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Astoria | Ep.3 | The secret Plan...


Astoria|Ep3|The secret Plan...

From the midst of the nothingness came the bright piercing light of a dawning sun, casting away the darkness and revealing the beauty of the mystical realm.

As the light spread, the world came into shape, and the land took on a new form as the trees sprouted and the rivers flowed. The bright sunlight danced across the landscape, illuminating the world in its brilliance.

The mystical realm was transformed by the light, and everything became new and vibrant, as though it was a fresh start for something magnificent.

*meanwhile in the meeting room in the Lunar paradise*

This is beautiful, Yunora... but wait - why are we building the mystical realm first? Ostroviskity said with a confused tone. "It's beautiful," Yunora said, her voice firm and confident. She believed in this project, and she was determined to make the Mystical Realm a place of wonder and opportunity. She smiled warmly at Ostroviskiy, whose curiosity and concern she understood. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing. The mystical realm will be a source of inspiration and motivation for the people of Nationstates, a place of exploration and growth. It will be the beginning of new adventures and possibilities." Ostroviskiy looked impressed by Yunora's conviction and was eager to hear more about the Mystical Realm.

Interested, huh? Chaotic sparkles shall rule.., Yunora whispered super quitely with a slight smirk, but ostroviskity managed to hear.

Ostroviskiy heard the whisper and was scared, fear and shock travelled through him. this situation had suddenly become more complex. "So you're planning for Chaotic Sparkles to rule Nationstates?" Ostroviskiy whispered back, his voice low and quiet. The tension grew thicker in the room as Ostroviskiy waited for Yunora's answer.

Yunora's powers pushed Ostroviskiy hard against the wall, their faces close together. "She shall rule," Yunora whispered intently, her eyes full of power and emotion. Ostroviskity could feel her breath on his face, and the tension was palpable. "She shall bring the chaos, the destruction, the madness, and you shall be at her side."

Ostroviskiy looked at her deeply with scared eyes, "you're the moon godess... you've been declared to be - your the succesor to your mother, what is wrong with you? You're twisted. WHO ARE YOU!?" Ostroviskity said with a disgusted face.

"I am not my mother," Yunora said coldly. "I am a completely different being, and I have my own plans for Nationstates. I have embraced the chaos, the destruction, and the madness."

Ostroviskiy was shocked and afraid. The moon goddess he had known was suddenly warped and twisted, her mind focused on destruction and chaos rather than peace and harmony. "What happened to you?" he asked softly, his eyes pleading.

Tears ran through Yunora's eyes, "fault my mother, her fake self." Yunora tried to smile her pain "she made me like this. Is it really my fault? I inherit the sin and become the Monster I was born from."

Those words hit Ostrovskiy's heart hard, and he broke down sobbing. Cleary Yunora has experienced the truth of the previous Moon Godess Sarah - he was curious but he didn't know what to do. Yunora has some evil plans, should he reveal it?

Yunora then wiped her tears. "but anyways, don't you dare tell this to anyone." Ostroviskity eyes said it all - he was confused, felt empathy but didn't want to be a traitor to the Lunar realm. "I- uh...", Ostroviskiy stuttered, "I won't tell anyone," Ostroviskiy promised, his eyes filled with empathy but also fear.

The door opened suddenly, and Sarah, Yunora's mother, walked in. Her eyes narrowed at Ostroviskiy, and Sarah froze as she saw her daughter, crying and vulnerable, in the arms of the Moon Goddess.

"Mother..." Yunora said softly.

"I can explain," Ostroviskiy said anxiously, but it was too late. Sarah saw her daughter, crying and shaking, and she knew something was wrong.

"What happened, darling?" Sarah asked, her voice soft and concerned.

Tears ran down Yunora's face as she tried to explain, but she could barely get the words out.

"'s nothing...I'm okay," Yunora said with a nervous smile.


Actors in this episode: YunoraOstrovskiyCatgirlboss

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