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Basic timeline (not done)

1650: Anolland founded by English explorers James Anoll and Arthur Jefferson.
1655: Ottoman admiral Mehmed Pasha declares war on Anolland, starting the English-Ottoman War. The English are defeated. The southern and western portions of the island become English Anolland, while the northern and eastern portions become Ottoman Anolland.
1677: French general Louis Marquis starts invading English Anolland, starting the War of the English, French, and Ottomans.
1679: The capital of Jefferton is captured; the capital is moved to Anollton.
1681: Anollton is occupied by the French.
1683: The French start attacking Ottoman Anolland, with unsuccessful attempts at besieging its capital New Istanbul.
1685: Treaty of Anollasia is signed between the governor of English Anolland and governor of Ottoman Anolland, unifying the two countries into the Dependency of Anollasia, which is jointly controlled by Britain and the Ottoman Empire.
1686: The French are driven out of Anollasia.
1691: The University of Anollasia, the oldest university in the country, is established.
1699: Governor Henry Kensington orders the massacres of Ottomans who refuse to convert to Christianity, leading to protests from the Ottomans.
1701: Henry Kensington places heavy taxes on the Ottomans, which leads to the Ottoman Tax Strike.
1725: Protests against the Britain and the Ottoman Empire begin.
1727: The Anollasian War of Independence begins; the Provisional Government of Anollasia is formed and they draft the Pledge to Anollasia, the first document written in the Anollasian language. A constitution for the Provisional Government is also written.
1745: The Ottoman Empire no longer controls Anollasia. Britain renames the Dependency of Anollasia to the Colony of Anollasia.
1755: Richard Stevens is elected the new leader of the Provisional Government.
1760: Anollasians win the Battle of Avon against Britain, which leads to the signing of the Treaty of Avon and the independence of Anollasia. Anollasia is declared a republic. Richard Stevens creates the Anollasian People's Party, which he becomes the leader of, and is elected the Prime Minister of Anollasia.
1761: The first constitution of the republic is drafted. The constitution ensures that the country would be a republic and hold elections. The constitution posits that there would be a separation of religion and state.
1765: Stevens University (at the time named Jefferton University) is established, making it the first university in Jefferton and the first to be established under the republic.
1775: Richard Stevens steps down from power due to worsening health; George MacDonald is elected the next Prime Minister.
1784: The Liberal Party is founded, shifting Anollasia from a single-party state to a two-party state.
1790: Frederick Hamilton of the Liberal Party is elected Prime Minister, becoming the first Prime Minister to be elected from a different party.
1791: The Conservative Party is founded, shifting Anollasia from a two-party state to a multi-party state.
1794: Frederick Hamilton commits suicide, becoming the first Prime Minister to die in office. It is the first time early elections are held and Jack Baker of the Anollasian People's Party is elected Prime Minister.
1818: Prime Minister Matthew Owens declares the official religion to be Christianity, which sparks riots from Muslims. This is the beginning of the Religion Riots.
1822: Prime Minister Mehmet Ali becomes the first Turkish-descent and first Muslim Prime Minister. He declares Islam to be the official religion. This further fuels the Religion Riots, with Christians and Muslims attacking each other.
1828: Prime Minister Henry Bakersfield gets rid of the official religion in an unsuccessful attempt to quell the Religion Riots.
1832: Prime Minister Mehmet Ali declares Islam to be official religion again.
1842: The Religion Riots reach their peak with the Anollton Massacre in Unity Square. Thousands of Christians and Muslims died.
1844: The Religion Riots calm down as Prime Minister Henry Bakersfield is elected again and removes the official religion. He orders the establishment of the Museum of Anollasia, the first museum in the country. He also changes the currency from the Ottolish to the Anolla, both as a symbol of breaking away from Ottoman Empire and Britain and to revalue to currency. A referendum is held regarding the matter, which leads to inconclusive results. A vote is held in the Council of Legislation with a majority favouring the new currency. This leads to Currency Riots, with the public thinking the decision was unfair because it wasn't the public's vote. Bakersfield counters with the "Be rational" speech, where he explains how the Members of Parliament are elected by the people to represent them, meaning it was the people's vote.