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Other Names- The History of Our Regions and Kaiserblut

This is a account of our existence

The Empire of Scansinia was the first to propose a region in the time of the creation. It was agreed and formed by the original 5. The first region was created by the predecessor of Ordevand, this was called the Union of the Eighth Hour. It only existed for a short time, for the predecessor deleted his account.

The fall led the way for the rise of the Union of the Eighth Hour V2. Ordevand created this region, and soon the Empire of Scansinia became the Chancellor. This was a golden age that led to a great influx of nations, alliances, and a protectorate. This was the most stable and safe time to be in, until the populace fought each other over the proposition of a Constitution and Rule of Law for this Civilization, made by Scansinia. There was many who supported this while others who fought this proposal and lead a chaotic revolt of anarchy against the Lawgivers. Tearing the land apart and bringing immense destruction to the realm. Then on the darkest day in our history was when Ordevand banned and ejected everyone with power. This lead to a greater Civil War, that included everyone and even external forces.

Metiva Lame rose from this and with the successful retaking of power of Scansinia in the old Union, did he finally end the destroyed and shattered region. In the era of Metiva Lame, stability was hard and unknown for power was given to the Pope. With this uncertainty, our protectorate did not trust the new chancellor. Leading his attempt at making an embassy with the Black Riders. Then Scansinia, took control as the second delegate and Chancellor. He tried to make the region more stable and conservative. But immediately, factions that were liberal and anarchists, destroyed the plans of the republic. Stripping power and hushing up everyone, causing chaos to flame up. Soon Region Corp tried to assist the conservative factions but soon it with its alliance condemned Metiva Lame. But they gave us Metiva Lame V2 as a protectorate to show they liked some in our region.

Metiva Lame V2 had managed to survive for a short time, but as participation decreased those of power left the dying region. After Scansinia who was now known as Scansinia Reich created the Federal Conservative Party and many other corporations. The Reichswehr was also created and with it a more larger military force within the Region. The Economy flourished with the new companies and money that was brought in. Until Fjords the Delegate of Region Corp, created a second nation that was hostile to the government. "Qaqa", then joined the FCP and its forces but Murder Corp the Founder banned Fjords and his second nation for treason. This lead to turmoil and disaster, but Scansinia Reich successfully got Fjords back into the region and was then part of the Federal Conservative Party. Elections took place and with the rise of Scansinia Reich's popularity did he gain the Delegacy and renamed it to Chancellor once again. As time and stability took hold and many new alliances and business partners soared, a sudden fall in activity in Region Corp lead to half of its members fading into nothing. As the Future seems unclear and many more business opportunities arrived, the corporations of RC were slow to answer. As the Chancellor tried to keep morale and zeal high he felt that his new Region would collapse like the ones of old.

As time continued, Region Corp was planned to be disbanded on a Thursday. Scansinia Reich the last Chancellor of Region Corp urged all the populace to a new Region in which they will start a new.

This Era was one of uncertainty, as the populace moved to The Union of Confederate Regions. We offered governmental help and bring reforms, but this did not last as a traitor among us divulged the "Peaceful Coup" that would take over the region. After we were discovered we were forced into a Great Exodus which lasted for weeks. Then our base/protektorate had an enemy uprising in Fort Whitehorse causing the ancient remnants of an old civilization to brink on the edge of collapse, but was sparred along with it's culture and religion for a short while after. This ended with the creation of The InterRegional Trade Federation, created by Murder Corp in an attempt to create an economic powerhouse. This was successful as many came to join in with the money and wealth that grew. My companies grew out of this, most notably The Reichswehr which merged with a smaller military company to increase in size. This time lasted for a long time until Murder Corp got rid of everyone so they would join a Role Player region and also to get rid of meddle sum investors in the region. This was a mistake as regions who were part of the Federation began breaking away causing chaos and havoc. Scansinia then took his followers away and began to separate himself with the failing region. He then began spreading his power by taking over many regions and turning them into Protektorates, including Benevolent Nazi Alliance of Neo-Prussia's control. During this Era the Reichswehr had attempted to make the UCR pay for their insolence, by launching strikes and invasions into enemy land. Initially it was a success but over time grew into a stalemate as the battles were bloody and never ending. This War finally ended with a Treaty that divided UCR territory and giving it to the Reichswehr. It was a successful time as The Army conquered many regions, but one day a silence engulfed the Land, Known as "The Great Silence" , which took many Sturm Troopers and men down. Only the Most Loyal survived this time of uncertainty.

