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Introducing the Collaborative Appreciation of Superior Aircraft Competition!


    Time to Throw Some Paper!

All hail the Golden Plane, its beauty and grace is imparted to those who wish to share their creative works!

An'eth'ara Refugi!

Is your freedom of vertical travel imperilled by international treaties regarding "sovereignty"? Does your nation have a rich culture of aviation history, sourced from arts and crafts events at the local YMCA? Excellent news, Refugia will be hosting an event that defiles the legacy of both. Grab some paper, practice your finest folding techniques, and get ready to enter the Collaborative Appreciation of Superior Aircraft (CASA) competition!

For the next week, Refugi nations are tasked with designing a paper airplane. Once you've designed your airplane, take a picture of it and build a factbook around the plane. What is its name, what does it mean to your country? And most importantly, how do you launch it at Chacapoya? Remember, this is all told through the power of factbooks, so the paper airplane you make doesn't have to successfully make the trip, as long as it's something meaningful to you and your nation. Once you've finished the factbook, follow the directions at the bottom of this dispatch to submit it!

Any Member State who submits an entry is allowed a eurovision-like vote, where they can vote for other entries that have been submitted (excluding their own). When all entries are received, we will run a vote among all entrants to find the best airplane.

Some notes on this:

  • All entrants will receive the Golden Plane event badge , which will be available on our forum.

  • The top five voted factbooks will receive a Season 3 Chacapoya card and a free plane ticket to Chacapoya.

  • The highest voted factbook author will get our Discord's main channel, #human-square, renamed after them for one month. eg. #duneraven-hall. They will also receive a Season 1 Testlandia.

  • Chacapoya will receive a Season 1 Smells Like a Tire Fire card, along with the top five players arriving by plane.

    Where Do I Even Start?

A good question. A lot of people can see the blank area of a dispatch box as being the gateway to the abyss beyond which no waking eye can see. So, if you're having trouble getting started, here's an example that might help you get some ideas:

    The CRS Adequate

Presenting the CRS Adequate!

Anyone who's been exposed to the magical forested mountains of Sylh Alanor knows how easy it is for planes to take off. Deep in the heart of the trees- really, they're very close together- are hundreds of factories pumping out aircraft solely for the purpose of flying over Chacapoyan airspace. The most recent airplane model, the CRS Adequate, is the best of them all, known for darting around trees for seconds at a time before smashing into one. Shining in brilliant green and gold, the Adequate is the pinnacle of Alanori aircraft design.

By using ancient magics, Silvehn herself threw it from the top of the capital in Arlathan, watching as it sailed gracefully southwest toward the distant, darkened shores of Chacapoya. As it soared over the ocean separating them, the plane carried the collected hopes and dreams of every elf, that it would violate that sacred airspace sovereignty agreement with perfection.

Fun facts!

  • Infused with centuries-old magical ideas.

  • Powered by rich oxygen stores.

  • Made of graphing paper.

  • Gently kissed by several babies.

  • Painted with the best lead paint.

Don't worry about following this example exactly. You can add in or substitute whatever makes the factbook more unique for your nation. The only requirements are to have the name of your aircraft, a picture of it, and some description of what it is and how it reaches Chacapoya's shores. Beyond that, exercise your creative ability to its fullest extent. Chacapoya deserves no less than our best.

Note: To avoid puppeteering, you must be a Member State to submit an entry to the competition.

When you are ready to submit a factbook for the competition, post a link to it in the RMB and tag me, Sylh Alanor, so that I will clearly see your entry.

You have from now through the end of March 9th to submit an entry. At the cut-off, I will message all the entrants for their votes, allowing until all votes are received or five days have passed, and then I will post the table of results.

    The Competitors

All official entries are listed below in the order received:

This was created for the Collaborative Appreciation of Superior Aircraft Competition.

This is a little known fact, but on September 29th, 2023, Chacapoya attacked me, completely unprovoked, with a sword. This left me with several bruises both physically and emotionally. When confronted with the evidence of this bruising the next day, her response was to gaslight girlboss gatekeep.

