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Stories of Neuebremen | RMB Edition

A collection of stories from Neuebremen told through the RMB of the East Pacific. Care to read, my friend?


Author: Neuebremen
Characters: Trace, Flora

Meet Grand Templar Trace for the first time, and see what he thinks of his new slave.

The Second Star to the Right (A Kink to Die For) [Part 1]

Author: Neuebremen, Illiricium
Features: Atrocha
Characters: Hal, Johann

A bungled slave exchange in Illiricium piques the interest of Alqiro's government.

Stars (The Devil's Den)

Author: Neuebremen, Maneiras
Characters: Markus, Sri, Madelyn, Eric, Kathrin

From one hand of terror to another hand of terror. What a funny old world we live in.

Communique (ONGOING)

Author: Neuebremen, Maneiras
Characters: Sri, Sasha, Templar Order, Trace

To free the oppressed, you must join the oppressors.

Hell or High Water

Author: Malvekia
Characters: Stefan

Taking a bribe at the cost of innocent lives.

Mysterious, Mysterious

Author: Atrocha
Characters: Espinar, Johann, Helena

After the storm at the Mezzogiorno...

I Spy With My Two Eyes [Part 2] (ONGOING)

Author: Neuebremen, Illiricium
Characters: Hal, The Interrogator

I spy with my two eyes... an intruder... Hello, Coloratan.