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Apranik Facts

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635 C.E. - Apranik was a Persian Sassanid High Ranking Commander of Army and the daughter of Piran (the great General of King Yazdgird III) and she fought gracefully, as a resistance commander, fighting against Arabo-Oppressors. Apranik was more like a TomBoy! Since childhood, she loved military. She was her Father’s Right hand, and the amazing Nationalistic Feelings that she developed during her teenage years led her to become a military person. Like her father Apranik decided to become a professional soldier and she climbed the steps of progress, one by one and after her complete education, she managed to rise from a petty officer, to a full commander of the Persian Army. Apranik was a tireless inspiration for her troops in defense of their nation against outside aggressors. The Arab Bandits attacked Persia’s south borders at the worst time possible, the continuous centuries of war with the Roman Empire had weakened the Persian Empire economically, militaristically, & spiritually and cost many lives and the last Sassanid king Yazdegard was not paying any attention to the rise of Islam and the invading barbaric arabs in the south at that time.

Apranik fully took the command of a major battalion of the Persian Army directly after the full-scale invasion and occupation by Arab armies and she led her devoted warriors against the Arab oppressors even after the loss of the Persian Empire and Sassanid Dynasty. As she got wiser, she found out that “Organized Warfare” with the Arabs or “The Desert Rats” as she refered to them, who invade and hide, and then reinforce and invade again, does not work; therefore, she started a campaign of a treacherous battle against the occupiers. For years to come, Apranik, first fought an official war and later on when all hopes were destroyed, Apranik, started her Hit and Run Rebellious Campaign until death. Apranik’s Dedicated Commando Warfare were legendary and relentless. Her white horse has always been a famous symbol of freedom and still is til this day. The name “Apranik” means: “Daughter of elder.”

Legendary Commander Apranik of the Persian Sassanid Army Commander Apranik of Sassanid

Commander Apranik of Sassanid Army in Battle against the invaders Commander Apranik of Sassanid - In Battle

... Apranik and her Ranks, never surrendered, they have fought an on going bloody battle to the bitter ends. Apranik became a symbol for the “Persian Resistance & Freedom”. Her braveries were so known, that she became the talk of the “Persian Resistance” and Persians created an expression for her! Every time a female soldier would have shown bravery among the resistance, other soldiers would smile and call her: “Apranik”. Apranik’s famous words and policy were: “No retreat, no surrender”. Apranik acted as a battery charger for resistances spirit and chose to fight with her soldiers, until the bitter end, she chose to be cut to pieces by the Arab Sword, than to become a slave-whore in the Arab Bed... and eventually Apranik became a legend. The Legend of Apranik, is still living in every female freedom fighter of Persia’s heart. May her great spirit rest in peace. Apranik Daughter of renowned general Piran or as they used to call her “Apranik of Piran’s” will always be in the “Persian Resistance Hall of Fame”. This is what the Persian women were made of!

A Gentler side of Commander Apranik of the Persian Sassanid Army Commander Apranik of Sassanid - Gentler side

(What the WFE used to say before the raiders came)
The Achaemenid and Sassanid realms of Iran. The greatest empire the World had ever known swallowed up the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, and went beyond them. This is far more than a country: it is a place of splendor, where the gods dwell and the ancient heroes still walk in the land.