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The Nellie Scouts Corps Merchandise

A detailed summary of products and brands offered by the illustrious Nellie Scout Corps:

* Nellie Scout Cookies
The Original, made of real kids - since then a plethora of infinite flavours erupted.

Zombie Flavoured Nellie Scout Cookies?!?
Someone proposed making Nellie scout chance cookies - so we made Nellie Scout Chance Cube Chip Cookies instead...

* Nellie Scout Chance Cubes
The Original
Randomness Guaranteed
A contraption initially conceived to defuse conflict about the "randomness" of random number generators, later took on an existence all its own and continues to be the second-most popular consumed product of the Nellie Scouts.

Special AOCAFXLI edition Nellie Scout Chance Cubes

* Nellie Scout Can of Worms
A case of grammatically incongruent ambiguity leads to a big GDP bonanza. What's inside are apparently some Nellie Scout Chance Cubes.

* Nellie Scout Elbow Grease
If you need to fix a Nellie mess, here's one for Nellie cleanliness.

* Nellie Scout Frying Pans
An ill-conceived frying pan mascot that can became semi-famous secondarily as accessories to assault across the world.

Useful in case of collections on excessive happiness...

* Nellie Scout Leibniz Goggles
Goggles that makes all incompatible perspectives real and compatible. Side-effects include death.

* Nellie Scout Loan Shark Services
Buying Nellie Scout Frying Pans is expensive; ignoring collection notices can be hazardous to your health...

* Nellie Scout Telecom
In case Nellie Scout Loan Shark Services get testy...

* Nellie Scout Tours
We'll take you places...

* Nellie Scout Universal Translator
A universal translator that universally translates into some weird Nellietopian dialect. Not very popular.