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by The Very Volatile Vampire of Valtarre. . 204 reads.

Operation Shattered Reality Awards!


The operation in Eclipsis has concluded!

The following nations have been awarded the Overseeing Eye Card for participating in the invasion and subsequent capture of Eclipsis:

The Overseeing Eye Card
A total eclipse of the opposition.

Valtarre the Vampire King

Shadowmaster Raxion
Shadowmaster Malicious Souls

Taskmaster Devious
Taskmaster Hesskin Empire

Battlemaster Thorn1000
Battlemaster Volstrostia

Veteran Assassin Lugus Triune
Veteran Assassin The Sapientia

Senior Assassin Hunter Killer
Senior Assassin Cthoria
Senior Assassin Queen of the Ruckus
Senior Assassin Malicious NPU
Senior Assassin Vleerian
Senior Assassin The Phantom Gambler
Senior Assassin New Sunville

Assassin Lusitanian Whale
Assassin Red Raiding Hood
Assassin McMannia
Assassin Skorrord
Assassin AVRBenism
Assassin Homyland
Assassin Prazemlja
Assassin Ionaris
Assassin Boris Cult
Assassin Rudastan
Assassin Army of Malice
Assassin Oneiroi
Assassin VanthaMerc 2
Assassin Zeldria
Assassin Unimdya
Assassin Ekk Dorthat
Assassin Lefoni

Acolyte Heckler Kochica
Acolyte BendyBen
Acolyte Addaxian
Acolyte Pizza and Fun
Acolyte Ryde Alloore
Acolyte Newgardia
Acolyte Drullach
Acolyte Is Existing

Initiate Irokhalskiya
Initiate The Cult of Harkonnen
Initiate Moroempire
Initiate Ponzy

Associate Tornado Condo
Associate Canterlot
Associate Aleena
Associate The Wheel of Malice
Associate Violent Sparkles
Associate The Antichrist
Associate Barbintra
Associate Snrub
Associate Exiled Sinners
Associate Malicious Arstotskiano
Associate Kartruh
Associate Malicious Bee

Congratulations! Display the card as you see fit.