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The Grey Wardens - Q1 2024 Update

The Order of the Grey Wardens: Q1 2024 Patch Notes
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UEPU Liberated

Following a long and arduous resistance effort of 21 days, The United Economic Prosperity Union has been successfully taken from griefer hands. With recent darkspawn holds frequently resulting in refounds and full purges, it was paramount to those on the side of sovereignty that we see the end result of this occupation being a return to native administration. A magnificent resistance effort with a cumulative number of over 200 participating troops culminated at Minor Update of February 11th as almost 100 updaters turned out to lock in and secure UEPU's freedom. As with all such occupations, the highest props go out to the natives who persevered through this horrendous affair. The native delegate Landbang Rkipo Islands fought with valor, showing up for multiple updates to help spearhead the effort to liberate their region, and we are beyond pleased to be able to see them administrating their home once more.

In total, 41 Wardens led turnout numbers as we participated in update operations across the last month of siege and resistance efforts to free The United Economic Prosperity Union. A wide coalition of defender and independent allies came together to see this through to the end, and The Order is thankful for each and every organization that fought for this accomplishment alongside us. Our assorted comrades included 10000 Islands, Carcassonne, Community, Council of Asia, Declansburg, The East Pacific, Europeia, Far East Oriental Federation, The Free Nations Region, The Frontier Sea, The League and Concord, The North Pacific, Palatine, The Region That Has No Big Banks, The Rejected Realms, The South Pacific, Thaecia, The Wellspring. All listed regions had at least one unique updater present through the assorted updates, so we apologize to any that may have been left out due to that criteria.

First Warden Sir Merlin
Chamberlain Grea Kriopia
Warden-Commander Tim
Warden-Commander Vincent Drake
Warden-Commander Haku
Warden-Commander Nakari
Warden-Commander Westinor

Warden-Constable AurAKlimaX
Warden-Constable matthew
Warden-Constable Takkaviita

Warden-Lieutenant Merni
Warden-Lieutenant Pyrohy

Senior Warden Ostrovskiy
Senior Warden Igualla
Senior Warden Dada Sasa
Senior Warden Hades
Senior Warden New-Lamp Dynasty
Senior Warden Owen
Senior Warden The Crackerish Legion
Senior Warden Vis
Senior Warden Eshialand
Senior Warden Wolfana

Warden Wandering Mercenary
Warden Sovreignry
Warden Allemeine

Junior Warden Miann
Junior Warden CubanStormtrooper
Junior Warden Wyvern
Junior Warden Charoskania
Junior Warden jammy
Junior Warden Frith My Beloved
Junior Warden Rugoliand
Junior Warden Miann

Guardian Sandwichs
Guardian Scus Dom
Guardian Stemmation
Guardian ApacheG

Seeker TheJollyDuck
Seeker Kokuzo Bosatsu
Seeker limak
Seeker duudze

All participating members of The Order are hereby awarded the following ribbon for their valiant efforts:

An Update on The Amaranthine Isles

As The Order of The Grey Wardens has been following our Frontier project in The Amaranthine Isles for the last few months, we can transparently admit that there are presently poor returns on the foundings which a Frontier region brings. The same stagnation can be seen across the world, particularly in WA membership, with most Frontiers sitting around the same number of endorsements overall since they started their projects. This, coupled with a present shortage in available integration staff, has led to us transitioning The Amaranthine Isles into a Stronghold for the time being. To give credit where credit is due, the recent strike on Europe spurred a sense of urgency in which there was a conclusion that this was a proper measure. To put propaganda bluster aside, The Order is not interested in putting one of our communities at a meaningful risk of being downtrodden and broken by the griefers that occupy Raiderdom. The measures we are taking are built on realist conclusions, and our principles of community protection that our organization is grounded in. We do not see any shame in prioritizing the well being of our natives, and those who have worked hard and continue to work hard on TAI, and look forward to further pursuing the cause of regional sovereignty and our battle against the darkspawn menace. The freed up resources, and realignment of our goals, will help us bolster our updater base and maintain a focus on defending the vulnerable regions across Nationstates. The Amaranthine Isles will continue to sustain itself in a positive trajectory, and we remain no less committed to pursuing its longterm growth as a territory of The Order.