So of course, when esteemed Councillor of Culture Sylh Alanor announced that we would ride at dawn and send planes to Chacapoya, I was all for it. Finally, revenge would be mine!

Having zero origami experience but a lot of audacity, I set about creating my airplane, the fighter jet TAF NEMESIS. It is said that you can fold a piece of paper in half eight times before you can't fold it anymore, but if you're Tiralta you can fold a piece of paper badly twice before you put the YouTube tutorial you're following on 0.5 speed. Undeterred, I powered through and the jet was complete.

But this is, of course, a competition. How am I to stand out among the rest of my fellow Refugi because after all, this is a personal grudge and I want Chacapoya to be afraid of my impressive and terrifying skillset. The answer was obvious: she needed to know that this was revenge. Channelling the ego of someone about to flamebait on the forums when they're one misstep away from being DEATed, I brought up the YouTube tutorial for origami swords.

Perhaps I should have trained harder.

Perhaps I should not have pushed myself so hard in the pursuit of the sweet taste of revenge.

Perhaps it is not too late for you to learn from my mistakes.

It was an 8 minute tutorial and it took me 47 minutes to complete both swords. Every time I thought I could see the outline of the sword appearing, I would have to open out the paper again only to be told I was folding guidelines for myself. During at least three parts of the video, I asked myself what sorcery this paper blacksmith was working as I turned my lumpy creation this way and that, trying to make it even slightly match up with my screen. In the end, I didn't even watch the full 8 minute video. My teacher, oblivious to my struggles, had started doing some final flourishing touches to his beautiful work and I was satisfied that whatever I did have looked enough like a sword that it was worth the brokenness of my spirit and indeed my fingertips, and shaking, I blu-tacked the swords to the TAF NEMESIS.

As it is, I had plenty of time to contemplate the choices I made in life leading up to this moment as I decorated my warplane. In crayon, of course, because it's a truth universally acknowledged that you can't think on your sins whilst using any other art medium.

I guess the real lesson here is that this exact scenario was foretold by Taylor Swift when she wrote her song Death By A Thousand Cuts: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword...

I shall be sending this plane to Chacapoya along with peace offerings of jaffa cakes, which are unavailable in her land but widely adored by flits. Based on my knowledge of the postal system by which I am unfortunately bound, and the fact that I am writing this on a Sunday, it will arrive after the competition ends. But that's okay. In the end, I learned a lot of valuable lessons about war, and isn't that what friendly regional art competitions are for?

Addendum: The plane has been dispatched to Chacapoya along with the aforementioned jaffa cakes and a handwritten oneshot fanfiction/RP detailing the great battle.

When My Time Comes Around (Lay Me Gently In The Cold Dark Earth), another oneshot in the Chacapoya fanfiction series, by Tiralta ❤
Warnings: mild violence, character death

As dusk falls, a radio crackles.

~Bzzt. Come in TAF NEMESIS. Please respond. Over.~

"This is Etch Lan of the TAF NEMESIS sir, ready and awaiting orders. Over."

~Good to hear from you, Commander Lan. The mission is simple: advance into Chacapoya undetected and bruise the targets. Keep an eye out for any flit guards, they hate planes. Over.~

"Understood sir. Over and out."

Commander Etch Lan knew how important this revenge mission was to Tiralta. At three years old, she was the most experienced raccoon in the Tiraltan Armed Forces. The TAF NEMESIS was no skateboard, but she'd been training for this moment. Taking a deep breath, she glided silently above the clouds, grateful that her paper plane had no engine. Her night vision discount ray-bans scanned the ground below, looking for the targets: the Chacapoyan leaders themselves. When she heard the familiar beep that meant she had a lock on the targets, she turned the nose of the plane down into a dive.

There they were - The Council and Flit™ Cola™! She was close enough now to hear their conversation.

"Flit™, I love you™," The Council was saying.

But before they™ could reply, Etch deployed the swords and lasers of the TAF NEMESIS.

"Sword slash to the chest! And you're on fire!" She shouted.

