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Flags of Francoguese

The Flags of Francoguese

1. National Flag

The national flag of Francoguese represents the unity and identity of the nation. The blue symbolizes the free and beautiful sky, while the yellow signifies the richness and gold. The green represents the beautiful environment of Francoguese. The central emblem reflects peace and prosperity.

2. War Flag

The war flag of Francoguese is a symbol of strength and resilience. The war flag, which appears as a Nordic flag, has much significance.
The deep red signifies suffering and combat. Whereas the jet black signifies the victory in battle and defeat of enemies. The swords represent the readiness to fight, and the star symbolizes the victory.

3. Regional Flags


Elysium, the epitome of prosperity in Francoguese, boasts a vibrant economy and cultural richness. Its flag, a regal composition on a backdrop of deep blue, embodies stability and depth. A central golden laurel wreath signifies victory and honor, surrounded by radiant sunbursts symbolizing enlightenment and the region's dawn of success.

Long Live Francoguese!