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Forest Trivia Rules


Forest Trivia Rules



Trivia Rules

The questions will be released every Saturday

These questions will be in the style of the popular quiz show, Only Connect

I shall post the dispatch with the questions in on the RMB

From that point onwards everyone, residents of forest or embassy regions, has One Week to answer the questions

Answers Must be submitted by Telegram

Only Telegram submissions will be accepted. Any answers posted on the RMB will be suppressed.

ABSOLUTELY NO GOOGLING OF ANSWERS IS ALLOWED if you are suspected of googling, a point will be deducted. Repeat offenders will have more severe sanctions

ABSOLUTELY NO USAGE OF AI IS ALLOWED if you are suspected of using AI, a point will be deducted. Repeat offenders will have more severe sanctions


After the week has concluded, I shall release the answers to the previous week's questions in the same dispatch.

There will also be explanations as to how you could have reached the answers, in case anyone is interested

Alongside this, there shall be a two leaderboards compiled. One weekly leaderboard and one overall leaderboard.


The person(s) who get the most correct answers each week will share the "prize pot" equally which shall be equal to 20.00 DV

At the end of each month, the person at the top of the overall leaderboard shall receive a legendary!

The person who is at the top of the overall leaderboard at the end of the term, shall receive a grand prize of 5 legendaries!

Helpful Tips

If you don't know the answer, just have a guess! There's no harm in having an educated guess, you might just be right!

Watch out for a word question! If the clues seem so random that you just can't find a connection, it could be that it's a word question! The words themselves could be the connection!

If you aren't sure about the answer to the question, when you're submitting them, try to explain your thinking to me! If your thinking is correct but you don't quite get the answer, you'll get half of a point. They all count in the long run!

Take your time! There's no rush... You have a week to answer the questions so you have plenty of time to think and trivialise!

And most importantly...

Have fun!