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Lothlorien's Tolkien Themed Polls

Current Lothlórien poll, open to all nations in the world:

52. Ai! These are sooo bad. Here I am, giggling like a pipeweed-looting hobbit. by Lady Galadriel

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51. Who is your chosen housemate? by Lady Galadriel

50. Which unread book is on your reading list? If several, which book is high on your list? by Lady Galadriel

49. Art Poll 1: Donato Giancola, portraits from Middle-Earth by Lady Galadriel

48. Which of the Valar would/do residents in your fictional nation worship? If any. by Lady Galadriel

47. Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky... by Lady Galadriel

46. The fellowship practising social distancing. Which video conference participant are you? Link by Lady Galadriel

45. Extended Editions 3: The Two Towers. Disc 1, part 1. Favourite extended or new scene. by Lady Galadriel

44. Elvish holiday card. On the road to the Grey Havens by Lady Galadriel

43. Onomatopoeia Part 1: The Hobbit by Lady Galadriel

42. Never say die! by Lady Galadriel

41. Favourite Orc Insult. Part 4. Psychological Warfare Edition. by Lady Galadriel

40. Can Tolkien make you look up the meaning of a word? by Lady Galadriel

39. Which part of Tolkien's Legendarium is in the most need of an adaption to the big (or small) screen? by Turkdulapitou

38. A Happy New Year to all - with: Favourite Orc Insult. Part 3. Zoology Edition. by Lady Galadriel

37. On the Twelve Days of Christmas my true love sent to me... by Lady Galadriel

36. Extended Editions 2: The Fellowship of the Ring. Disc 2. Favourite extended or new scene. by Lady Galadriel

35. Extended Editions 1: The Fellowship of the Ring. Disc 1. Favourite extended or new scene. by Lady Galadriel

34. Favourite Orc or Goblin Insult. Part 2. Shagrat vs. Gorbag Edition. by Lady Galadriel

33. Favourite Orc or Goblin Insult. Part 1. by Lady Galadriel

32. The Periodic Table of Middle-Earth: Which mystery intrigues you? by Lady Galadriel

31. What about second breakfast? by Lady Galadriel

30. Have you ever read any Tolkien fanfiction? by Lady Galadriel

29. At what age did you first read J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'? by Lady Galadriel

28. Renunciation by Lady Galadriel

27. Music Poll 2: Favourite hobbit song by Lady Galadriel

26. You have at your personal disposal one of the horrors of Middle-Earth to unleash upon nuisances. Which do you choose? by Lady Galadriel

25. Which feast would you most like to attend? Part 2. by Lady Galadriel

24. Which feast would you most like to attend? Part 1. by Lady Galadriel

23. Tom Bombadil & Goldberry BBC dramatisation. Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! by Lady Galadriel

22. At what age did you first read J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit'? by Lady Galadriel

21. Most Ideal Place to Live by Turkdulapitou

20. Who made the biggest mistake? by Turkdulapitou

19. Why can't Gandalf do one pull up? by Turkdulapitou

18. Favourite Battle/War by Turkdulapitou

17. Most Enigmantic Character by Turkdulapitou

16. Who Was Cast The Best by Turkdulapitou

15. Who Wins In a Fight by Turkdulapitou

14. The One Poll To Choose Them All by Turkdulapitou

13. Elvish holiday card. Which reveller would you be? by Lady Galadriel

12. A poll about Lothlórien this time

11. Dining with The White Council

10. Favourite Middle Earth Underground Poster

9. Tree Crime Headlines!

8. Tolkien Reports Bad Weather

7. Favourite dwarf character design in The Hobbit films

6. Favourite Tolkien Parody or Spoof

5. Friendship in Tolkien's stories

4. J.R.R. Tolkien comes to your birthday party! It's an alternate reality. He offers to recite a poem for you!

3. The White Council meets in Rivendell and holds a poker tournament. Who’s your money on?

2. Music Poll 1: Favourite song with Elvish lyrics

1. Favourite real life use of Elvish by Lady Galadriel

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