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Do you smell the uranium in the air? Feel the ambient heat of practice strikes? Have your eyes caught the phantom flashes of atomic fission? N-Day approaches, and the Starlight Brigade stands ready to fight.

Nuclear annihilation begins on the 24th of February, 22:00 GMT. We came fifth last year; let's

Preparing for Nuclear War

Youíll be able to join the faction a few days before the event, and it would be great if you joined as soon as possible. Helps us know how many people are around, and means you can start gathering production the moment the event starts. Iíll post a link when itís open to join. You can use as many nations as you want in the event, and they donít need to be in Refugia to join our faction - so if you have nations elsewhere youíd like to use, or want to make extra nations to contribute, feel free to add them to our faction!

There are tools available to help with managing multiple puppets during N-Day, including Containerize. You can also ask in the Discord for help setting stuff up and preparing! I recommend Linkjoining the Discord as thatís where itís easiest to find orders, chat, and keep updated on whatís going on.

This N-Day, weíll be letting a few more people into the command tower. If you'd like to try your hand at directing nuclear fury, DM me on Discord or telegram me with the times you're available during N-Day!

When the Nuclear Sun Rises

Each nation gets assigned a specialty in nuclear warfare. Military nations produce more nukes; strategic nations produce more shields; economic nations can store more production; intelligence nations can launch nukes faster. Everyone has their own role to play; it's up to you if you want to target others, protect us, or both, though it helps if you make use of your nation's specialty. If you're using multiple nations, note that a nation in the World Assembly is ten times more effective, so choose your WA nation wisely!

The situation changes fast, so we gotta be speedy too. Last year had changes to N-Day mechanics, and there might be more this time around; enemies are always shifting and changing tactics; attacks can come with only a few minutesí warning. Orders will be given primarily on Refugiaís Discord, though will still be accessible on the RMB. We'll all be working together, so please pay attention to the orders given. Co-ordination is the best way to win!

More information about how N-Day works can be found here.

Everyone who participates in the Starlight Brigade will be entered into a raffle for a legendary card. And weíve got five special awards, the winners of which are guaranteed a S2 Legendary:

The Protector
This title shall be bestowed upon the player who shielded the Brigade from the most blows.

The Warrior
This title shall be bestowed upon the player who inflicts the most strikes upon our enemies.

The Heart
This title shall be bestowed upon the player who was most helpful, most enthusiastic, and most inspiring.

The Sacrifice
This title shall be posthumously bestowed upon the wrecked remains of the player who took the most damage from enemy strikes.

The Hortator
This title shall be bestowed upon anyone who chooses to take on the mantle of Commander.

Useful links:

LinkCountdown to N-Day
Your nuclear command centre
Our Faction (no link yet)