As the security flits descended on her and began to tear her and the plane apart, Etch knew she had done a good job. And, as she looked up into the sky, she only had one thought before she lost consciousness:

The stars were beautiful in Chacapoya.

As of 12:50 UTC 06/MAR/24 the plane is in the care of A Post.

As of 04:32 UTC 07/MAR/24 the plane is leaving Tiralta and heading towards Chacapoya.

As of 21:46 UTC 10/MAR/24 the plane is being processed by customs in Chacapoya.

Read factbook

    The AirbusTM 107 WLAN Wireless Cardbus Card

Airbus Type 107
LinkRefugia's leader in taking 5,000 unwanted children and transporting them somewhere else

Form Factor

Airbus Type 107


32-bit with standard 68-pin connector

Network Standard

IEEE 802.11a/b/g

Frequency Bands

• 2.40 to 2.4897 GHz
• 5.15 to 5.35 GHz (UNII 1 & 2)
• 5.725 to 5.85 GHz (UNII 3)
• 5.15 to 5.35 GHz (ETSI)
• 5.47 to 5.725 (ETSI)
• 5.15 to 5.25 GHz (Japan)

Max Occupancy



Dark Cadmium 108


In service (254 Units)

The Airbus Type 107 is a large airliner developed for use around Refugia, primarily for the purpose of transporting large volumes of school-age children who are normally too volatile to be contained or relocated through any other medium. Although the sleek and innovative design could also be used to accommodate civilised adults and large volumes of solid packaged goods, the Type 107 is found to have the highest utility in wrangling children between the ages of ten and sixteen. It, therefore, is often employed on transportation runs between Refugia's primary or secondary schools and field trips such as university tours, license plate manufacturing facilities, and Chacapoya.

Due to instabilities in the airfoil manifold, Airbus 107s are limited to three flights before being advised to undergo full service haul outs. But given a nearly ubiquitous ban on air travel throughout the nations of Refugia, there are very few technicians available to conduct these maintenance operations on a daily basis. Consequently, most Type 107s are flown indefinitely, until they are incapable of doing so. Each unit is estimated to cost upwards of $3.50 Canadian, due to the excessive use of Dark Cadmium 108, owing to the creative designs of Dr. Frank W. Cyr in 1939, and the abundance of Faber-Castell in the greater Victoria area.

The single-deck, impossibly large aircraft has a maximum certified passenger capacity of 5,000 due to unique pocket dimension space-folding techniques. It is powered by a wireless Cardbus card with up to 54Mbps connectivity, and supports WPA2, the Wi-Fi Alliance certification for interoperable, standards-based wireless LAN security. The bus driver is expected to be compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. As of March 03 2024, there were 254 aircraft in service, with 16 operators worldwide, and all of them are headed towards Chacapoya at full capacity.

Read dispatch

Jet Emissions? Taylor Swift???

We've all heard of Taylor Swift's jet emissions, right? I see the headlines now... literally.
Link"Taylor Swift threatens legal action against student who tracks her jet". Let's be honest here, this student (Jack) was in all of his legal and moral right to do so, because LinkIn 2022 alone, Taylor released 8,300 tons of carbon dioxide. I'm not sure what you think, but I'm prettyyy sure that's a lot of carbon.

Legally in the U.S. us citizens can't do much to stop her. We can write letters, and do peaceful protests, but anything violent is very very illegal, and I'm not going back to prison. But oh boy, do I have some good news for you! We're not in the U.S., we're in Refugia!
Now as far as I'm aware, taking down private jets probably isn't illegal here, especially if they're dirtying the environment we worked so hard on, so I've come up with an amazing solution.


Now I know what you're thinking. "Where could Tuluni possibly find dragons?", "Isn't this a little overboard?", "How did you get into my house?", "Why are you giving me a cited essay on Taylor Swift?".

Just shush for a moment and hear me out.

We good?

Ok, thank you.

Everyone knows how much carbon dioxide pollution can be caused by aircraft, or really any vehicle in general. LinkOver 900 million metric tons of carbon dioxide was released by commercial airlines in 2019. That's a problem. And how do we fix problems? By completely replacing and overhauling them with something else!

