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The Coronation of King Fummulus ll

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Today King Fummulus ll was successfully coronated to take the place of King Fummulus l who died tragically to a stroke. If youíre new to how the coronation goes. The duke who is the son of the king who is to be replaced will say the Oath of the Kings before sitting on the throne and having the crown be placed on his head and the staff in his hand. He will stand up and the robe will be put over him before he stanrs before the people. The soldiers of the army will say an oath before the entire navy says an oath and then the airforce. All the dukes and karls will say an oath before the entire crowd says an oath. Then everyone pledges there loyalty. Then the entire family will go into the palace where they will have a feast with the newly made king. Duke Fummulus lll, who was previously sir, will replace King Fummulus ll as duke of the Duchy of Inimia as Duke Fummulus lll is King Fummulus llís son.

The Republic of Blarnea