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The Ten Official Guidelines of The Capital Wasteland Role-Playing Game

•First, The RPG is not about winning or defeating anyone. It's about having fun in the telling and unfolding of the story.

•Second, The setting of the RPG takes place in the years of 2277-81, The Lone Wanderer and Courier 6 have only just begun their journey that would shape a nation. It is important to try and stick as close to the core fallout lore as possible during the RP.

•Third, You should consider everyone's nation on even footing with one another, and more of a rock, paper, scissors dynamic than any one faction playing king of the hill.

•Fourth, Choosing an exist faction/group to RP with is preferred by most. A little bit of extrapolation is allowed, you don't have to be perfect to-the-letter lore. Smaller factions are allowed wiggle room to be more feasible and fun to write. Should you particularly want to craft a new faction, it must be able to sync up with fallout lore without overpowering it, and one should play as an existing faction first to understand the flow of the RPG.

•Fifth, No large over-powered factions, if you choose to RP as one of the larger game factions like the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, Brotherhood, or the Enclave, your nation will only represent a percentage of the larger exist total faction, and other players may represent a different section of the same faction.

•Sixth, Everyone struggles in the Wastelands, radiation, raiders, and simple things like just having enough clean water is an issue for everyone. For every strength your faction/group has, it should have an equal weakness or draw back. The wasteland isn't a friendly place.

•Seventh, No Godmodding, goes without saying. If your characters do something that could, in any way, effect another player's characters, ask them first. This includes any warfare or destructive engagement.

•Eighth, Warfare shouldn't really be the main focus. Often it's wayyy more fun just bantering with one another, and playing around with the way two groups or factions might meet up along the road.

•Ninth, Consider who is speaking for your faction/group during the banter and RP on the Regional Message Board. The leader or spokesmen of your group, whether it is an existing character or just one you make up.

•Tenth, Active RPGers are encouraged to make factbook entries to detail and outline the particulars of their faction. Including things like setting/location, characters, resources, history, and anything you want to include about your faction/group. While being sure to consider all of points mentioned above. An easy way to do this is to make use/reference of the fallout wiki descriptions.

For more information or clarification, feel free to contact the Head of the RPG: Insaynitia

The Enclave Presidency of John Henry Eden