great! Shoot me a TG with the template below to stake your claim in the wasteland today! I hope to see you soon, friend!

We're going to have so much fun together...

For Joining

I, [NATION NAME], would like to join Hybris.

On-map name:
Brief overview of nation:

Location: (img here or description here)
Preferred colour on map: (please give a hex code if you can)
IRL cultural base: (e.g. Anglo-Saxon, French, etc.)

Population: (max. 15 million)


For Natural Expansion

I, [NATION NAME], would like to expand my borders/do a land transfer:

On-map name:

Claim: (img here)
Expansion post: (RMB link here)
Last Expansion post:
Population alteration:


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