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by The Republic of The United Sovereignty of Moyeria. . 153 reads.

The UIN Preface (Razed)

This Document is no longer the founding government of the UIN

No matter what you are, a Democracy, A Fascist, or a Communist, the Cosmos was Created Uniting all idealists and more! The following guide lines are to preserve unification in our ideals, and our nations.

1: The Founder of the nation is never to take power away from the member nations.

2: The Prime nations are NOT above anything. They simply founded the Cosmos and have this prestigious title. The Primes founded this great region and should live to keep it great.

3: The Super Power nations are as they are. The superpowers of the Cosmos.

4: Member nations are the next generations of the Cosmos. Its the "Bigger" Nations of the Cosmos that need to help them grow. But the member nations must be loyal and not immoral.

5: Any and all war in the Cosmos must have good purpose. no random wars or events

6: If any nation poses a threat to the Cosmos, the founder himself will be given the power to protect the Cosmos from the danger of injustice and oppression.

7: Absolutely, no Injustice,
-Involuntary servatude
-ethnic cleansing
-hair racism
-entreme totalitarianism
-giving zero crapsism
-power grabs
-truth with holdism
-extreme political intimidationism
-Neo-Imperial Moyerialism
-Neo-Imperial Benism

Vote effects -

+ As an act of equality, any and all races in the cosmos are allowed to mix and marry at a persons own discretion.

+ All nations must convert their national currency to the Cosmacoin within 3 days of joining. If not, then ejection.

+ Max time away available in the cosmos is 15 days. Unless told other wise of a vacation or RL event.

+ The imprisoned terrorists are to be tickled to death as a main method to extract information.

+ The Region is to accept the printing and distribution of the regional currency known as: Cosmacoin.

+ The Region will be run out and in by the WA delegate/President, as he is advised by council/party leaders, that are in turn run by member nations.

+ Elections in the Cosmos will be very simple. out of the council a president will be elected and may stay in office as long as the council deems worthy. the president must resign if half of the council concedes to his resignation.

+ The Cosmos Government will have a founder as the leader with the WA Delegate as a Vice-Founder of sorts. (usually a Prime nation).

+ Regional war is to have a good reason.

+ Free trade is in effect.

+ Prime and council nations may not enter conflicts of any kind till it affects every nation in the Cosmos.

+ Slavery is outlawed.

+ Peace keeping army is in effect. All nations are required to send 50,000 troops max. 10,000 troops min.

Any and all algorithms of GOD tech to be used for military purposes is forever and all banned from the Cosmos. Equations for an energy reserve for a nations reactors is an acceptable reason. Anyone in violation of this issue is to be ejected and banned from the Cosmos forever.

No offensive nuclear algorithms and weapons made. Violation of this results in ejection. If frequent, perma ban.

There will never be such thing as a superior race or nation in the Cosmos. We are all united in our ideals and there should be no reason for racial or ideal superiority. Any nation in violation of this issue is to be ejected from the Cosmos. If frequent, perma ban.

Role-play -

If someone wants to start a role-play war or event they are to contact the Founder to confirm what they are doing. Remember, its supposed to be fun, but if the role-play makes you do something like change something in your history or something you do not like then you can drop out of the role-play. The founder creates the polls.

•War- any and all war in the Cosmos is role-played out. Every 2 days a poll will come up to determine the movement of the war. There will be three options. Two of them for each side is the option that they would likely choose. The third is one they would not choose at all. If one side chooses the option that makes them go back in the war more than the other side(s) did then they move back. The other two options consist of one that makes them move forward and the other stalls them. The out come of each poll is determined by which side picks the most of either option.

The allies voted for the one that makes them stall and the axis side voted for the side that made them stall, but voted for the option that would advance them more. So the axis powers move ahead in the war and the allies move back.