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Vice Delegate's Weekly Report: February 11th, 2024

February 11th, 2024
Vice Delegate Report

Hello, TNP! In this week's report, we will go over the Security Council business for this week. We have two prospective SC applicants, an announcement for last week's endorsement rewards, and more goals for this week to go along with that. I will also lay out my plans for the near future.

Security Council Applications

The Security Council applications of Former Delegate Gorundu and PotatoFarmers have been presented to our Regional Assembly, and we have released statements on both of their applications. We have supported Fregerson's application but chose not to support Gorundu's application. Both applications are now being debated by our Regional Assembly and will be for the foreseeable future, as this usually is a somewhat lengthy process.

Last Week's Endorsement Rewards

As you all know, Delegate Kaschovia met his endorsement goal last week of 790 endorsements. As I reward, I promised to give out one copy of S3 Ethnon and S3 Bananaistan. While I initially stated it would happen in the middle of the week, I decided to move it to this week's report for timing purposes. I must acknowledge that I have not released the Midweek Endorsement Reports as often as I should have, and I will make it a personal goal of mine to see it released each week for the remainder of the week that I am available for. With that out the way, I would like to give out each card to two random individuals who are currently endorsing Kaschovia. Additionally, my endorsement goal was met as well! I successfully increased my endorsement count by five throughout the week and one random individual who is endorsing me will receive S2 Czechostan as that goal's reward. Without further ado, here are the reward winners:

The winner of S3 Ethnon is... Proserpino!

The winner of S3 Bananaistan is... Horrorlandian State!

The winner of S2 Czechostan is...Rainengrad!

Congratulations to the reward winners! If you want to have a shot at winning one, make sure to endorse Delegate Kaschovia and myself!

Weekly WA Endorsement Goals

Chipoli wrote:We have made great progress with Kaschovia's endorsements this week, and I would like to continue that process. It would be great if we could reach another milestone, and that is why I am setting the endorsement goal for Kaschovia this week at 800.

Kaschovia fell short of the endorsement goal this time around. His endorsement count declined this week, going down by 5 from last week's mark of 792. He currently sits at 787 endorsements, 42 ahead of me. This means that no reward will be given out as the goal was not met.

Chipoli wrote:I believe if we gain at least ten endorsements, that would be a huge step forward for the health of our WA numbers. This week, the endorsements goal is 765 endorsements.

While Kasch and I did experience similar weeks endorsements-wise, our numbers did not go in the right direction. My endorsements took an even bigger hit than Kasch's, which decreased by nine. I now stand at 745 endorsements, compared to 753 from last time out. This is partly due to an attempt to increase the gap between myself and Delegate Kaschovia.

Hopefully, we will meet our goals this time around. Speaking of goals, here is the one for this week:

Usually, two goals are set each for the Delegate and Vice Delegate respectively. However, this week is going to be different. In light of the recent events occurring in Europe, I noticed that the gap between myself and Delegate Kaschovia is getting somewhat too close for comfort. I would like to change that. This week, the goal is to increase the gap between the Delegate and Vice Delegate by ten endorsements. I'm looking to do this without impacting my endorsement count as much, so I encourage you all to join the WA and endorse Kaschovia! If this goal is reached, I will let our community choose the poll that will be run on our regional homepage.

Next Week

Next week, I intend to get the ball rolling on some of my campaign objectives, such as the SC Survey, and finish the SC Handbook. I intend to start a discussion with the Security Council and begin planning both of those initiatives. As for long-term projects, I will begin to work on updating more of our outdated dispatches and declassifying discord logs from the Security Council channels.


Debate on the Security Council applications of Fregerson and Gorundu will likely continue for some time. I promised a Midweek Endorsement Report for the last couple of weeks, and I will draft one to be released, well, in the middle of the week. The relevant information will be updated as time goes on. I'll later report on the progress of my platform initiatives and the success of the weekly endorsement goal. We have already reached the quarter mark of the term, and hopefully, the next quarter will be even more productive than this one.

Vice Delegate of The North Pacific