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What Did It Cost? The Only Cost Was A Sizable Chunk Of New Zealand.


[quote=NationStates Moderators;55674225]I'll do ya one better; it's confirmed, I was there. :P

Long story short, waaaaaaaay back in the dark ages when game mods didn't have access to IP bans and we had to badger [violet] when one was needed, we had a VERY persistent shock image spammer. The problem was, his IP pointed to basically the second-largest service provider in New Zealand, and they routed ALL of their traffic through that one IP. So IP banning him was effectively IP banning a sizable chunk of New Zealand. Eventually this spammer became enough of a nuisance that "a huge chunk of New Zealand" was deemed acceptable collateral damage, especially as complaints to the ISP seemed to be falling on deaf ears. If I recall, once the IP ban was in place, blocked users were taken to a page explaining why they couldn't access and suggesting they contact their service provider. Between that and Max brandishing a lawyer threateningly in their direction, the ISP [u]finally[/u] dealt with their problem user.[/quote]