Then one Day, the Reich Chancellor Scansinia awoke and began to rally men to his cause and began to retake the Reich.
As The Heer (Army) re-mobilized and attempted to retake lost colonies and Protektorates, many were taken over by savage heathens who did not respect the regions traditions. While, Fort Whitehorse was still loyal, the others were in bad shape. The main goal in this time span was to retake and gain more Troopers into the Heer. This was difficult, as the early attempts to restore the Protektorates were halted by foreign invaders (Liberators) who saw us as a threat. Even with evidence that pointed to us owning these regions, they still didn't budge. After weeks of failures and minor raid victories with scorched earth policies, our first major victory was with the combined force of right wing regions to take over a socialist controlled region. This attack was a success and restored the light of The Reichswehr to the Welt. Then we as a Region began to become more Nationalistic and bring a sense of Culture to our Civilization. This was mainly done by creating a new religion, Vedulism. After this was created there was a short time of only Evangelizing and missionary work to a small number of regions. This proved successful for some and less with others as many were oppressed especially by the Totalitarian leader, Langor of the UCR, who eliminated any hopes of open conversion, but this helped open new doors to The Reich. After more sets of raids, we successfully took over Wattana and eliminated all threats to it. At the same time Murder Corp contacted us with a new nation and begin a new Economy again. Soon we took over the NS Army as a company and began to increase our dominion in the Area.

The UCR had Invaded and took Fort Whitehorse after we transferred it to Irisania. This Treachery needed action, so we as The NS Army launched a Crusade on the Treasonous dogs. The 2nd War only had a few battles, primarily Ceiren, but Swartzwind turned out to be Langor (the enemy leader) who used puppets and made oaths even though he broke them time and time again. However this war was short and more or a Cold War scenario that ended with a Treaty that seemed to actually work and could possibly make peace in our time.

After the War, we decided it was time to create a "Fatherland", a region we could call home. So then Kaiserreich was born, it had Provinces (nations) within the region that were self governing, we had a parliament, and I was made Kaiser. The Empire began to build and reshape the NS Army and The Reichswehr, but the future seems to be unknown. After the Empire built is foundations, and after a time of growth and stability, it soon found trouble as the Provinces were essentially useless. They were not popular so we decided to change them to political parties. However, Murder Corp got ambitious and became a Separatist by founding the Union of Sovereign States. This scenario ended by his forces agreeing to become a Protektorate and working with us again. Murder then took territory from Irisania as they were going against the rules of NS Bank, but Murder gave the regions to us, which caused anger in the hearts of Irisania. Then out of no where, he was destroyed by the Ancient Ones, and with him gone NS Bank crumbled, and the USS fell into eternal chaos. With him gone The Reich gave the regions to Irisania, which once again created peace. While, peace was on the horizon, Separatists took hold and caused a Conflict with in the Empire twice in the same month. Osten and the Canton lead these rebellious forces and made havoc of the Empire and the Volk. This was then concluded after they made their pledges not to betray us again for any reason.

Irisania, then barged through the door as Wanden Reich defected and helped his native Irisania take the territories we conquered in battle. Our conflict was then focused around the remnants of the USS, which the enemy had been holding with the Werewolves of the Flame. While this became a stalemate for a time, a peace conference was held which did not solve anything. We continued our raids on there forces for a long time. During this time period the Ancient Ones gave the power of "officers" to us which we then gave to the ministers to control the Empire. But old grudges and angers were abound in the Reich, which caused clashes and disagreements that would shake the very foundations of Kaiserreich.

Canton Empire, revolted once again and this time it was do to the Role-Play that was underway. He felt that he was cheated and soon an ejection War started causing the desolation of Canton. Around this time Cresenthia a trusted Minister was offline for some time until he came around and tried to get the Werewolves of the Flame out of of the USS. His actions caused a panic as no one gave him permission, in the end a treaty was signed and the exile of Cresenthia to his old Region where he took a number of our Colonies. The Conflict with Canton and Cresenthia grew to a struggle that caused havoc for the Empire as Propaganda was used by both sides to weaken the others influence and power. During the early stages of the Conflict, many active regions became Protektorates such as the Confederation of Far Hills who was trying to free itself from a Socialist region, Oakwood, while the other new region was Super Reich I. The Temple of Vedulism began to be put into Shrines for Certain gods and to make it more easier to incorporate more sects of the Imperial Faith. However, it took time to formally centralize Vedulism as it was difficult to get the clergy to come together. In the mean time many RPs were made from Star Wars, to my Cossack one, and then the Qing. These kept regional stability high as our Army was entrenched in the Alliance Against Nazis, which was taking longer then expected.