In terms of regional optics, this will ultimately affect very little for the The Amaranthine Isles itself. Our API recruitment, coupled with supplemented stamps, will be able to comfortably sustain the region through this period as we seek to re-center and push forward with new initiatives to spur gameside growth. The die-off that will occur will largely consist of non-WA inactives that plague the regions that spawn them, as we see similarly across the world. These "marsupials" are not particularly meaningful to the success of any region, and having a leaner and more curated resident base is a source of optimism. For a significant period of time our focus has been on raw population and quantitative metrics, and we are looking forward to getting back to the roots of community engagement and forming of social bonds on which our community success is built. Should the prospect of having TAI be a Frontier once more look profitable, we will happily pursue it once more when that time comes. In the meantime, we look forward to focusing more and invigorating both The Amaranthine Roleplay as well as the Storm Sentinels.

The Grey Wardens Factions Revitalized

As part of our efforts to deliver a more meaningful and engaging day-to-day community to our members, The Order is pleased to announce a significant and exciting re-work to our Factions Program. To those unfamiliar with it, within TGW's community players can join one of five factions and subsequently earn points to sit atop the leaderboard. These factions are based on assorted territories in Thedas, the world in which Dragon Age takes place. Residents of TGW are all encourage to roll for a faction assignment/preference, as much of their day to day activity is already eligible for points. Assorted points gathering activities include updating, guardian missions, writing reports, and participating in regularly announced "quests". For the majority of this initiatives history, factions have largely competed for bragging rights and for the love of the game. Moving forward, the stakes are being increased significantly for those seeking friendly competition with their fellow regionmates. Each month, The Order's flag, banner, and world factbook entry will be changed to reflect the winning faction. In addition, winning factions will be publicly recognized and applauded, receiving assorted cosmetic perks for their month of victory.

Alongside those new perks, the breadth and frequency of points offering opportunities will be increased, as will many values of points associated with them. With the rollout of The Quest Calendar, participating members will be able to expect and look forward to which day certain beloved activities such as Wordle, Tetris, and so on may fall on. With an established calendar of thematic days, participating members will be able to plan out and look forward to their favorite quests in advance! While updating will still be the primary gold mine of points, the increased weights of the social activities and more consistent range of opportunities will help our social butterflies rake in even more points for their factions.

Seen below are the five factions presently making up The Grey Wardens' internal competition, their flags, and a brief lore snippet about each one. Which faction's flag flies over The Order in March only time will tell!

The Anderfels





The Anderfels is a blighted region, harsh and full of darkspawn. Its people are used to constant vigilance and fighting for survival. But despite this, the region is famed for the pure beauty of its artwork, and was the birthplace of the Grey Wardens, who hold some political power here. Weisshaupt Fortress towers over the rugged land, a beacon of hope.

Many generations of Nevarra have built wealth and prestige, and their cities glisten with gold and jeweled beetle wings. They have a reputation for military strategy; once, their noble families hunted dragons to the edge of extinction. These noble dynasties lead with a golden fist but rumors say necromancers rule from the shadows.

Lasting thousands of years, Tevinter is the oldest nation in Thedas. A magocracy ruled by its magisters who use their power to shape buildings and society around them to their whim. Its citizens are ambitious and take pride in their accomplishments.

The people of Orlais are known for their art, culture and extravagance. They enjoy fine fashion, food and elaborate architecture. The opulent capital Val Royeaux is home of the Orlesian Chantry, the largest religion in Thedas.

The people of Ferelden value strength, freedom and courage above heritage, power and wealth - even their kings must prove they are worthy of the people’s support. Anyone worth their salt can make something of themselves here. According to myth, many Fereldans are descended from werewolves, which may explain their affection for dogs.

Cultural Affairs

The last month has been a fun-filled time for social events in The Grey Wardens. Of course, first and foremost were the plethora of defenses, liberations, and sieges that made up the primary social avenue of The Order. With fun-filled action almost every single update so far, it's been a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement for those passionate about the cause. Thankfully Defenders work hard and play hard, so the party never stops!

When seeking to relax from the hustle and bustle of update activities, The Order participated in The Winter Blizzard Bash near the end of 2023. A regular festival annually organized by TGW, 10000 Islands, The Rejected Realms, The South Pacific, and The East Pacific, the WBB brought a "sleepy skiing village" to life in a whirlwind of activities to close out 2023. With movie nights, party games, contests, and more, the WBB served as an engaging and relaxing way for residents to socialize with each other and with the populace of the other participating regions. More recently, earlier this month we joined our friends TRR and TSP in a TRR-hosted Movie Night! To really make sure a party was being thrown, The Rejected Realms treated everyone to a screening of the Barbie Movie! While the author of this blurb was sadly stuck at work, they are assured that it was a night full of revelry and great vibes.

With Spring Festival season right around the corner, we're keeping our eyes peeled for the announcement of the sphere's next great cultural expo!

Thanks for reading!

Warden-Commander Tim-Opolis