In come dragons. Imagine soaring through the sky, feeling the wind blow through your hair as you fly to distant Refugi lands. You touch the soft wispy clouds, catching some in the palm of your hand, wondering if everything is alright back home. Your noble steed dips down, and you can see your destination in the distance. The lights of the city illuminate the deep navy blue of the sky and the sea. Your dragon sends out a hot flare of sunset orange flames to signal your landing, and people wave you in from down below. It's a beautiful sight. An experience you could never have in the cramped, dirty blue seats of an airplane. The piercing cry of a baby who really shouldn't be allowed in any public space. The horrid stench of the toilets you were unwillingly sat next to. All to visit your family for a holiday which will eventually dissolve into a political argument.

Which one of these two sound better? Surely the one involving dragons, right? Everything is better with dragons. Want a pet? Get a small dragon! Need help in construction? Get a big dragon. Need to smite your enemies and reclaim your lost dignity? D r a g o n s. Need a familiar to help you mix potions? You guessed it, dragons. They're more eco-friendly than planes, they're smarter and prettier than planes, and they can fly me to Chacapoya better than any plane ever could.

The Refugi Rainbow Fleet

This is the Refugi Rainbow Fleet! It consists of four dragons and two completely wind powered jets to protect them from any attacks. On their flight to Chacapoya they will breathe fire at any non eco-friendly aircraft in their way! Nobody will get past them. I hope Chacapoya enjoys my mostly non-plane aviation fleet. Mostly. I'm not completely abiding by airspace laws.

Dragon / Jet Names







Read factbook

LinkAn Air Warrior preparing to launch a F.O.R.E.S.T. unit into enemy airspace

Holy Binglian military engineers have developed a new front in eco-warfare. F.O.R.E.S.T. (Fully Organic Remote Explosives, Seeding Targets) drones embed highly virile ground cover into low-biodiversity high-concrete enemy terrain, bringing a new meaning to "no man's land". All F.O.R.E.S.T units are controlled using C.H.I.P.-S.E.T. (Cellulose Hewn Information Processors - Sucrose Energy Technology) tactical communications, and can be piloted from up to 1,000 km.

This new full domain advancement enables total air superiority in Chacopoyan theatre battlespace. Swarms of remotely piloted F.O.R.E.S.T units support allies in key tactical operations while keeping Holy Binglian Air Warriors safe at home. Truly, organic aircraft are the way to a sustainable, and defendable, future.

Read factbook

a marvel of engineering. !

Ever wanted to travel to PLaces in SSSTYLE?. do yOU HAve thousands of children, robots, pets or slaves?

INTRODUCING the bhe titan (personpeoplehumanmoverinator 9000)!
perfectly designed and constructed in over 1 hour! With all new flesh compressor technology retrofitted trash compactor, we can fit over 50000.19 people within it.
150 x 150 x 1.5m, with hyperspeed drives superglued to the back, and finely folded cellulose fiber wings.
the charekapoya people need good quality procuring of products, we will bring most excellence
ONLY 100x500 DOLLARSwe do not supply any amenities

<div class=intelligentdesign>
<p>designed by an expert grafick desiner </p>
wait... <marquee> html don't work here...</marquee>


Read factbook

Jazur is a nation with not just an inconsistently pronounced name, but with a MILITARY PRIDE! It is as such that the Sultan is most esteemed to, regardless of lack of planes, venture to Chacapoya.

Jazur however, as previously stated, does not have planes. And so, a new vehicle of the sky would need to be used. It occurred to the great Sultan that Jazur's allies in the Triquetra Concordat had arcane knowledge that may allow them to give a vehicle the power of flight.

Thus, courtesy of Waywards Edge, FLYING BOATS

HMS FLYING, IS, and COOL, respectively will fly to Chacapoya with the winds in their sails and arcane forces acting upon their hulls!

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STCP-162 "Marlin Extended"

  • Made out of a recycled receipt.

  • One prototype made.

  • Highly temperamental.

  • Unpainted.

  • Last seen on an unauthorized flight to Chacapoya.