The Army, after many name changes, changed it's name to The Kaiserlichewehr, and with it's head Eskvor did we finally raid continuously and tag raid as well. We were beginning to strike fear in many of the "barbarian" forces, however, Verborgenen herrn, an ancient ally came to us after a serious problem. This issue and it's repercussions tore the germanic world apart, dividing everyone. It only ended after VH stayed with us and recruited hundreds to our ranks. Then one day the mods came and seeing the "issue" they banned VH and all his beings/nations from NS causing havoc in The Empire. Besides this, at the same time, relations Cresenthia improved and more gods we discovered by the Vedul Priests and the local language of Reichsprechen developed. There was also issues with RP as it was taken to a RP Protektorate region, but this lead to inactivity so it was returned to the main region in less then two weeks of being away, but the era was changed under a vote by the Volk. This time is also when Our First Chancellor, Neo-Prussia, stepped down and gave rains to Eskvor, however, the Ministers began to go inactive, even though the Empire was developing rapidly at an alarming rate. The rise of families may hint at a possible filler of the political vacuum if the Ministerial issues aren't resolved quickly. Then under mutual recognition a Treaty was signed with Cresenthia and he rejoined the Empire, but Canton still lead his own faction and still competed with us.

This new age came with success, however that lack of ministerial leadership caused our large empire to decline in numbers. Our Chancellor focused on politics more and more thus allowing the Army to decline in strength and capability. After some time Super Reich I, a Protektorate, was invaded by barbarians and many across the Reich came to its defense, this unfortunately lead to a great pain. The Opheliacs, a self governing protektorate, asked for outside help in our reconquest, from a group of feminists who considered men as slaves and their Empress, Jadny, as a living god. These outsiders betrayed us and took many of our other protektorates from right under our noses, causing a call to arms. The Army itself was still incapacitated as the officer core was all but gone, and when the time came, the reconquest failed and the feminists had the upper hand in our War. The Era seemed desperate as many feared an Imperial Collapse and an end to the Great Golden Age of Culture and Glory. In this time a stronger emphasis was needed to regain control, so many called for a vote of no confidence in Reich Chancellor Eskvor, prompting Lord Triemann to take the role. The army had its leader again and was assigned to create officers and more soldiers for the war effort. Language and religion was stressed as Izweababa, the maker of our languages, became Prophet as well after Shadar betrayed us months earlier. Then after a standstill, the Reich and its Allies made peace with the feminists in exchange for our stolen colonies and our support for them since the gods destroyed (banned) Jadny and many other feminists for their cruel behavior. A new threat emerged from the spawn of the Left, CAIN, which considers the Reich to be Nazi in nature and seeks to discredit us and leave us to chaos. New ministers were also put in charged and many were put in other posts as well that could best fit their capabilities.

The War against CAIN and their affiliates continued through night and day of struggle, however tensions began to grow in the Empire. The Chancellor, Triemann, was seen as suspicious by some members of the Secret Police, which had been taken over by Eskvor. He and his allies saw that Triemann's actions with past traitors could be a way to remove him from power through a trial. This trial deeply divided Kaiserreich and saw that many had lost faith even with the Kaiser and even Vedulism. It all finally culmivated with The Reich Minister of Justice, Slavatria, condemning Triemann, however, after this Slav and Eskvor rallied some support and led a Separatist movement and a Revolution to remove the Monarchy and replace it with one of their own. This led to Civil War and ended up with these heretics and traitors moving to Agia Germania, a region of mixed ethnic backgrounds (Greek, German, etc.). They gained notoriety and caused the Reich and its Protektorates to separate, weakening our authority. In the end after the scuffles and hatred, both sides tried to stay away from each other, however, AG began to crumble from inactivity and lack of true unity and leadership. The gods brought death and destruction to their "Empire", just as Kaiserreich began to rebuild and restore itself through the long process of Reichsreform.

