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Raiding Guide

LESSON 1: Benefits of Raiding

What is Raiding?

  • Raiding is when a group of nations join the World Assembly (WA), and move to a region. That region is called the target. Once there we endorse one of our nations to gain the position of WA delegate for that region which allows us to occupy and potentially destroy that region.

How to raid?

  • Join the World Assembly

  • Get endorsed by other raiding nations

  • Move together to the target and become delegate

Benefits of Raiding

  • Allows you to mark up region by changing the World Factbook Entry

  • Allows you to kick out people from a region

  • Allows you to occupy territory

  • Allows you to refound a region


  • Defenders: Attempt to stop our raids. Called Fendas because their existence offends us.

  • Moderate raiders: Traitors who pretend to be raiders while actually having pro-native and pro-defender viewpoints. Real life Equivalent: Girondins.

  • Natives: The nations that reside in non-raider regions. Real life Equivalent: Third World Countries.

LESSON 2: Different types of raiding a) Stealth Raiding and b) Update Raiding


  • Stealth raiding is slipping under the defender's radar, and slowly capturing a region without being seen. Done outside of update.

Creating a puppet nation requires care; do it wrong, defenders spot you; get it right, victory is yours

  • Make the puppet look genuine Ė no default options. Pretend it is your very first nation.

  • Always answer issues with the puppet. A nation not answering issues looks suspicious.

  • Your puppet nation must have no similarity to your main nation; it must not be identifiable as belonging to a raider. So, no raider flags or mottos.

Stealthy entry into the target

  • Allow your puppet to receive some recruitment telegrams, then move your puppet to one of the regions that sent you a telegram. Once moved, leave it for a while. Later, move your nation into another region. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Joining the WA

  • You'll need to provide an email address to join the WA.

  • When you've logged in to your nation, you'll see a bolded category labeled "World Assembly". Click on it and then click the "Apply to Join" button. You'll get your admission letter instantaneously.

  • Donít apply to the WA with your puppet straightaway and donít admit to the WA too soon, but not too late either. It should be in the WA, at the very minimum, several hours before the raid is about to go down.


  • Update raiding is always done at update time, and allows you to use multiple dirty puppets, taking multiple regions in a single update.

Switcher puppets

  • You can now join the World Assembly at any time. You'll instantly receive the admission letter in your email after applying.

  • Move all switcher puppets to Nugut. This region updates very late, and so is used to stage all tag raids.

  • Communication for update raids is via Skype.


  • To lead a Raid, you have to know about the update. The update is when all the issues for nations and the endorsement counts of nations are updated.

  • There are two updates; the Major and Minor. The major update starts at Link12:00 AM EST and the minor update starts at Link12:00 PM EST. The updates last around an 1hr.

Lesson 3: Choosing a target

Finding a Target

  • When choosing a target to raid, look at the region's size, activity, whether it's a friend or foe, and the number of endorsements the Delegate has. TBR raids many different types of regions. We only occupy founderless regions.

  • Nations in regions gain influence. Influence is needed to kick nations out of a region. You gain more influence by being in a region longer and by having more endorsements. You'll learn more about this topic when you're occupying a region.

  • You can tell a region is founderless by looking through this: List of Founderless Regions

How to find when a Target updates?

  • To find out when a target updates TBR has a variety of tools at its disposal. As you're promoted you'll gain access to them. For now though, you can figure out when a target updates by having a nation in the target region and answering an issue with it.

  • After the game passes your issue open the following link in Internet Explorer. Replace "Black_Riders_Commander" with the name of the nation you're looking up: cgi-bin/rss.cgi?nation=Black_Riders_Commander

  • Additionally you can use NS++, a browser extension, to get a rough estimate of when a region updates. See the: NS++ Thread

Note: This is not an exhaustive guide as some areas of gameplay have been touched upon only briefly or not at all. We highly recommend visiting TBR's forum to learn more -> Link

Additionally, raiding is an activity that is better learnt by doing or by talking with others. So join some raids and ask General Staff members any questions you may have.

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