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WA Voting History

The WA proposals are voted on by a board of 50 of the most talented politicians and diplomats from Hakio known as the League of Liberty. For a vote to be withdrawn the 2/3s of the board members must decide that they have made an error or a miscalculation in judgement. A vote may only be withdrawn twice, then the vote is permanent.

Resolutions Voted On: 97

Repeal "On Abortion": 12-38: AGAINST
Liberate Slavia: 45-5: FOR
Industrial Pollution Control: 34-16: FOR
Commend NewTexas: 48-2: FOR
Repeal "Protect War Correspondents": 21-29: AGAINST
Civilian Protection Accord: 36-14: FOR
Civilian Protection Accord: 19-31: AGAINST
Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE": 39-11: AGAINST
Radiowaves and Microwaves Act: 26-24: FOR
Commend Hobbesistan: 23-27: AGAINST
Repeal "Ethics in International Trade": 30-20: FOR
Commend Abacathea: 47-3: FOR
Assisted Suicide Act: 39-11: FOR
Commend Anime Daisuki: 48-2: FOR
Reproductive Freedoms: 37-13: FOR
Commend Auralia: 1-49: AGAINST
Cultural Site Preservation: 36-14: FOR
Liberate St. Abbadon: 38-12: FOR
Liberate St. Abbadon: 14-36: AGAINST
Responsible Armaments Trading: 29-21: FOR
Liberate Anarchy: 50-0: FOR
Repeal "Liberate St. Abbadon": 40-10: FOR
Repeal "On Abortion": 17-33: AGAINST
Commend Blackbird: 40-10: FOR
Moratorium on Animal Testing: 26-24: FOR
Moratorium on Animal Testing: 18-32: AGAINST
Condemn Cormac A Stark: 35-15: FOR
Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States": 11-39: AGAINST
Condemn Auralia: 27-23: FOR
Universal Suffrage Act: 39-11: FOR
Universal Suffrage Act: 2-48: AGAINST
Repeal "Liberate Slavia": 46-4: FOR
Strategic Arms Reduction: 24-26: AGAINST
Code of Maritime Law: 26-24: FOR
Commend Anime Daisuki: 48-2: FOR
On Planetary Annihilation: X-X: FOR
Repeal "Liberate South Pacific": 50-0: FOR
Repeal "Rights and Duties of WA States": 8-42: AGAINST
Condemn the Dourian Embassy: 22-28: AGAINST
Condemn the Dourian Embassy: 27-23: FOR
World University for Peace: 32-18: FOR
Commend 1 Infinite Loop: 37-13: FOR
Repeal Reproductive Freedoms: 6-44: AGAINST
Repeal Commend The NationStates Community: 42-8: FOR
Radiological Terrorism: 31-19: FOR
Protecting Migratory Animals: 29-21: FOR
Sustainable Tourism Directive: 9-41: AGAINST
Commend Hobbesistan: 26-24: FOR
Repeal "Renewable Research Commitment": 4-46: AGAINST
Liberate Liberal Haven: 49-1: FOR
Sustainable Forest Management: 35-15: FOR
Commend McMasterdonia: 9-41: AGAINST
Liberate Hogwarts: 23-27: AGAINST
Repeal "Liberate Liberal Haven": 18-32: AGAINST
Repeal "Freedom to Contract": 17-33: AGAINST
Liberate Hogwarts: 27-13: FOR
Ban of Perfidy in Warfare: 20-30: AGAINST
Nuclear Security Convention: 26-24: FOR
Repeal "International Criminal Court": 29-21: FOR
Commend Astarial: 32-18: FOR
Repeal "Multilateral Prosecution Act": 27-23: FOR
Repeal "Oil Tanker Standards Act": 26-24: FOR
Prevention of Wildfires: 40-10: FOR
Repeal "Commend The Joint Systems Alliance": 32-18: FOR
Child Welfare in Adoption: 43-7: FOR
Commend Yohannes: 22-28: AGAINST
Reducing Spills and Leaks: 33-17: FOR
Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders": 22-28: AGAINST
Legal Competence: 32-18: FOR
Liberate Capitalist Paradise: 1-49: AGAINST
Ban on Child Pornography: 50-0: FOR
Commend McMasterdonia: 43-7: FOR
Convention on Fracking: 29-21: FOR
Commend Sciongrad: 31-19: FOR
Repeal "National Economic Freedoms": 16-34: AGAINST
Cyber Security Act: 7-43: AGAINST
Condemn Riftend: 2-48: AGAINST
On Hydraulic Fracturing: 15-35: AGAINST
Liberate Panem: 28-22: FOR
No Penalty Without Law: 27-23: FOR
Ban on Leaded Fuel: 39-11: FOR
Liberate Coalition of Freedom: 36-14: FOR
Repeal Liberate Coalition of Freedom: 27-23: FOR
Fertile Farmland Protection: 22-28: AGAINST
Repeal "Liberate Panem": 44-6: FOR
Individual Working Freedoms: 16-34: AGAINST
Commend Improving Wordiness: 28-22: FOR
Liberate The Black Riders: 3-47: AGAINST
Debris Prevention: 39-11: FOR
Liberate Liberal Haven: 22-28: AGAINST
Liberate the Versutian Federation: 21-29: AGAINST
Nuclear Arms Protocol: 17-33: AGAINST
Repeal The Landmine Convention: 22-28: AGAINST
Repeal The Landmine Convention: 26-24: FOR
Condemn North Korea: 31-19: FOR
Repeal Reproductive Freedoms 13-27: AGAINST
Liberate the International Communist Union: 44-6: FOR
Repeal The General Patent Charter: 21-29: AGAINST
Repeal Condemn Durkadurkiranistan II: 20-30: AGAINST
Repeal Condemn North Korea: 26-24: FOR
Rules of Surrender: 39-11: FOR
Condemn Vandoosa: 4-46: AGAINST
Repeal Condemn Hobbesistan: 33-17: FOR
Repeal Liberate The International Communist Union: 42-8: FOR
Repeal Liberate Liberal Haven: 36-14: FOR
Debris Removal: ?-?