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The Refound of Australia

The region of Australia was successfully refounded yesterday. This is fantastic news for the natives of the region who can now know that they will be safe from raids and the threat of banjection. This was a combined effort involving multiple people and I thought that it would be nice to share the story of the region of Australia and to thank those who were involved in it.

1) The Raid of Australia

142 days ago: The Unyielding Justice of Tancerlo elected WA Delegate (ending The Kingdom of King Rankmore's reign after 559 days).

This was a key turning point in direction of the region. I was not a native of the region of Australia, however I am an Australian in real life and I did not like seeing this region raided by the UIAF. There is already a warzone named after Australia, the UCR that bares its name did not deserve to become a Warzone as well. King Rankmore had enjoyed a long reign over the region and had helped to keep it secure. The founder returned every now and then, but was never around for long. The future of the region was resting on Rankmore and the devoted natives that wanted their region to be secure.

Tancerlo's reign only lasted for six days. During his hold over the region I reached out to King Rankmore and asked him if he had considered refounding the region. He said that it had been considered before but he was willing to see what the others thought once again as he recognised that it was the best option available to him.

I suggested that the Ten Thousand Island Treaty Organisation would be the best defender military for us to contact for support. I offered to speak to them as his representative, he agreed and the rest they say is history.

2) Contacting TITO

I have had plenty of dealings with TITO in the past. Improving Wordiness and Ananke in particular are two players who I hold in extremely high regard and I knew that they would be trusted to handle this matter properly and delicately. Wordy had left the game at this point, and the leadership of TITO (as far as I knew) was being shared by Benevolent Thomas and Land filled with people. I sent a telegram to Land, as I had spoken to him briefly before.

Land said that TITO would be willing to assist with the refound but would require some demonstration that there was support from the native World Assembly nations in the region in order to provide that support.

3) Assessing regional support for the refound

I passed the message on to Rankmore, who started a telegram campaign to establish who would be in favour of a refound and who would be against it. The responses began flowing in quite quickly, however we agreed to give people up to three weeks to respond to Rankmore. Around 108 days ago (as of the 16th of March 2014) I informed TITO that Rankmore had received the support of all WA nations excluding 1 for the refound. Land confirmed that TITO would send Rankmore their information on what needed to be done and they started moving into the region.

I founded the region The Federal Commonwealth of Australia and nations started filing out of Australia and into the temporary region.

4) Caiomhin fights the refound

Noticing the number of endorsements that Rankmore was quickly collecting, Caiomhin started to fight the refound. This was causing a lot of problems. Rankmore did not have a massive amount of influence and it was only growing at a very slow rate. Caiomhin had previously been Delegate for a long period of time and his influence was considerably higher than King Rankmore's was. Caiomhin endorsed every WA member in the region (by this stage it was mostly TITO members) and started asking other nations to resist the refound.

5) WA Ejection - Bayswater takes over, final stages

Refounding efforts were further complicated when the decision was reached to switch to Juergen. Juergen had more influence than Rankmore and it was decided that it would be finished more quickly if he was the Delegate. Juergen was then ejected from the World Assembly for multying, he explained that he had given an old nation of his away which was still in the World Assembly.

Nonetheless this damaged morale and the spirits of long time Australia residents who felt quite helpless and disappointed that it was taking so long. Rankmore and I did the best we could in keeping spirits up and TITO continued to remain focused on the final goal.

After a brief switch to MinnaCaroline, the WA Delegacy was given to another long time resident Bayswater. Bayswater knew what needed to be done and wasted no time. Caiomhin was ejected and banned, Bayswater ejected a few minor puppets that were left in the region and changed the regional password before leaving the region. Rankmore also left the region at this point and the rest was left to TITO to do.

6) Final notes and thanks

One of my greatest concerns with assisting King Rankmore in planning this refound and in putting him in contact with TITO was that if the region were stolen by Nazi's or by a hawker that I would have felt terrible and responsible for that.

Ultimately I don't think that the refound effort would have been started if it wasn't for the UIAF raid of the region. The raid itself did no damage to the region whatsoever, in fact it encouraged them to realise that the threat of being raided was not going to go away for the region. It was also what led me to reach out to King Rankmore and to offer my assistance in any small way that I could to get this underway.
King Rankmore is not your average game player. He was a private nation whose only priority was on keeping Australia secure and protecting the friends in that community as much as he could possibly do. I have no doubt that King Rankmore will be an excellent founder for Australia and that the UIAF raid will be the last raid to reach Australian soil.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to TITO and Benevolent Thomas and Land Filled with people. Thank you for remaining focused on the job that was at hand and for providing much needed counsel and advice to natives of the region of Australia who were not as aware of game mechanics as you were. Thank you for helping Australia to refound.

This was posted with the permission of King Rankmore. I, McMasterdonia authored this piece on behalf of the region of Australia.

Mcmasterdonia representative