The military was under great suspicion ever since the Inperial Regime. Nobody was surprised when the last of its budget was cut to make space for more national park rangers in the early '10s. However, some members of government worry that a lack of military readiness leaves the Star Enpire in a vulnerable position. These officials organized the Special Threats Committee to identify and counter any forces hostile to the nation.

Thus, when the call was sent out for an air crusade against Chacapoya, the Special Threats Committee was tasked to build a Starnian paper plane. The committee actually investigated making paper planes before, which resulted in the STCP-161 "Sliver Dart", beloved by all as "super cute". Unfortunately, the Siver Dart went missing, and the Star Enpire ran out of the chewing gum wrapping paper material needed to make more. So a new paper plane project was needed.

This time they based the design on a preexisting plane called the Marlin Dart. Old supermarket receipts were chosen as the material because of their relative abundance, but the long height-to-wide ratio left the design much longer than expected. Imperfections in the manufacturing process also left an elevator on the port wing.

Test trials showed that the plane was unreliable. But when working properly, it would fly forward quickly then stop and gently float down. Other times, it would veer right immediately and get into a tailspin.

The committee dithers over whether to cut the excessive wings and retest it or whether to outfit it as a bomber, leading to them missing their deadline. This triggered a "small" disagreement in the National Assembly.

Read factbook

WARNING: Strictly confidential!
Aircraft manufacturing blueprint:

Project: 05vg2M
Nickname: Flying Homework

Do you have a math test tomorrow? Do you have some homework you should have done?
What if you wanted to do... none of that?

INTRODUCING THE BRAND NEW AIRBUS FH-MNO, The flying Homework-MathNO is a revolutionary aeroplane, created for maximum distraction!
Order your toda- when it's out!

Status Report:
In the hunt for brand new, revolutionary ideas within aerospace travel, our glorious Grandee came up with an idea during her math homework!
This aircraft is especially designed to distract you from all your math homework should-have's!
(Distraction 100% guaranteed!)

WARNING: The following information is strictly confidential
Wingspan: 8.5cm
Length: 24cm
Height: 4cm (7cm)
Role: Homework distraction
Flying capability: Acceptable

VoiceLog, Test-flight 1A:
Pilot: Imprevia, I am in the air, over.
Tower: Copy that FM1
3 seconds later
Pilot: Imprevia, I am going down fast, over!
Radio static
VoiceLog End, Test-flight 1A

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The Flit Immolator

The Flit Immolator was designed to be as effective as possible at violating the Chacapoyan Airspace Sovereignty Accords. Disguised as a friendly reptilian, the Immolator can withstand heavy attack and give as good as it gets. Propelled by magical energies, this aircraft travels at around 200km/h and, in the event of an attack, is able to light itself on fire, projectile launch fireballs from its head and prehensile tail, and roar at a volume that risks deafening nearby lifeforms. Although this particular model is still a prototype and has never been tested on real flits, Arainian authorities are confident in its ability to at least breach the Chacapoyan mainland. Should the Immolator reach Chacapoya City, it will airdrop an enormous parcel of ethically sourced chocolate bars as reparations for the lives lost.

Read factbook

In accordance with the Official Languages Act of 1969, the following dispatch is presented in both English and French.

Read dispatch

Since the dawn of planekind, aircraft have been continually evolving. Early airplane fossils have been uncovered with wooden bones and two sets of wings. As time passed, these wooden bones disappeared in favor of metal ones, and the propeller became better developed for helping these fledgling young things fly. The jet engine further increased the survivability of aircraft, which at this point had become closely related to the modern airplane, dominating the skies. Since then, awestruck onlookers have revered airplanes as creatures who transcend nature, perhaps gods. These great beings are celebrated in military parades, given lofty housing and dedicated shrines (hangars and airports, they call them), and commercialized for the gain of a handful. The airplane has truly come so far from its humble beginnings, illustrated below:

But many forget that, without these early planes, the majestic jets we know would never have arrived in the first place. It was their fight for survival, through war, through mysterious crashes, that resulted in there ever being the next generation of planes. And, in many ways, the ancestors of the planes of today were better: they required fewer resources to sustain themselves, they looked funnier, and they were way more down-to-earth. For these reasons, the ever-mobile peoples constituting the Minskievian Refugees have used early planes as their preferred mode of transportation for everyday life, as well as certain special purposes.

