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ELT-105: Jacking Up The Books

Oh shut up, I couldn't think of anything better. Anyway, the M10 Booker was a neat light tank, something that had been scraped up from within certain compounds, despite the supposed development timeline, the real thing had been developed from the old (X)M8 gun system, and with existing models and blueprints, Gonswanza has done it again! Even if it likely would see service, it never really did get to thanks to the recent invasion of the US. All that aside, the ELT-105 is effectively 1:1 with the M10 Booker, as it's known on paper (for some reason), though obviously, it would see limited (if any) use in the Gonswanzan armed forces given the existence of the Armadillo.

Regardless, the 105mm M35 tank gun clone (hence named G35 because we are [i]oh so creative[/i]) is more than capable of combatting enemy armor up to a given threshold. However, it was not without minor controversies within the MoD, especially given the mild problem of toxic fumes entering the fighting compartment (hence the advent of the ELT-105AL, or [i]ALternativo[/i], which is Spanish for "Alternative", based on the M1128 Stryker), hence a bore excavator system and an improved propellant that has resulted in superior performance to the other 105mm gun that is weirdly common in service in other regions reliant on variants of the M60 (known by a dozen other names I am NOT bothered to refer to here). Hence, performance should be sufficient in offering armored support against common threats even if it is incapable of frontally penetrating most current generation MBTs (basically anything Western that isn't from or a Russian factory) while offering harshly limited protection due to the emphasis on mobility over armor.

Thanks to its light armor and light(er) weight, however, this also means that the system is amphibious, capable of river crossings and beach assaults with mechanized units in need of light armor support, along with providing aid to airborne units as an airdropped unit.

The AL variant (ELT-105AL) instead uses a wheeled chassis with an automated, remotely controlled turret system, offering greater mobility and equal firepower, but similar protection against direct fire. Again, the system is amphibious and airborne capable, offering an alternative to the tracked system with a wheeled system instead, using mine-resistant run-flat tires allowing for equal cross-country capabilities. Yet, the system itself is not intended for direct combat against tanks, much like the ELT-105, given the poor survivability as a whole.

Image: M10 Booker prototype on the range, during trials in Gonswanzan held California, post-invasion

Captured M1128 undergoing evaluation