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Talonia • WA Guide

W O R L D ‎ ‎ ‎A S S E M B L Y ‎ ‎ G U I D E

Joining the world assembly and endorsing Moukden and Kirin is a simple process, though do contact an regional officer via telegram or Discord if you need help!

Step 1 - Applying To Join

First, click on page=un and apply to join the World Assembly. You’ll need an email attached to your nation before doing this, so visit the settings and do so if you haven’t already.

Step 2 - Checking Your Email

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Apply to Join the World Assembly’ button, navigate to your email address and look for an email titled ‘Nation - World Assembly Invitation’.

Click on that link and the page should show a NationStates banner and another link. Click on that, then simply click on ‘Confirm - Join World Assembly’ to complete the process!

If you haven’t received an email, look in your spam folder and make sure that you entered the correct email address in the settings.

Step 3 - Endorsing the Delegate

Lastly, click into Moukden and Kirin’s national page and scroll to the bottom. A button that says ‘Endorse Moukden and Kirin’ will appear.

Click on it and you’re all set!