We present: The Plain. Featuring a traditional wood-derived airframe and a long-established biplane design, this little devil (capable of temporarily gobbling two passengers, including the pilot) seeks to prove to Refugia that it can just as easily violate Chacapoya’s airspace as any more modern contender.

Tearing through the air slightly behind the pace of the common pigeon, the Plain relies on its cheap production to maximize its chances by traveling in packs of 50 or more. Flit about if you’d like, Chacapoya: you can’t stop all of them.

Read factbook

    The Defence

    The Humble Flit

The Common Chacapoyan Flit
LinkThe aftermath of a poorly planned incursion into Chacapoyan Airspace.


.5m to 30m, extant.
Fossil record indicates historical flits of both microscopic (~3cm) and colossal (~1,200m) sizes.

Number of Limbs

4 legs and 2 wings. Subspecies may vary.


Feral Flit- Up to 300 kg of steel and amber a day. (Limited by length of day.)
Subarboreal Flit- Up to 150 kg of insects, flowers, fireblossom mushrooms, and amber per day.


>300 years in flight
~100 years ( flits in industrialized countries)
No upper limit discovered for subarboreal flits

Conversion Rate

1 flit = chocolate bar


•All flits have the same favorite color, but it changes every day
• There is a myth that the entire Isle of Chacapoya is one massive flit
• 1000 flits were polled and stated that 'the government should subsidize Werther's Originals'
• Flits can see soul
• They also eat it.

The Chacapoyan Airspace Sovereignty Accord states that ‘…the usage of airplanes is an abomination punishable by a fate worse than death in Chacapoya…’. This is not a law, at least not one set by mortal hand. Rather, it is a warning...

The first planes were nearly to the beaches of the Chacapoyan Bay when the flit-swarms descended. Lightning-fast and nearly silent, with the only warning the faint rasp of leathery wings sliding over each other, the creatures struck in the middle of the flotilla, sending dozens of chartaceous invaders plummeting to a watery doom. As warnings blared and passengers screamed, the flits systematically began to rip the aircraft to shreds, starting with any engines. While their larger cousins ripped the infernal devices from the wings, the smallest of the flits began to tear their way into the cockpits, devouring any electronics or visible metallic parts, heedless of the destruction surrounding them.

It is not well known, but the lifecycle of a flit is dictated not by years or injury, but by the absorption of heavy metals into their bodies. As apex predators, the faint traces of metal in the prey they hunt, typically accumulated from airborne pollution, builds up. Most is deposited in the bones of the flits, transforming them into the incredibly strong material they’re known for, though some is left in the organs, slowly poisoning the creatures. Of course, merely by accumulating the byproduct of distant nations far across the sea, flits could live for millennia, were it not for combustion engines.

'There is nothing more abhorrent to Chacapoya than the infernal airplane, that polluting creature that destroys the environment and limits the lifespan of all who encounter it, a fantastical monster given flesh of iron and blood of poison. Their corrupting engines that drive normally peaceful flits to madness, their heavy metals that sit in their guts and coat their bones, their poison fuel that renders flits feral and perpetually destructive.' - Statement From The Council On The Airplane Ban

For centuries, the skies of Chacapoya have been darkened by the flit-swarms that surround the Isles, protecting their people from all manner of terrible incursions, though the coming storm dwarfs any before. Today, the skies above the Isles have been blocked out not by nature or by shield, but by an attack from every corner of Refugia. As the flits take to the sky, carrying the hopes of Chacapoya, the air is one of fear. If the planes make it through, who knows what destruction will be levied upon our home, what indignities we will suffer at their wood-pulp wingtips?

Many flits will fall in the coming crisis, though we can but hope they will take far more planes with them.

Read factbook


"Cutty Snark"

System : Anti-Aircraft

Version : Mark I

Type : Experimental

Description : Flak shears.
Manual operation.
No running while operating.