This New era, saw a harsh crack down on any opposing views that would continue to destabilize the Greater Reich. Role-Play boomed and so did activity and loyalty to the Empire as Culture was slowly being restored through Propaganda, Language, and Religion as well as the reintroduction of the Imperial Family, the Vedigarians. As we progressed we began to Conquer more rapidly again as well as attempt to throw off any resistance from CAIN and their actions. Besides making new ways to increase activity, some areas still were stagnant. The Temple, the Academy, and Even the new Imperial Bank weren't as active as needed. Language was also improved upon and others even asked for languages for their own nations. The Fatheland was getting inactive, yet he needed a successor, who was found as Rrborn. The News Channel was also restarted for a few weeks, yet many musical pieces were created to help further morale. Early on Sovietzka and his small region grew jealous and tried to have their forces rise against us, however, they were disorganized and we quickly infiltrated and brought a "peace" in that field. Imperialistic Expansion, betrayed the Empire, do to him being replaced for lack of energy in the Kaiserreich Intelligence Office, and joined the Imperium of Agia Germania after it arose from nothing and minor conflicts arose. Then Angvar, after showing signs of rebellion, finally broke off and thus started a Conflict for their Independence. In this time, it is a quiet time, even with RP being conducted, and thus many duties are not being filled. If those with responsibility do not do their jobs, the future maybe a difficult and chaotic venture.

The KOI became a force to be feared and felt throughout the Empire, as it was an organized and detailed oriented organization. However, some felt that it was becoming to abusive as some of the Volk were charged or branded as criminals at a large scale. Then after fights in the Reichstag, the leaders of the KOI resigned, leaving a hollow shell of its former glory. At the Same time the Army continued to expand its authority while at the same time trying to find active recruits. A start of a mass influx of colonies were being collected at the fear of lesser and more democratic forces in the wider world. In order to better handle Imperial Administration for their to be a constant base for Imperial control, the Inner Reichstag was abolished and replaced with the Konsulat, while the Reichstag used Grafs (replaced ministers), patriarchs, nobles, etc. The remains of the KOI were then turned into the Kaiserreich Reichle Nachrichtendienst (RND) which was a more controlled security force, which worked with the Volkstribunal (New Ministry of Justice). Furthermore, during this time foreign elements in the WA sent proposals to liberate The Communal Confederacy, a conquered region of ours, which passed. Furthermore, seeing our power and by their own fear, they branded us "fascists" and sent a proposal to Liberate us. The world had begun to fear our strength and capacity, however, these liberations were sent to all regions in the world which were strong and not apart of the so called norm (Democratic/Left-Wing).

Time progressed as we attempted through our best ambassadors to bring about the end of this liberation with no avail in the early struggle to regain our true sovereignty from foreign despotism. Summer came and with it the long two months of the Kaiser's duties beyond the realm. The Reichstag and the Konsulat of Triemann and Copernika kept the peace throughout the Empire while attempting to keep a hold on the Imperial colonies. Furthermore, Scheinenland formed his region of Krasnaya which held itself as a vassal yet it eventually began to diverge due to its actions as well as with the attempts by Imperial authorities to maintain its hold. Nevertheless, that region broke off and quickly began to expire in a dramatic fashion. This also came with the return of the Kaiser who desired peace throughout the Empire, however, old rivalries in the Reichstag would halt any such peace. Apostate and Winfallow among others had a fierce dislike with each other leading to Apostate's excommunication and anathema as no other individual supported his return for his erratic behavior. He took many colonies under his command with him to The Wolf Clan where he convinced our allied/neutral friends to betray us and cause a war by their own accord through manipulation, spam, etc. War they believe started in December even though the conflict started in September with their hostilities. During this time Triemann and Copernika among a few other high nobles desired to retire leaving a void in power with only Winfallow and Argentinian State as Konsuls, who with the new nobles left a stagnation. After a time of switching Konsuls, Estonland and Greater Malroods took power and created a new Konstition as the Imperial Codex, Civil Codex, and new aspects of government with tribunes and the General Directorate of Information (GDI). The future of Government seemed bright but this of course ended as the elected Tribunes were faced with scandal leading to a new nation of Feeble gaining power who was a later discovered puppet of Apostate. Thus, there were leaks of government files even to Driselbia our ally with shared kindred blood. As scandals eroded the bonds and the false attempts by the Driselbians to keep peace the began to diverge as Estonland, who became our FA Minster leaving New Drakia and Malroods as Konsuls, abdicated moving to the TWC then immediately to Driselbia for his own personal desire for power. He gained their Foreign Affairs Ministry instantly and worked against friendship even when a week earlier he portrayed himself as a peacekeeper, thus loosing his credibility. Meanwhile, Drakia and Malroods attempted some reform yet they too led to a stagnation where they did not pursue many new ventures (besides the public VC) nor addressing the spy in he Reichstag. Thus the reactionary movement known as the The Regional Administration Directorate, or the Junta took power and dissolving elements within the Government that were not needed as they desired great reform and action. The sacred Flag of the Empire was almost abolished though but was saved by a public/Imperial vote of true loyalty. A month later however reforms were slow and thus there were growing discontent from the Directorate as action did not seem to occur, yet was finally pushed by the Monarchy and citizenry, especially when Archduke Triemann once again retired.

