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Satisfacere Valores Per Amicitia

Breakthrough at ALEPH - Communications Link Established

The Avernum Laboratory for Extraplanar Physics has stabilized a preliminary conduit to the dimension coded P42-Theta-8Z60. First surveyed seven years ago, the media immediately nicknamed this dimension the Ponyverse, after the appearance of a hardly credible alien transmission that purports to be from intelligent creatures resembling characters from a popular children's cartoon.

Though widely believed to be a hoax, ALEPH can now confirm that the transmission in fact originated - and still originates - from P42-Theta-8Z60, and uses a variety of commonly understandable information encoding protocols. The inhabitants of the universe sincerely claim to be quadrupedal sophonts of varying pastel colors, capable of flight and magic. If it is a hoax, then it is the greatest interdimensional prank in history.

Scientists at ALEPH are still working on a two-way link, and have publicly called for suggestions on an initial first contact transmission to these "ponies".

2014-04-07 | Sixth of Evermoon, 1982 a.i.

The Endless Empire of Ermarian