Following growing concerns regarding reported threats to Chacapoyan airspace sovereignty, a late-night press conference was held before a backdrop of the defense contractors, Beau-Wing. The head of Beau-Wing Labs, Dr. Blanche Beauregard, announced a major breakthrough from their aerospace division, claiming it would revolutionize air defense.

"Long have we understood the maxim that Paper beats Rock. It is a fundamental truth in aeronautics. However, engineers here at Beau-Wing have uncovered the following corollary: Scissors beats Paper! With this in mind, Beau-Wing brings you the latest in anti-aircraft technology:

Dr. Beauregard unveils the new project with a dramatic flourish

Dr. Beauregard continues: "A last minute security aid package has been railroaded through approved by parliament, and shipments to Chacapoya will begin immediately in an effort to relieve the embattled island nation."

The press conference wrapped up with Dr. Beauregard dismissing concerns from the crowd:

"All conjecture regarding the theory of Rock beating Scissors is fanciful speculation, at best, and at worst, wild conspiracy."

Read dispatch

    The Vote!

All participants are entitled to a ranked vote, where each rank corresponds to one point. You may not vote for yourself. Since there are 13 entrants, the highest ranked dispatch in a vote will receive 12 points, and the second will receive 11 points, and so on. All entrants receive a Golden Plane badge, the highest five scoring submissions will receive a Season 3 Chacapoya card, and the highest overall will have our primary NationStates channel named after their nation for a month's time, along with a Season 1 Testlandia. Chacapoya, of course, will be receiving a Season 1 Smells Like a Tire Fire card.

To turn in a vote, simply send a message, either in the RMB or through a telegram to me, which contains an understandable vote. For example:

wrote:Sylh Alanor's Vote:
    • Entry 21
    • Entry 19
    • Entry 15
    • Entry 24
    • Entry 23
    • Entry 18
    • Entry 17
    • Entry 14
    • Entry 25
    • Entry 22
    • Entry 16
    • Entry 20

wrote:Sylh Alanor's Vote:
    #1 Dinraal
    #2 The sinking lure
    #3 Cloud queen valkyrie
    #4 The dalish
    #5 Tslonia
    #6 Emily as a cat
    #7 Catboy bebop
    #8 Kuviran
    #9 Old alanor
    #10 Almsivi
    #11 Tslonia
    #12 Queen artemis

But you can use any format you can think up as long as I can understand your actual vote. Voting will end after five days, or when all votes are received. After voting ends, a table of votes will be revealed, along with the winning dispatches they yield.

Happy voting!

    The Results!

All voting information is contained in the chart to the left. The nations along the left-side rows who submitted rankings have had those converted to votes, which are sorted by nation across the chart’s columns. The vote breakdown is as follows:

#1 Tuluni, with 96 points
#2 Tiralta, with 89 points
#3 Minskievian Refugees, with 76 points
#4 Refuge Isle, with 73 points
#5 Chacapoya herself, with 71 points
#6 Portmanteau, with 68 points
#7 Araine, with 57 points
#8 Junitaki-cho, with 54 points
#6 Holy Bingle, with 50 points
#6 Jazur, with 46 points
#6 St Leone, with 43 points
#6 The Star Enpire, with 30 points
#6 ImSaLiA, with 27 points

As Refuge Isle has asked for their reward to be passed down to the next person in line, Portmanteau has received a Season 3 Chacapoya card and a free plane ticket to Chacapoya along with Tuluni, Tiralta, Minskievian Refugees, and Chacapoya.

As the number one entry and winner of the competition, Tuluni gets the general channel of our discord server named after them for a full month. All may enter and marvel at #tuluni-hall. They also receive a Season 1 Testlandia card.

Chacapoya has not only received a Season 1 Smells Like a Tire Fire card, but also many catastrophic fires. Perhaps she can put it out with the other winners of the competition, who should be arriving any minute now.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered a plane into the competition. This was a lot of fun, and I hope it can become a tradition, so that we all have something entertaining to do together. I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed this cooperative arts and crafts time. Thank you all so much.