Finally, the Directorate dissolved as more liberal and open elements rose up which replaced most of the old guard that used to hold great swaths of power. This too was great as non-nobles were granted power and made nobles quickly in order to replace the vacancy and voids leftover. EGC (East Germanic Countries) became Chancellor and made a cabinet of younger less informed nobles that some eventually grew in knowledge in capability. However, some positions were lacking and EGC was not as strong as once believed, which this coincided with Montealba wanting to join The Greater Empire. Prince Trigori alleviated many issues facing Kaiserreich by becoming Chancellor in a vote since all protectorate leaders become high nobles, and he gathered some of his higher lords in to the Reichstag to fill in positions. Many of these new members were successful and the entry of Montealba stabilized and improved many sections of government, army, culture, etc. In this moment the Kaiserbund, the first interation of a Holy Roman Empire scenario centered on Kaiserreich was formed and was somewhat successful as the Order of the Southern Northern (Indo's region where remnants of Driselbia went besides to Montealba) joined and so did Hegiroth. The later region's founder Lytchett joined the Reichstag and gave full support to joining the Bund, however, he failed to properly address his citizenry and they rose up in revolt. The Bund sent diplomats to ease the situation yet this could not be healed as The Clover Confederation was formed as a result which combated Hegiroth. TWC used this as a chance to gain another force to their side as it worked for a time before hostility declined as Hegiroth finally collapsed. During this Montealban era, certain groups were created out of a Nativist fear that they would be overtaken even though all Montealbans were voted into their positions democratically by Imperials themselves. This spread to fields of religion as Hocherlan/Hoch the deified god of Montealba was granted a shrine in KR and it even became a sect in Vedulism. Furthermore, Vedulism was amplified to be more KR and historically relevant and so it focused more on KR and its predecessors major figure, but most importantly the old belief in the deification of Lord Scan. This revitalization became known as Scanism before being eventually returned back to Vedulism. The crossing of cultures was greet and beneficial for all sides until there was the decision on whether KR should move to a new region, The Vedigothic Imperium. A vote was made in the Reichstag and for the public which favored a move even though dissidents refused to move on any condition. Finally, the decision was made that the new Imperium would be the capital of a meta-region empire, which was more successful in recruiting more regions to its cause. Trigori helped make the Golden Bull and was greatly rewarded for that he had done as this region stood as the capital of Civilization. However, Montealbans are more free and less structured than KR, allowing for issues to arise (Trigori leaving prank etc.) besides those of nativism and cultural issues. These issues culminated in Eston divulging info publicly of Trigori acting as a double agent for us against TWC, without breaking the Damnatio Memoriae Edict against TWC. Mole (failed High Priest), Gal (The failed Imperial Police Chief who broke the mentioned Edict), and Eston all pushed Montealba to the breaking point which gave way to them leaving KR and the Imperium, weakening the strength of the Greater Imperium as a whole. Even though new regions began to join the Imperium, this loss shocked all and caused a slight rift, yet Trigori showed care by donating 10,000 stamps. Thus, it is important to see how this issue shall carry out and if there will be amends again. Other, new nobles in this time were made to help with shortages and this effort was successful except for finding a new Foreign Affairs Minister. Meanwhile, those that caused the issue with Montealba either left or stayed (Eston who demanded his nobility back) and Gal who was in contact with TWC due to his unauthorized handling of Hegiroth created a region and allied with TWC. He hated and blocked them for months since they would toy with him, yet he decided to help them for an immensely ironic situation as he broke the law (which as Police Chief he didn't read) and did not want to serve it out fully. Cartorian was added to the Imperial Family and Sama returned again from the dead to help out for a bit. The future seems like it will improve and has the potential to proper if more regions join the Imperium, but only time can tell.

TWC and the Empire finally created a treaty of peace and would be allowed to communicate with each across the hierarchies. Relations began to improve over the months as there was a lessening of hostilities, yet of course old wounds would persist. The Imperium grew greatly over time as more regions began to be interested. However, KR would provide most of the military forces as other regions had too few or not willing to contribute enough forces. Furthermore, Kaiserreich was removed from Civil Defense Siren by the efforts of Reich Chancellor Laurenburg which was a major step towards full removal of the liberation. Many trials took place over varying issues such as Cartoria's actions that were deemed borderline treacherous but were given clemency in the tribunal. The status of Emerati was created for nobles to retire in a sense, but they were required to still have a job and be ready to return to the Reichstag if called. Thus, for a time many old nobles or less capable nobles took this opportunity, such as Risen and Vaal. However, many new nobles were made of the months such as Winston and Crestos, while Baltishe returned once again. RP was also revamped and focused upon as the RMB began to be inactive as continued RP Heads were failing to inspire interest. This effort was generally successful in keeping the RMB generally active. Relations with the TWC improved so much that they joined the Imperium and took up many roles in the Military, Security, and advising roles. However, their efforts seemed great yet at the same time were hollow as they did not perform all of their duties. Montealba also finally returned to the Imperium after much deliberation and contributed greatly compared to the TWC, which culminated to certain electors questioning TWC's inactivity. This lead to a clash in the Hall of Electors resulting in Alpha Wolf's desire to leave the Imperium, which included another region which joined due to their relation to TWC's Kingdom. Vedulism was also allowing for the worship of the old gods formally and return some old practices which were outlawed by the Old Prophet Izwe. Furthermore, Archduke New Drakia made the decision to relinquish some of his responsibilities causing a short period of uncertainty as Cartoria was made the next Archduke in KR and a vote for the next Archduke in the Imperium has just commenced. The title of Arch-Steward also changed to the Arch-Chancellor, while a new head of the Arches was created, called the First Consul, and will be voted for candidacy after the vote of Archduke. Furthermore, Estonland was removed from the Reichstag for inactivity and lack of desire which angered all as he made a scandal to return initially again. Winfallow was also allowed to return despite many reservations as the Volkstribunal was made from newer individuals who did not know everything on him.

This time was that of Lord Scan's continued journey through the void. Thus, the Imperial Council of Kaiserreich was given more authority over Imperial business where they kept the Empire a float. Long months and time passed where many of the older members perished to time or were removed for inactivity. The Imperium was fading and was put on a back burner as more focus was placed on KR. Then a month before Lord Scan's return the Empire had a surge of activity where newcomers created a RP region called "The Neighborhood". After this surge Lord Scan planned and initiated a massive campaign to gather more for the cause once he returned. Strife also occurred with Montealba as a few individuals in theirs and the Empire's government tried to make a union in a separate new region. Winfallow attempted to manipulate the vote in the Reichstag causing tensions throughout our sphere. After tensions calmed talks continued while new radical ideas popped up in order for KR to be more of a force on the world stage. With this sprouted another constitutional convention with pending results.

Before the convention opened, the mass recruitment telegram was initiated and garnered hundreds of new residents to the Empire for a period of five months. However, this new convention was prolonged for months as the reformer, Crestos, began to lose interest and abandoned his duties during this endeavor. The convention was finally concluded by imperial intervention. The main addition was to have more a democratic input as all eligible citizens were allowed to participate in the Imperial Diet and have a voice in legislation. Elements from KR who had tense or uneasy positions in the Empire moved to Montealba; to include Winfallow and Cartoria. Influx of nations caused many new nations to spread anti-authority ideas, thus weakening many sections of the Empire as RP slowed as well as elements in the Army. An initiative to repeal the Liberation was enacted by the same individual who placed the original burden on us, however, she cancelled it over allegation that the Empire was still not politically correct. Currently, after four months she attempted another repeal after believing that the liberation was not needed anymore, which is still pending. Krasnaya and the Empire signed a defensive pact as The Wolf Clan was pushing its efforts to encroach on Montealba and KR itself. TWC's prestige and publicity had declined dramatically over the many months as it was becoming friendly to radical groups and regions, angering the world in the process. An alliance was made with Greater Cyngland who recently had a schism with the Grand Abbeyvene Republic, who the Empire also tried to ally with but failed do to their public protest. War was declared by the two aforementioned regions, causing the Empire to initiate a vote on a declaration of war on the Republic which passed. Soon their regions were taken and our allies began sending troops to support the cause and even cause a schism in the Republic itself. Chancellor elections were held, where Laurenburg won again and thus many ministers were shifted in order to alleviate some issues in the Empire.